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Transcription of Dr Grave's Trial day 1 and 2

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Transcription of Dr Grave's Trial day 1 and 2

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The Trial was set to take place in the Pallisades, for those who needed help getting there Jerusalis was helping dreamers to go to the Trials venue quickly
The room in question the Pedestal of the Palisades, had two banners to indicate where one should be
A Dark, Satin cloth with "General Public Seating" embroidered upon it.
And a Silken cloth with the words "Judges Seating" embroidered upon it.
In between the two seating's there was a place for the Defense and Prosecution to be closer to the center where Dr Grave was being held.

Day 1
The trial began around a quarter of an hour after 7 pm DST.
Shortly before the Trial Dr Grave stated that he would answer truthfully and honestly.

To facilitate the writing of the transcript the Dreamer's name shall be stated before what they said, Greetings to people who just got there will be omitted as well as irrelevant interactions in between members of the crowd. Should I have missed something please do tell and I will do my best to rectify it.

Hrrum: Shall we begin?
Nmoto nodded once

Brother Timothy:
I am brother timothy, I represent the voices of the free spirits of the city
me, tam, silverwake,
Silverwake nodded
Brother Timothy: nmoto and krodock will be the judges of this proceeding

Brother Timothy: first we will hear the prosecution deliver the charges and present their case

Hrrum inclined his head towards the Judges.
Nmoto nodded once and listens along

Brother Timothy:
the defense may of course cross examine any witnesses.
then the defense will present their case, and of course the prosecution may cross their witnesses as well
finally we will have closing arguments and we the judges will attempt to make a decision
we will begin with opening statements by first the prosecution, represented by Hrrum, followed by the defense represented by Fin marda

Hrrum shifted his many legs and coughs in to a pedipalp as he about to begin.
Brother Timothy stopped talking and indicated he was done at this point

Greetings Honorable Judges, Citizens of Underlight. My name is Hrrum, Ruler of Protectors of Radiance and Prosecutor at the Trial that you have summoned. I stand here in front of you, under your judgmental eyes to bring forward
Hrrum paused for a very short moment before turning and pointing to the direction of Dr Grave while stating: charges against this man!
My office that I represent among with the demand from Great Houses of the City as well as Freespirits, based on the supported evidence charging Dr. Grave with violation of City integrity and safety by inserting unknown devices at the facades of Great Houses of the City. Collecting intelligence. Placing House members in to position of unwillful actions and conspiracy to break defendant free from his cell block in order to remove unknown objects.
Instigating fear of destruction If his demands are not met. These are my opening remarks. The office that I represent asks you, that the Trial will be held in with great justice, and crimes this man committed, would be set to according Punishment.

Nmoto nodded slowly

Hrrum: I would like to ask Honorable Judges to ask defendant how does he plea with such charges against him.

Brother Timothy: You have heard the charges dr grave, how do you plead?

Dr Grave: I will address each in turn.

Hrrum: may I approach the bench?
Brother Timothy: Certainly
Hrrum looked at Fin marda
Fin Marda turned to look at Hrrum

Dr Grave:
I am not guilty of violating this city's integrity and safety by the insertion of 'unknown devices'. No integrity or safety was violated, nor were the devices unknown because I told others what they were.
I am also not guilty of collecting intelligence. That is a vast overstatement of the experiment and the hypothesis that I was testing.

Hrrum: I believe that there is only one charge against this man. The following doings of his conspiracy followed by his attempts to get free. And should be considered as one charge.
Hrrum looked at Fin Marda

Brother Timothy turned to the other judges
Dr Grave paused

Silverwake: Dr. Graves, good afternoon, I am Silverwake and I am representing House Calenture. To continue the question at hand, how do you plead sir?

Tamarisk: You brought the charges against him. We'll have to hear all of the evidence of those charges. If you wanted to just charge him with one charge, you should have just done that.
Krodoc: So you want to lump together several different actions into one charge, and that would be what?

Hrrum: I believe that one of his ill intended action flourished in to another as the forces of justice surrounded him.

Dr Grave:
There were five key points in his opening statement, and I was addressing each. At the judges' discretion I can proceed accordingly. Unless you are asking me to address the solitary charge then brought afterwards.

Fin Marda frowned but listened to how Hrrum responds to Krodok before speaking.
Silverwake nodded to Dr. Grave.
Silverwake: Please proceed accordingly.
Hrrum looked between Fin Marda and Judges
Tamarisk: Doctor, please wait a moment.
Dr Grave: As you wish.

Fin Marda: Hrrum could you please restate what the charge is??
Brother Timothy: agreed.

Tamarisk: Yes, if you want to put forth one charge, that's fine. You started with several and then narrowed it to one. Which are you going to go with?

Brother Timothy: we should hear dr grave's plea to the charges before we consider a motion to dismiss some of them

Hrrum: I believe its your decision, if you refuse to put it in one charge. Just state it so.

Hrrum inclined his head and stood patiently to await the decision

Tamarisk: We'll hear his plea on all the charges.
Brother Timothy nodded
Hrrum nodded and went back behind his table.
Nmoto nodded once before stating "Give support, mine, for address each, in turn."
Brother Timothy: you may continue dr grave

Fin Marda: The only charge I was apprised of was Violation of house sovereignty and putting the city at risk through endangerment with his devices.

Dr Grave:
Regarding placing house members in a position of unwillful actions, I will plead not guilty to this. Although, the claim deserves further explanation.
A conspiracy to break free is ill-named, there was no conspiracy. A conspiracy implies working against a sovereign greater force. I did not recognize the Arretian's stance of sovereignty.
Did I want to be released from a cell? Of course I did. Were there initial attempts at breaking out? Only one, and it was unsuccessful. When it became clear that it would endanger other dreamers, I desisted in those attempts.

Dr Grave: I plead not guilty to a conspiracy.

Fin Marda: Your honors, I move to remove that charge. We were not holding him, the Arretians were.

Dr Grave:
The last claim, that I instigated fear and destruction if my terms were not met, is false. I am not guilty of that. Have I given warning about the military prowess and might of the Arretians? Many times.

