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The Concord - An Introduction

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The Concord - An Introduction

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Please note that the following is a conceptual outline for a House whose membership would be comprised of representatives from the Houses and Free Spirits.
The contents and wording of said outline will be up for debate during a meeting whose time and place will be established at the FrS meeting of 6/21/2020 and then Stated on a Notice.

The Concord, name pending, would aim to
Provide Justice, Law and Order
Be a place of Diplomacy to create a United Front
By way of Cooperation between Houses and Free Spirits
Via effective Representation to achieve Consensus.

We need to have a place to discuss and react to major events in the City; a place for Ambassadors to assemble; and to help Dreamers be safer in our City.
And The Concord could very well be that place.
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