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allo folks

This out of character forum is for discussion of roleplaying, how to roleplay and roleplay coordination.
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Joshua Mandrake
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allo folks

Post by Joshua Mandrake »

Just fyi

I will be role playing Jon Mandrake which is the son of Joshua Mandrake, for a bit until we can have a nice story to bring back the geezer JM.

he will be confused and in a way will acclimate myself back to the dream with the new commands and so forth. I do hope you guys enjoy this and join up with the same fervor as we use to have back in the days...

i have not decided how and what will happen in the near future, i'd like to talk with the GM and bounce some ideas on whats possible and what's not and go from there so in the meantime the state he is in he doesn't remember anything else but when he enters the dream, he doesn't remember prior dreams as well but as he will get in he will sense that he's been there before and should ease any fears he might had he prior dreams.

My time frame is kinda erratic too as I've been working from home for a while now so i might hit multiple time zone and see people from across the globe.

see you soon!
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House of Calenture
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Re: allo folks

Post by Kelos »

Welcome back!
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