I believe that charge was a conspiracy using devices that defendant placed as a way out of the Cell. By promoting his skills in removing such. And selling us the Fear of total destruction if it is not him who removes them

Dr Grave:
That is also false, and I'm not guilty of that. Just the opposite, I have tried to impart what I know about the devices, and explained them in detail. I've guided and instructed others, in inquiring into the experiment, and retrieving the instruction manual. Should it be wished to shut down the experiment.
As I understand it, there have been two attempts by groups of dreamers into the house atop the Luminous Mountain, where they've accessed the control room, retrieved data points, and retrieved the instruction manual. I have been forthcoming about this.

Hrrum: I believe a simple plea would suffice. Defense will need a statement from you when its time.

Dr Grave: I plead not guilty to that charge. It is incorrect and false in what I have done.

Hrrum nodded and then raffled with his notes and marking a few questions down

Brother Timothy:
since the prosecution has moved to change the charges, and the defense has objected to some on the grounds that they were not aware of them previously, we feel the proper course for this eve is to solidify what the actual charges are

Silverwake nodded in agreement to Brother Timothy.
Silverwake: Yes, let's please use this time wisely and solidify the actual charges.

Brother Timothy: after which the defense and prosecution should be better prepared

I believe the charges were voiced and defendant pleaded not guilty to 4 charges and not guilty with explanation on another.

Brother Timothy: prosecution are those the charges you wish to stick with? or do you wish to pursue your previous wish to modify them to a single charge

Fin Marda:
Again I would like to point out that there was only one charge I was apprised of and as of yesterday it was agreed that was going to be the only charge.

Brother Timothy: we are giving you the opportunity to change your mind at this point, you will not be given another

Hrrum: My hopes were to unify it all under the charge of Violation of City sovereignty and peace.
Fin Marda: That was not the original charge

Brother Timothy: judges, your opinions on the motion to solidify all charges under this broad umbrella?

Hrrum: I tried to explain the charge in creating a link of events that transpired for me to formulate the charge as it is.

May I? The Defense, the Defendant and all of us present are under the impression of the five key points that Dr. Grave addressed.
Hrrum, you asked to "lump" this into a single motion charge correct?

Hrrum: Those will be my key points of prosecution. And I wish to return to each as the trial goes forward.

Nmoto nodded in understanding.
Silverwake: And as you stated you are modifying or changing your charge to "Violation of City Sovereignty and Peace?"
Hrrum: that's Correct

You understand that by changing your charge, you will have to readdress everyone in this room and give the Defense proper time to prepare for this new modified charge and that you would be dismissing the five key points that Dr. Grave and his defense counsel are prepared to defend themselves with?

Hrrum: I believe it was Judges decision to break it in to five counts. I just following your will.

Since Dr. Grave has already spent enough time awaiting this trial, I would recommend you move forward with the five points that we've already started with and address them accordingly.
I motion we move forward with what has already been addressed and not change the charges due to time and the rights that all Dreamers need to be treated fairly? Say you?

Silverwake then looked to the other judges.

Nmoto: Agree with that, me.
Brother Timothy: agreed
Silverwake: Krodoc and Tamarisk?
Tamarisk: I agree as long as we grant some additional time for the Defense to adjust to the five points.
Silverwake nodded and waited a moment
Krodoc: Charges should be split apart, and I agree with Tamarisk. Defense should be given an opportunity to adjust.

Hrrum inclined his head

So then we will proceed with the five key points and work from there, and we will give the defense and the defendant ample time to prepare for anything outside of what we've started.

Brother Timothy:
the defense has objected that she was not aware of 5 charges. I move we delay the trial for one week to give the defense time to prepare
I disagree.
I think the prosecution can move forward with their evidence and present their case

Hrrum: Then if you allow I can start with questioning Dr Grave first, so defense will have time to collect time needed.
Silverwake: the defense can present what they have so far, and then ask for a continuance.
Tamarisk: I agree but the time can be shortened to the rest of tonight and tomorrow up until we reconvene.
Silverwake nodded

Krodoc: That makes absolutely no sense.
Purple Lace gestured to Krodoc and nodded once
Silverwake: How does it not? Do we recess?
Brother Timothy: if the defense is not given adequate time to repair due to the prosecutions non disclosure, I will have to move for a mistrial
Fin Marda coughs listening to Tamarisk..
Krodoc: Yes we recess. You just blind side Fin Marda with a bunch of things, and expect her to just wing it for today because you're pressed for time?
Silverwake: No not at all.
Hrrum: If I may.
Silverwake: lets talk in private really fast everyone...
Tamarisk: We recess and begin again tomorrow night. That should give the Defense enough time to reorganize. We don't need to drag this out any longer than it already has been.
Silverwake looked to other judges.
Nmoto: Judges, us, need discuss this, now, first.
Hrrum: To make it an easier. I can voice my questions today and if defense decides that they will need more time to cross question.
Silverwake: yes, we are not stopping because one person isn't in agreeing with the proceedings... lets talk now and then we can decide if a recess is in order
Fin Marda: And, if I need witnesses? How many dream during the time slot you're suggesting, Tamarisk?
Krodoc: Because what one person?
Silverwake: Please come with me to the Contemplative Walk judges.
Aileron rubbed the back of his neck, clearing his throat
Nmoto nodded once and followed

Brother Timothy:
before we discuss this, lets ask the defense how much time she thinks she will need?
fin having heard the charges how much time do you think you will need?

Fin Marda: It depends what charges the judges agree to let stand.

Jerusalis: The other room, citizen.
Dumah: Execution Chamber, on the other side.

Brother Timothy: assume all of them

Brother Timothy: fin?
Fin Marda: I'm trying to think
Fin Marda: It's impossible, Tim
Brother Timothy: very well
Hrrum: If I may?
Fin Marda: Without knowing who Hrrum intends to call to support his claims, there's no way I can tell how much time I need.
Brother Timothy: yes hrrum?

As we stand here before you, Honorable Judges it is your call to count the charges and accept. If my charges brought the court in contempt, you have a right to act upon it.
and bring the court to order.
I prepared only one charge, what all of our Citizens appointed me to make.
The rest were the explanation to the charges, and the paths as the defendant took to earn the charge against him

Nmoto: Many thanks, for say that, you. Then. Explain single charge, yours, again. Condensed.
Hrrum: I should remind that It is not my personal initiative to stand here before you. I've being appointed to bring Citizens charge to your ears.
Tamarisk: If that's the case you could have easily said that he was being charged with being a very bad boy. That is a broad charge.
Hrrum nodded to Tamarisk
Hrrum: That is why I was word winded to define the charge in the brackets we all understand.
Brother Timothy: hrrum we have already discussed this it was the decision of the judges not to combine the charges. now we have to decide what is fair for the defense

Fin Marda: May I approach please?
Silverwake nodded to Fin Marda.
Brother Timothy: yes
Silverwake: Yes, please.
Tamarisk nodded
Hrrum approached the bench
Fin Marda approached the bench

Fin Marda:
As of yesterday there was only the one charge....
Violation of house sovereignty and putting the city at risk through endangerment with his devices.
Krodoc: Correct.
Hrrum nodded his head

Fin Marda:
Now he wants to enlarge it to include the sovereignty of the entire city.
Along with other points not included in the original charge.

