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Darkness and Terrors

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Darkness and Terrors

Post by PKChrisChan »

As times change and the progeny of our distinguished works multiply, it is important to remember the achievements of our forebears, as well as the struggles we still face today. The other cities have their own conflicts and interests, but we Idocleasian are still under vicious assault by the forces of evil. Our great city and our centuries of civilization are ours to defend against threats political and supernatural alike. It is this unity that we've come to rely on, and gives us strength; We've never forgotten that our greatest strength is our fellow men.

The Darkness, being as powerful as it is, has once again manifested in our city. This entity is both a calamity, and an oppressor. It challenged us to our limits, both physically and mentally. Many still have not recovered from the trauma endured. It's snaked it's burgeoning influence into our daily thoughts and shown us dreamers that our existence is more fragile than we've come to believe. We found ourselves amidst the tragic tale of Alina Sedros, her vie for redemption(which in a twist of fate required sacrifice), and fighting back on an almost nightly basis.

The Darkness rests dormant and satisfied that her seed of discord would flourish, and gain her dominion over the city of Idoclesia. The battle against the Darkness is more than a fight for our survival. It is a battle within ourselves. Too often, have many of us sat by and done nothing in an act of perceived self-preservation silent at our oppressors. The Darkness has once again been successful in breaking our spirits. Action must continue to be taken to send a message to our enemies: We will persevere.

What has happened to WishBringer can certainly happen to any one of us. The Dark lady has chosen one of our own elders to call her own. My greatest terror is that dreamers will sit and do nothing. For, I anticipate even more arduous times ahead.
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