Krodoc: I get where you're coming from, and that is why I advocated for your receiving more time to prepare. You can bring any charges you want against someone. The defense just needs the proper time to prepare.
Fin Marda: I would move that we go ahead with the original charge and if other charges arise they handled at the appropriate time.
Hrrum: again I was just defining the endangerment, how wide the offender reached to do his ill intent.
Brother Timothy: that is one option fin. and we will consider it
Fin Marda: Thank you

Brother Timothy: ok.. everybody done now?
Hrrum nodded and steps back to his table
Tamarisk: Let's take a 10 minute recess so we can confer?
Fin Marda nodded her head
Brother Timothy: silver? if you would be so kind to lead the way
Krodoc nods
Aileron: Well...its...going at least?

Due to the recess not being actual part of the trial it will not be part of this transcript the recess started at 8:30 DST and continued to 8:50 DST, however here's an excerpt of it to give a breather from the more serious tone of the Trial
Fin Marda faced the gallery
Fin Marda: I'm sorry we didn't provide any entertainment for this event.
Liolira: entertainment?
Aileron: its not about entertainment
Dr Grave: I could attempt to sing, but it would be terrible.

Hrrum wiped his temple and gets ready
Silverwake took her seat.
Hrrum inclined his head
Silverwake: Just a moment as we wait for the other two judges.
Fin Marda turns to face the judges
Silverwake: Good evening Dreamers....
Tamarisk: Stop.
Krodoc: I would like to say one quick thing before we continue, if I may?

Silverwake: We have all five met and decided the following....
Krodoc: Silver....
Silverwake nodded to Krodoc.
Silverwake: Please go ahead.

Tamarisk: Silverwake can't be a Judge AND a witness. So she needs to pick one or the other.
Brother Timothy: agreed
Tamarisk: Understood?
Krodoc: It has come to attention that Silverwake is a witness for both the defense, the prosecution, and is also supposed to be a tie-breaking vote in the event of a tie. This is not how a just trial should be set up, and I will not participate.
Krodoc: Thank you.
Nmoto nodded once

Fin Marda: I was not planning to call her, were you Hrrum?
Hrrum: No

Krodoc: Her words, not mine.
Silverwake: Yes, I said "may" be called.
Fin Marda: Your honors.... if I may

Brother Timothy: recruse your self from being a witness or a judge
Tamarisk: There is no 'may" to it. You are either going to be part of the Judges or you are going to be part of the witness pool.
Fin Marda: I have told Silverwake from early on that she cannot be both a judge and a witness.
Silverwake: Then based on the Prosecution and the Defense verbally saying that I wont be called, I'll resume my position.

Hrrum: If I may approach the bench?
Brother Timothy: oh and it is not your job to keep us on track
Tamarisk: We've made our ruling on this.
Brother Timothy: understood?
Tamarisk: Hrrum, you will state the five charges.
Silverwake: Great then my time tonight here has been wasted.
Fin Marda raised an eyebrow

Silverwake snapped her fingers and resumed her normal mint green dress.

Brother Timothy:
that was the ruling hrrum will restate the charges and then we will recess until next week

We have communicated with defense. And Prosecution wish to charge Dr Grave with a single charge Violation of sovereignty of -Houses- by placing devices at the Great Houses of the City and disturbance of peace.
I would like to call a questioning motion in order, I wish to ask Dr grave to ask a few question based on the charge.
does defense agree?
Fin Marda: Defense has no problem with that
Hrrum nodded and looked back to the Judges
Aileron nodded to Silverwake
Jade nodded to Krodoc

Brother Timothy:
hrrum, thank you for restating the charge. we will allow you this leniency at this time, you may question the defendant
Hrrum inclined his head and turned

Hrrum: Dr Grave how do you plead top the charge?

Dr Grave: I plead not guilty to that charge. Violation of sovereignty of houses deserves a thorough explanation, and 'disturbance of the peace' is spurious at best.

Very well.
may I call you Doctor from now on?
Dr Grave: You may.
Hrrum nodded
Thank you
Doctor did you or not placed apparatus of your own making at the facades of Great Houses of the City?
Dr Grave: I did.
Did you had an approval from the ruling body of each houses to place such apparatus before placing it?
its a yes or no question
Dr Grave: No. That was never made clear that that was required. There's no publicly stated rules about that, about what may be placed at houses or by whom.
Hrrum: Are you from this City?
Dr Grave: I am not, and I will admit I do not know all of your protocols.
Hrrum: Did you or not sent dreamers of this city to retrieve records from your laboratory that apparatuses that you placed produced?
Dr Grave: That question's intent is unclear, and I am unsure what you are asking.
Did you established your laboratory at the top of Mount Illapse?
Dr Grave: I did.
Hrrum: does anyone but you have access to the laboratory?
Fin Marda listened closely to Prosecution's questions and her client's answers.
Dr Grave: There have been others whom have entered the house there. A group of dreamers, on separate occasions, were able to enter the house twice. With that, they were able to check the control room, and retrieve any data points that have been produced. As well as the instruction manual.
Hrrum nodded
Hrrum: Did they needed your help in getting inside?
Dr Grave: Indirectly, yes. Before my imprisonment, I gave medallions to a few dreamers whom I thought were trustworthy, promising with potential, and intellectually curious about their dreams.
Hrrum turned to the Judges
Hrrum: trustworthy
Dr Grave: The medallions required some modification later, after my imprisonment, that would enable them to enter the house.
Hrrum: You said that they retrieve information. Did they bring any of that back to you?
Dr Grave:
Some came by later to tell me of what they had found. However, the state of the experiment is in a dire situation currently. There were only a few data points that were retrievable, but they managed to recover the instruction manual.
That which has been collected is in their possession, not mine. I do not have anything on me.
Can you name those dreamers for the record?
Dr Grave:
From the first excursion, there were three. Mengyao, Cyborg, and Zwak Bigwhisker.
On the second excursion, was Dissoc, Silverwake, and Cyborg, I believe.

I would like to present a first peace of evidence to the Court.
a report that apparatuses at the facades produced
Please do look at it but don't use.

Nmoto nodded once
Hrrum passed the codex to the defense first
Fin Marda paid close attention to what Hrrum was introducing.
Hrrum offered to Judges to examine the evidence
Fin Marda made some notes of the information
Nmoto looked over what had been passed to him
Hrrum: This is one of the reports that was collected at first entrance to the laboratory

Brother Timothy: hrrum we gave you leniency to question the witness before the recess.

Hrrum: may I pass the evidence to the defendant?
Dr Grave: Ahem, may I see this 'evidence' to validate that it is indeed correct?
Dr Grave: I do not need to hold it. If placed on the ground, I can validate it from a distance.

Brother Timothy:
I am uncertain that submission of evidence at this point is proper.
yes you may show it to the defendant for verification

Hrrum set the codex at his table for defendant
Hrrum: Do you see it?
Dr Grave peered over the ledge without leaning too far
Dr Grave: I see it. The formatting is correct for the contents. It should have a title of 'Codex of Info'. Does it?
Hrrum: that's correct.
Dr Grave: It would fit the standard formatting for a possible data points. If it is required I can detail the formatting further.
Hrrum: So you acknowledge that its a report of your apparatuses intelligence?
Dr Grave: That is an example of one data point, that the control panel would produce. However without a series of them, it does not provide a great deal of information within itself.
The apparatuses that you placed without consent of great houses, how dangerous are they if they are removed without your will?
Dr Grave: That is a leading question.
Hrrum: You are not a defense team
Dr Grave sighed
Hrrum: Please answer the question
Fin Marda: Please rephrase the question
Hrrum turned to judges
Hrrum: I would like to get an answer to learn if devices places are dangerous
Nmoto nodded once, "Question that, makes suppose, it. Of things done without some ones will. But. None been verified, that."
Hrrum: placed that is
Fin Marda: Then ask that question
Hrrum looked upon judges
Brother Timothy: I don't see this as testimony. you were given leeway to ask the defendant questions as part of fact gathering.
Hrrum: and meaning of this is?
Tamarisk: Prosecution will restate the question.
Hrrum nodded
Brother Timothy: we had already voted on a week recess until the trial begins
Hrrum: The apparatuses you have placed, are they dangerous if removed by anyone but you?
Jerusalis's golden gaze finally shifted from the pedestal to where Brother Timothy was standing as he grunted quietly.

Dr Grave:
They are dangerous if they are not removed properly, and the experiment shut down in proper succession. I have been forthcoming about shutting down the experiment, and told others what they would need to do, if they wished to proceed on doing that. Gathering the instruction manual, is one of those steps, which was done.

Brother Timothy: you were to restate the charges and then you asked to question the defendant, we allowed this in the hopes that the defense would gather the necessary information to present at trial next week

Hrrum nodded
Hrrum: may I approach the bench?
Dr Grave: Just as with any experiment in a dream, procedure often dictates results. If someone were to want to create a prime artifact by evoking firestorm in every room, that would be dangerous. Surely there are less dangerous ways of doing things. I have provided the details, and warnings, about what someone might do, or should not do.
Hrrum: though it was after you placed the devices?
Brother Timothy: that was what we had all agreed on. I am sorry if you did not understand
Hrrum: I would like to call my first witness if I may. Liolira of the House of Calenture.
Tamarisk: Hold on one moment.
Fin Marda: Objection
Brother Timothy: I am sorry but if you are done asking the defendant questions then this trial is adjourned till next week
Dr Grave: If I may answer that last question.

Jerusalis slowly began moving down the stairs, the scowl seeming to be etched even deeper onto his features.
Hrrum looked towards citizens of this great City

Jerusalis: Are you adjourned for this evening, citizens?
Fin Marda: I believe so Jerusalis.
Silverwake nodded
Brother Timothy: yes we are
Silverwake: Thank you everyone for your time.
Silverwake clicked her heels and wakes.
Hrrum: if Judges wish to silence the prosecution.
Hrrum shrugs
Tamarisk: We'll begin again on Thursday at the same time? Be prepared. We won't have any more stalling.
Fin Marda nodded to Tamarisk

Fin Marda: And we will be proceeding with just the one charge, right?
Brother Timothy: you will have ample opportunity to question the witness when the trial starts in earnest
Hrrum: I would like to issue a note, that Prosecution didn't finished its questioning.
Dr Grave: If I may ask a question of the judges.
Jerusalis reaches out, grabbing onto the cuffs of Dr Grave. "Anything else you wish to add at this time, Grave?"
Brother Timothy: no instead you tried to call a witness
Dr Grave:
Am I allowed to answer any questions from either the prosecution or defense before that day?
Should they visit me in the cell?
Hrrum: I was just presenting my and when I say my i mean City case.
Brother Timothy:
yes you may meet with both or ether as they wish
yes and you were out of order in doing so
Dr Grave nods, nods

Hrrum: I belive that such order of things gives a fortunate advantage for the defense to recollect their statements.

Fin Marda repeats herself
Fin Marda: Are just going ahead with the one charge?
Tamarisk: Yes, the one charge.
Fin Marda nodded
Fin Marda: Thank you
Brother Timothy: yes one charge as hrrum stated the last time
Jerusalis polished one of the medals on his armor with a free hand. The firelight reflected off the metal, engulfing Grave in a golden light.
Jerusalis: I shall return to assist anyone who wants to leave.
Liolira: what time will it resume?
Brother Timothy: krodoc are you still a judge?
Tamarisk: Same time as tonight.

From this point the rest of the transcript for Day 1 is non-essential to the reading, a discussion as to the composition of the judges was done, and given active participation of most involved then went on to discuss other things.

Also since I am the face of the City that challenges the court of present defendant at the charge concerning only sovereignty of Great Houses. I would like to motion to remove all FreeSpirit representatives from a Judging body.

Tamarisk: Freespirits are members of the CIty and will be allowed representation.
Hrrum: they do to the City affairs but not Houses.
Tamarisk: Disturbance of the peace affects them as well.
Krodoc: That doesn't make sense, Hrrum. You want an entirely biased (crested) judgement panel?
Fin Marda snickered
Fin Marda: Of course he does
Hrrum: I do, it is your house that was forced in to an experiment.
Brother Timothy: is not part of your charges endangerment of the city? is not part of your argument that the devices are dangerous to the city?
Jerusalis: Is there anyone that needs assistance leaving this venue?
Liolira turned
Liolira: no thank you for me Jerusalis
Liolira nodded once
So you are now saying that only those in houses have had their peace disturbed?
By all of this?
Tim we came to conclusion that charge is about -Houses- sovereignty
You asked for it, not me.
Fin Marda: He did change it back to that
Nmoto: Give suggest, me. Judges, us, resume discussion, this, for next time.
Fin Marda: But, that should not matter
Liolira: maybe you should all meet again
Tamarisk: The charge was, and I quote..."Violation of Sovereignty of -Houses- by placing devices at the Great Houses of the City AND disturbing the peace.
Liolira: because Friday of last didn't prepare you
Hrrum: as the Judges are nominated by the great Citizens of Underlight. I wish to ask them to vote on such correction.
Liolira nodded to Aileron
Hrrum turned to those in present
Krodoc: I vote that free spirits be allowed to judge.
Brother Timothy: ok so the judges should all be free spirits then as houses would be biased in the matter
Liolira: I have no issue of a free spirit on the judges panel
Fin Marda chuckled at Tim
Krodoc: And to answer your question, Timothy, no. I will not be participating in this event.
Hrrum: you clearly stated that houses are biased in judging. That's just a cherry on a cake that I try to picture to you
Liolira: they all teach....to behave on any facade..and not to interrupt house sovereignty
Brother Timothy: ok well we likely need a week then tam, we have to replace one or two of the judges
Tamarisk: We will continue with the Judges as they are. We are all Citizens of the City. If you had issue, you should have stated when you agreed to changing the charges.
Brother Timothy: and by we I mean AoE
Hrrum tilted his head
Fin Marda looked exasperated
Fin Marda: Thanks, Tim
Dissoc: To be honest, as probably the only representation of newlies here, I must say that I was taught no such things explicitly.
Tamarisk: No, the Judges stand.
you were given a tour
of the houses
Tamarisk: Nmoto, do you agree?
Liolira: told not to fight, or go inside...not to interrupt in their business
Nmoto: Think judges, us, continue as do, us.
Liolira: ask before you do anything
Hrrum: Just to state, I personally have no intent of swaying the course of action. My stance is within the City, I am their representative.
Tamarisk: Your objection has been voted on and over ruled by majority vote.
Hrrum nodded and inclined his head
Tamarisk: By that statement alone, you just said that this is not a House only matter.
Dissoc: I'm afraid not, Liolira. Though some of that I had assumed.
Dissoc: I am not one to start fights, however.
Fin Marda: Just to make sure...*she looks at her dream calendar* we are resuming same time on Thursday.
Hrrum: The charge itself that defense pushed for was concerning Houses only, we've concurred and proceeded with questioning.
Tamarisk: Yes, notes will be made available should any Judge need them.
If defense feels overwhelmed, that is up to Defense to work on.
But Prosecution noted a short whispers between Defense and Judge of Free Spirits. Which Prosecution frown upon.
Fin Marda: I'm not overwhelmed at all.
The Ruling stands.
We're adjourned.
Liolira: but should the judges be talking to anyone of the parties unless...requested by bench?
Nmoto nodded once
Nmoto: If someone need whisper, then call for it public, open, first.
Hrrum pulled out his calendar
Hrrum: whats the next date of trial?
Tamarisk: Thursday, same time.
Hrrum circled the parchment and smiled
Brother Timothy: It was a clarification on silverwake's role as a judge
Liolira shook her head
Nmoto: Will meet again, me, then.

Day 2, Thursday, March 18th
The Transcript for the second day was done from the perspective of Dissoc, who accepted I help him edit and post.
To facilitate the writing of the transcript the Dreamer's name shall be stated before what they said, Greetings to people who just got there will be omitted as well as irrelevant interactions in between members of the crowd. Should I have missed something please do tell and I will do my best to rectify it.

The memories I was given began at what seems to be 7:11 pm DST,
the trials proceedings then unofficially began at 7:42 DST to finally begin at 8 pm DST

Fin Marda went to her table and plopped her notes down on it
Hrrum nodded to Dr Grave in greetings
Dr Grave shielded his eyes from the flickering lights nearby
Fin Marda nodded and smiled to her client as he appeared
Brother Timothy:
we are still short a judge
fin marda, as ranking AoE member do you have an alternative judge since Tamarisk seems to not be showing up?
Hrrum shuffled his papers and cracked his neck
Fin Marda: No, at our last session I asked about finding replacement judges and was told it was not necessary.
Hrrum nodded to Fin Marda
Brother Timothy: Is there anyone in the audience who is qualified and would like the honor of being a judge in this trial?
Fin Marda: I would like to nominate Purple Lace who was absent for most of what happened with the devices.
Purple Lace mumbled irritably and shook her head
Purple Lace: Please.... I'm here as a spectator only please.
Fin Marda nodded
Nmoto: If are none, then will continue, us.

Liolira: how will the judges break the tie?

Purple Lace:
Majority decisions
i mean....
Purple Lace mumbled
They'll have to come to a consensus
Nmoto: Will need to have discuss, us, until have agree.
Purple Lace nodded
Aileron muttered quietly, retaking his spot
Hrrum: Prosecution doesn't object.
Fin Marda: Defense does not object

19:34: there was a storm that affected a certain number of dreamers, around five minutes where needed for everyone to get back

Brother Timothy: ok I asked if anyone in the audience who is qualified would like to judge
Liolira shook her head
Brother Timothy: then I stormed, so Nmoto here tells me that no one volunteered
Fin Marda raised a brow and looked at Varik
Brother Timothy: well we could either reschedule for a later date, or proceed with the testimony.
Fin Marda: Varik, would you like to fill in as a replacement judge?
Varik chuckled a bit
While I appreciate the offer, I shall respectfully decline.
I may not be a good fit for such a position.

Hrrum: Let us begin then.
Hrrum looked around
Nmoto nodded once
Brother Timothy: some conditions
Hrrum: As I find myself again before the eyes of the honorable Judges and Citizens of our City.
Brother Timothy: first no judgement will be made until a third judge can review the testimony
Hrrum: I would like to state the charge again, but only in a written form.
Fin Marda listened to what conditions the judges have.
Hrrum extended his pedipalp to the Defense
Brother Timothy:
we will hear testimony, and said testimony will be made public verbatim
is that agreeable
does anyone object to those conditions?
Fin Marda: Defense agrees
Brother Timothy: Hrrum?
Hrrum: As I represent the Citizens in this trial. I would like to ask them.
Aileron scratched the back of his head
Hrrum: Do those present agrees?
Liolira nodded to both conditions
Dissoc: I do
Aileron: No reason to not have the testimony public, because its basically public right now
Brother Timothy: yea I mean I want it posted on the scrolls so the third judge can get up to speed

Given my absence there was a short discussion as to who would take notes, it was decided it would be Dissoc, who then shared it with me.

Brother Timothy pulled out a hammer that appears to be made of crystallized insight
and swung the hammer, striking the floor it hits with the sound of a bell
Brother Timothy: then let it begin, Nmoto, you have a copy of the charges
Brother Timothy: would you read them?
Brother Timothy: ok, I will then
Brother Timothy smiled as Nmoto handed him the charges

Brother Timothy:
DR grave you are charged with the crime of Violating Sovereignty of the great houses of the city and disturbance of the peace
previously you plead not guilty top this, do you stand on this plea

Dr Grave: I plead not guilty to that.

Brother Timothy nodded
Brother Timothy: defense, as there was some confusion last time is this the charges you are prepared to meet?
Nmoto nodded once
Fin Marda: Yes, those charges are the ones I prepared for.
Brother Timothy: then the persecution may proceed with opening arguments
Hrrum nodded and inclines his head
Jerusalis stood rigidly straight, his golden eyes flitting to each dreamer in turn before scanning the room.
before I begin I would like to state that Prosecution seeks Banishment from the City if found guilty and assistance of removal of all equipment that was used in defendant experiments.
I would like to call to the stand Liolira of Calenture as my first witness.
Liolira stepped down

Brother Timothy:
opening statements hruum, no witnesses
Liolira went back to her place
Brother Timothy: if you are done with opening statements then the defense will get to make theirs
Hrrum: I already finished my statements at the first trial day.
Brother Timothy: very well the defense will now make opening statements if they wish

Fin Marda cleared her throat and addressed the judges.
Fin Marda:
Your honors, fellow citizens of this city, I come before you to defend the actions of Dr. Graves. We will prove that the uproar regarding the devices was all much ado about nothing.
We will be asking the city to grant him sanctuary.
Thank you

Brother Timothy nodded
Brother Timothy: the prosecution may proceed
Hrrum nodded
Hrrum: I would like to call to the stand Liolira of Calenture as my first witness.
Liolira pushed off the wall again and stepped down
Brother Timothy: liolira, please raise your right hand
Liolira raised her right hand and turned to the judges
Brother Timothy: do you swear on your honor to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Liolira nodded
Liolira: I do.
Brother Timothy: you may proceed
Liolira lowered her hand and turned back to Hrrum
Hrrum: Liolira, how long were you a Mentor of the Houses for New Dreamers appearing in the City?
Liolira: in this city or mine also?
Hrrum: both if that's the case.
Liolira: roughly 8 years...and 4 houses as a mentor for new members
Hrrum: In your experience when you bring a Dreamer that never set foot at the House facade, how did they reacted to the Facades?

Fin Marda: objection
Brother Timothy: please state the nature of your objection
Hrrum turned to Fin
Liolira waited

Fin Marda:
That's calling for her to make an assumption about a dreamer and further.....
it''s circumstantial evidence and does not apply to this case.

Brother Timothy confered with nmoto
Liolira stares blankly at Fin Marda
Hrrum: I would like to show Judges the image of law obeying Dreamer versus Defendant actions when at the same settings.
Brother Timothy: since the question only asked what her experience is, we are going to allow it to stand. you may continue

Liolira cleared her throat
when I bring a new dream as a possible future member to the facade, they are in awe. I warn them that the houses are serious business. to never fight, act out, or against a home. its their land, they make the rules, always respect a
houses right to dictate what they want done on their facade. Wait to be invited up to the stairs even.
consequences could happen if they don't show respect. I am sure...and have witnessed many do the same. Mentor and teachers alike. its ingrained for sphere teachers to make sure newlies know this.
Liolira fell silent
Nmoto nodded slightly
Hrrum: Thank you. A second question if I may, have you ever heard a defendant claiming that if we attempt to remove his devices it would cause an explosion. And if he to be freed he would help us to remove it.
Liolira nodded
Dr Grave sighed
Hrrum: Please state your answer.
Liolira: I have, as many others were there also. He claimed he needed to do it. and kept insisting..the Arrets were the enemy, as suggested we were misguided
Hrrum nodded
Liolira fell silent
Hrrum: I have no more questions for Liolira.
Liolira dipped her chin and went back to her place
Fin Marda: Defense has none at this time but reserves the right to recall her.
Brother Timothy nodded
Hrrum: May I call to the stand Aileron
Brother Timothy: your next witness counceller?
Aileron blinked a few times
Aileron: uh...well this is unexpected
Brother Timothy: aileron please raise your right appendage
Aileron: If you will allow me to make my own pledge.
Brother Timothy: the important thin is that you pledge on your honor to tell only the truth
Aileron clutched the talisman hanging from his neck. "I give my word on eyes of my Goddess and the honor of my oath to Calenture that I will speak only honest words."
Hrrum smiled
Brother Timothy: I will allow it
Aileron released the talisman, giving the judges a nod
Nmoto nodded once in return
Hrrum: As one of the Rulers of Calenture, did Dr.Grave ever asked your ruling circle for permission to place a device on the facade of your house?
Aileron: He did not ask permission from myself to place anything, device or otherwise on the facade of my home
Hrrum nodded
Hrrum: After the device was found have you or anyone from Calenture approached defendant and demand it to be removed?
Liolira looked at the late judge sneak in
Aileron: I personally did not, Grave and myself haven't really been on the friendliest of terms. If anyone in my home did ask him personally to remove the device, i cant say
Brother Timothy whispers something to Tamarisk
Hrrum: Have you or anyone at Calenture ever attempted to remove device themselves?
Aileron: Liolira of Calenture, in an act of emotion, attempted to remove the device physically, aye
Dr Grave sighed
Liolira nodded
Hrrum: what happened?
Aileron: Liolira attempted to use a pointed tool to forcefully wedge the device from the facade itself. She was accosted by a burst of energy from the device, harming her person
Dr Grave: That's impossible.
Hrrum: Thank you. No more Questions
Liolira smirked
Brother Timothy: dr grave, please contain your outburst
Brother Timothy: defense?
Fin Marda: I have two questions for this witness.
Aileron: Aye?
Fin Marda: Before, Liolira attempted the removal, had anyone in your house been damaged by the device??
Aileron: No, many had been in close contact with the device in study and such, including myself. However no harm came to those people nor me
Fin Marda: Did any harm come to the house itself?
Aileron: As far as I can tell? No, no physical damage was taken to the house itself
Fin Marda: Thank you. No further questions.
Nmoto nodded slightly
Brother Timothy: prosecution you have the right to redress
Brother Timothy: if not the witness may step down
Hrrum: have you attempted to remove the device before you learned that its dangerous to remove it on your own or after.
Fin Marda snickered
Liolira bit her tongue trying not to laugh
Aileron: I did not attempt to remove it
Aileron: I attempted very slight pokes and prods, and as stated, no harm was done
Hrrum: No more questions. Thank you.
Aileron bowed his head both to Hrrum and Fin before turning to the judges and doing the same as he stepped backward
Hrrum: I would like to call Sadara as my next witness.
Liolira dipped her chin casually to Master Akkadian
Sadara looked slightly confused and nodded
Hrrum: Have you or those of rank from the Temple gave permission to the defendant to place the device at Temple facade?
Sadara brushed her hair behind her ear and shook her head, "No we had no idea of the device."
Brother Timothy whispered something to Nmoto
Hrrum: Have you or those of rank in your knowledge approached Dr Grave and demand its removal, what was his answer if such happened.?
Sadara: I do not believe anyone within the house asked for it to be removed.
Hrrum: Have you or anyone from the Temple attempted to remove it on their own?
Sadara: No
Hrrum: No more questions. Thank you Sadara.
Sadara nodded gently
Brother Timothy: ack forgot the swearing of the oath of truth
Fin Marda: I just have two questions for Sadara.
Brother Timothy hit his forehead with the palm of his hand
Liolira shook her head
Fin Marda: Perhaps you could administer the oath now, TIm?
Sadara looked to Tim and raised her hand looking at him in anticipation
Brother Timothy: sure Sadara do you swear on your honor that you have and will tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Sadara: I swear.
Fin Marda smiled at Sadara
Brother Timothy: ok, sorry about that folks
Brother Timothy chuckled
Sadara turned back to Fin and nodded gently
Fin Marda: I will just ask the same two questions, I asked Aileron.
Fin Marda: To your knowledge, did anyone in your house suffer any damage as a result of having the device on your facade?
Sadara: No
Fin Marda: And, was there any damage to the house itself?
Sadara: None
Fin Marda: Thank you
Fin Marda: No more questions
Sadara nodded gently and returned back to her place
Hrrum: Im good.
Hrrum: I would like to call Purple Lace as my next witness.
Brother Timothy: ok for the record when a witness is called the prosecution asks question, the the defense gets to ask, then if something needs asked for clarification the persecution can redress the question
Hrrum nodded
Brother Timothy: and if needed the defense gets to redress too
Fin Marda nodded
Purple Lace blinkded
Purple Lace: Me?
Purple Lace wrinkled her nose and moved to the center
Hrrum: Please, Lace.
Brother Timothy: yep come forward and raise your right arm
Purple Lace: Alright...
Purple Lace raised her right hand
Brother Timothy: do you swear on your honor to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Purple Lace: I do.
Brother Timothy: you may proceed
Purple Lace looked to Hrrum and listened closely
Hrrum: Being in the Ruling Circle of Protectors of Radiance, have you or anyone with rank ever agreed to participate in defendant experiment with device on the house facade?
Purple Lace: Nay, sir.
Hrrum: Have you or anyone with Rank ever demanded from Defendant for it to be removed?
Purple Lace: I have not, nor do I know of any other ranked member doing the same.
Hrrum: Have you or anyone from PoR ever attempted to remove the device on their own?
Purple Lace: Nay.
Purple Lace: i can't speak for others though, only accounting for meself, please.
Hrrum nodded
Hrrum: Thank you Lace. No more questions.
Purple Lace nodded once and looked to Fin Marda
Fin Marda: No questions at this time
Purple Lace nodded once and looked to the judges
Brother Timothy: witness may return to her seat
Purple Lace: Thank ye.
Hrrum: I would like invite to the stand, Dissoc.
Dissoc nodded and stepped a bit closer to the center
Brother Timothy: dissoc, please raise your right hand
Dissoc raised his right hand
Brother Timothy: do you swear on your honor to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Dissoc: I do.
Brother Timothy: you may proceed
Dissoc lowered his right hand
Hrrum: Dissoc, defendant mentioned to us that you were one from the 3 that had a key to enter his laboratory, is that true?
Dissoc: That is correct.
Hrrum: While in the laboratory have you picked up a Codex of Info?
Dissoc: The output codices of the console there? No, I did not pick those up, myself.
Dissoc: Though, I did read them, where they were.
Hrrum: Were you in a party with others who did?
Dissoc nodded, "Yes, I was."
Hrrum: After the visit, have you or those you were in company with brought such codexes back to the Defendant?
Dissoc: To my knowledge, no, though I did note their contents, and share said information with Dr Grave, myself.
Hrrum: Did you ask the defendants of meaning of such codexes?
Hrrum: the meaning of information it holds even
Dissoc: I do not believe that I had asked that, explicitly, at that time, though he has given some details as to the nature of the experiment. He did also note that, there were not enough sets of data to make a determination as to the findings.
Hrrum: Did defendant ever stated why he collects this data?
Dissoc: Yes.
Hrrum: Would you share to the Court what his statement was?
Dissoc: The purpose of the experiment, according to Dr Grave, if I could attempt to summarize

Fin Marda: objection, hearsay

Brother Timothy conferred with the other judges
Dissoc looked toward the judges
Liolira nodded to Aileron
Hrrum: Prosecution wishes to determine the level of danger of information that was collected.
Brother Timothy: overruled, witness is testifying to what he heard from the defendant, not a third party
Brother Timothy: but please be as specific as possible witness
Fin Marda: The defendant is here and can speak for himself
Dissoc nodded
Brother Timothy: any you will be able to call him as a witness defense
Fin Marda: Yes, your honor
Brother Timothy: you may proceed

Dissoc: Well, Dr Grave has told me that the experiment was to see if latent energies could be detected, from the houses. He has also stated, that a further purpose, was to hopefully find out if the houses were "living".
Liolira looks at Aileron
The readings, he has said, are aggregate data of potential energies detected at the houses.

Hrrum: May I present this Codex to the Witness?
Brother Timothy: you may

Hrrum passed Dissoc a Codex of Info

The following is what was on the Codex of Info
Control: +3.4, Cherry: -15.2, Ocean: +0.5; Iceberg: +2.4; Rectangle: -3.9.

Hrrum: is that one of the codexes you seen in the laboratory?
Dissoc inspected the codex Hrrum handed him, and then handed it back
Dissoc: No, it was not one of the ones found in the laboratory, I don't think.
Hrrum passed the codex to one of the Judges to see as well.
Nmoto: If wish to make evidence, that, you. Present public, so others can see.
Dissoc: Not on my visit.
Dissoc: It does appear similar to the others, however.
Fin Marda: Could Defense please see the codex?
Brother Timothy handed the codex to nmoto
Hrrum: Very well. Thank you Dissoc, no more questions
Nmoto then passed the object to Tamarisk
Dissoc nodded to Hrrum and looks to Fin Marda
Brother Timothy: after we inspect the codex please give it to the defense
Tamarisk handed the Codex to Marda.
Fin Marda read the codex and handed it to Hrrum
Dr Grave: Ahem, we had this issue last time. May I see it to validate it or not? It would be quite easy for me to tell.
Hrrum passed the codex back to defense
Aileron: Thats one way of asking nicely, i guess
Fin Marda handed the codex to Dr. Gravee
Liolira crosses her arms
Dr Grave:
As Jerusalis' eyes cut sharply into me from his stance way up there, it would be better if it were dropped on the ground. There is no need to give that potential object to me.
I can validate it, if it were placed on the ground by your or the prosecution's many feet.

Fin Marda dropped the codex near the Doctor
Brother Timothy: dr graves since you seem to be the only person able to authenticate the item, and you are on trial it poses a quandary for us.
Jerusalis grunted quietly, his posture still not changed, "I have decent enough eyes from here, Grave. If you attempt anything, there is a room behind you that I won't stop from using."
Brother Timothy conferred with the other judges
Dr Grave: The formatting of the data fits the standard that is used. The data points seem within range.
Jerusalis continues his survey of the room quietly, scowling as he does so.
Fin Marda nods and retrieves the codex
Brother Timothy: we will allow its authentication by you at this time
Dr Grave: I mean no disrespect, judges. I would think if an object of evidence is presented, it would only seem natural to validate if it's legitimate or not.
Tamarisk: If the Prosecution wants to verify it's authenticity, he can do so when you are on the witness stand.
Nmoto nodded in agreement
Brother Timothy noods
Fin Marda: I have one or two questions for Dissoc if I may.
Brother Timothy: for now we will work under the assumption it is authentic
Dissoc nods
Brother Timothy: is the prosecution finished with the witness?
Hrrum: Yes
Brother Timothy: they you may proceed defense
Fin Marda: Were the codices the only written material you saw in the library?
Dissoc: No, they were not.
Fin Marda: What else did you see there?
Dissoc: There was also a round notebook, apparently an instruction manual for the experiment, there.
Fin Marda: Was it too left there?
Dissoc: It was not, after I had picked it up and inspected it, I handed it to Silverwake.
Fin Marda: Do you know if it is now in her possession?
Dissoc: I do not believe it is, as it is an artifact, and one cannot wake with it.
Fin Marda: I see. Thank you. No more questions.
Hrrum: Prosecution have a following question.
Brother Timothy: proceed
Hrrum: Dissoc you said you inspected the notebook. But you also said that it was apparent that it held information about the experiment. The question is are you certain that it was or not?
Dissoc: Dr Grave mentioned it would be useful for shutting the experiment down, it was also inscribed as such: "Standard Operating Procedures for Experiment 2709: Measuring Hypothetical House Energies through Planar Drifts".
Hrrum: Did he mention whom it would be useful for?
Dissoc: He mentioned that it would need to be translated, first. It is filled with detailed notes, in an archaic language.
Hrrum nodded
Purple Lace raised a brow to Dissoc's last comment
Hrrum: would you say that in Dreamers of this City hands, it have no meaning.
I suppose it would be useful, once translated, to anyone wishing to shut down the experiment.
I am not certain if I should speculate if whether or not another dreamer could translate it as well.
Hrrum nodded
Hrrum: No more questions.
Hrrum: Thank you.
Brother Timothy: defense any follow up?
Fin Marda: No thank you
Dissoc nodded and stepped back to his previous spot
Brother Timothy: the witness may step down
Hrrum: That was my last witness. Thank you.
Brother Timothy: judges?
Brother Timothy confers with the other judges
Hrrum: Just a note, that if Monastery representative was present and also from the Allience. I would also ask them questions. But they not present.
Fin Marda moved her head from side to side trying to work the stiffness out.
Brother Timothy: we are considering recessing at this time due to the lateness of the hour. we are considering Saturday at 8 at this time
Nmoto: Noted. But. Is up to prosecution, and defense, them. To make sure witnesses, theirs, are present.
Fin Marda: I would be calling the defendant as well as recalling Liolira and Purple Lace.
Aileron: I can let Lio know of the day and time
Tamarisk: Saturday at 8dst.
Aileron: And Tim
Tamarisk: Jerusalis, you can take the Doctor back to his cell please?
Jerusalis: Does any citizen need assistance out of the venue?
Kivander: I am fine, thank you for the offer
Akkadian: I can assist with evacuations if needed.
Dumah: I am fine, thanks Akkadian.
Jerusalis: Your cuffs, Grave.
Dissoc: I am alright as well, thank you both.
Dr Grave faced Jerusalis with his cuffed hands extended
Jerusalis grasped onto the cuffs with a giant hand, polishing one of the medals on his armor with the other. Light reflecting off the medal, enveloping Grave.
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