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Laieus' Notes - of Detectors and Flames

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Laieus' Notes - of Detectors and Flames

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In a way this is a continuation of my previous notes shared here. As such I will refer those who wish to know the basic premise to read the Notes of Flame and Corruption. The events depicted here happened in the days following when I last shared my notes here.

Seeing as the corrupted flames where and still are in a way an unknown I decided to start by creating detectors to at least be able to learn of the composition of the corrupted flame. To this purpose I figured that the best way to learn of it was to create tools to help focus and draw out the individual Focal Elements and detect the reactions of the Corrupted Flame.

Each of these Focal Detectors where made from a small part of their respective Shrine so as to have a pure comparison and also to help those holding the Detectors draw forth the Element with more ease and control.

Given that the order in which I created them was irrelevant I decided to go with one of the typical cycles, namely starting with Will. on to Insight, then Resilience before finishing with Lucidity. The plan was to continue from that point to possibly make a Detector for Dreamsoul and Chaos, but I will get back to that later.

To start, all these detectors where made using materials either condensed or found in the Shrines. With the Exceptions of the Handles which I created separately as they would serve as the relay in between the Dreamer, the Detector and my Notes which recorded the process. The Functionality of the detector portion was based in Runic inscriptions using differing Fractal patterns based off of sympathetic connection to their Element. Cubic form for Will, Elliptical for Insight, Wavelike for Resilience, and Triangular for Lucidity.

As to the materials used to form the detector, Iron from the Shrine of Will, Solidified Air from the Shrine of Insight, Ice formed from the water of the Shrine of Resilience, and Lava from the Shrine of Lucidity. The Runic inscriptions where made in the Shrines themselves using the elements present, Stellaris and Fae Ra helped me with some portions of it, notably with the Insight Runes.

The first of the Runeworks Inscribed, those of the Will Detector, where formed by transmuting the Iron to Jade, using a Jade Elemen as focus for the energies in the Shrine for the Inscription. The actual process of creating the Runes for the Will detector was more time consuming than most of the other ones, mainly due to the need of patience during it's creation.

The Second of the Runeworks Inscribed, those of the Insight Detector, where inscribed by directly channeling the Lightning in the center of the Shrine, of which I had help to stay Coherent as the Lightning was rather Dangerous. Thus for these runes I had to do them Quickly while trying to maintain a good precision of inscription.

The Third of the Runeworks inscribed, those of the Resilience Detector, where formed by the intermediary of a Sand Elemen during the freezing of the Water to create the Ice, the process was neither fast nor slow and simply took the time it needed.

The fourth of the Runeworks inscribed, those of the Lucidity Detector, where more complicated than most, given the material additional runes where necessary to assure the Lava kept to the shape and kept it's Fire. Apart from the additional precautions the actual process was relatively safe and done quickly.

Initially I was going to also make a Dreamsoul Detector and a Chaos detector before my first measuring. However this process was interrupted by a Maren attack while I was creating the Base of the Dreamsoul Detector in the Crucible with Illumin. A decent number of dreamers came to help with the situation and the Marren attack did intensify before it came under control. However this did stop my attempt at making the Detectors for Dreamsoul and Chaos.

Given that I had the Essentials however, namely the four Focal Detectors, I decided to continue onward with the measuring of the composition of the Flame. I had the Help of Illumin, Dumah, Hrrum and Stormy Edwards for this segment. For those interested I shall also add a transcription of the event after this section of my notes.
Otherwise the Detectors seemed to function correctly although no direct reaction from the Flames was detected, I do have a transcription of the Readings of the measurement however to make sense of it I believe I will need assistance, or to repeat the Experiment this time adding on the Dreamsoul and Chaos Detectors. Notably because I have a suspicion that the composition of those are a more integral part of the Corruption than what I initially suspected. I will be hoping to create the missing detectors in the week that follows, and then maybe finally be able to figure out what caused the corruption.

As promised here is a transcription of the Event.
We had just moved into the Library after the APTA meeting in the Gold Sanctuary of Edgewards. Initially only Hrrum, Dumah and Illumin where present. I distributed the Detectors about, Dumah having the Detector for Will, Illumin the detector for Resilience, and given the initial lack of Fatesenders Hrrum for Lucidity. Dumah went off to see if we could get a Fatesender to help with the measurements as I explained how the Detectors where made, given that I would have explained their function once we where all ready.
As I was explaining Hrrum held out a pedipalp feeling the hot and freezing sensations that comes from the Flame
I explained that if the reaction is weak it would only go to my notes and we would need to extrapolate more later, but if the reaction was strong we would have been able to see a reaction from the Detector directly and that all the detectors had the same functionality.

As I was explaining Hrrum sensed that Resilience and Lucidity was warded by the power of Will not allowing it to spread and Insight flickers the flame upwards, feeding the Flame from within. And given the nature of the Corrupted Flame the measures of the Detectors was to help confirm or deny theories of the Like.
Hrrum proposed the theory that it was the Dreamsoul that would give the flame effects of being either cleansing or Corrupted. to which I do agree, especially now that the results to this experiment seem to indicate that the Dreamsoul and Chaos detectors are necessary.
After having touched the Runes of the Lucidity detector, Hrrum was the first to start given he was using a detector of another focus, he started by breathing, sensing his surroundings, drawing his Resilience tentacles in all directions. Then he opened his pedipalps as the Lucidity drew in to his avatar from all portals. He soon came to grimace as his avatar started to smoke up with all heated Lucidity overflowing his avatar dripping on the floor with sizzling sounds
Seeing that Hrrum was starting I also started getting ready by taking out my detector. Around this time Stormy arrived, she then looked at Hrumm and Sniffed, a Firestorm raged, most likely byproduct of the Lucidity Hrrum was channeling but it could have also been a reaction from the flame.
This is also when Dumah came back from his trip to get other dreamers. After explaining what was happening quickly to Stormy, Hrrum informed us that he likely wouldn't be able to hold the fire in him for long. Then came the idea of Stormy helping him control it.
I instructed the others to start Charging their element towards the detectors, to reach out to it, as I explained that being made of a very small part of the Shrine they should help focus the element.
Stormy snuggled into Hrrum, as she focused and enveloped Hrrum in her own flames. he then came to breathe out with heat, the warmth of the flames seeming to relax him.
As I started to channel Insight, I crackled with lightning spread from the Detector. Dumah and Illumin both started charging their foci towards the detectors. Soon Dumah threw one of his amulets on, covering him in a field of his Willpower.
Hrrum preempting my instruction pointed the detector towards the Flame, just as I confirmed that all the detectors had charges and that they should point them towards the flame, which the rest of us then did.
I then instructed the others to observe visible changes to the Detectors. The notable reactions being that of the Lucidity Detector and the Resilience Detector. Given that some of the Lucidity Detectors runes had changed to a ruby glow, and that the Resilience detector had started cooling down notably, to the point where by then end Illumins hands where rather chilled and numb.
As the measurements where taking place we each continued focusing to keep the measures going. Some of the noteworthy interactions during this portion are the following.
A cold aura appeared from Illumins detector, making his hands shake
Stormy Edwards pulled upon the the ground, the essence of flowers flowing about cycling through flame, and strength of nature, channeling her focus into and around hrrum.
The Sand runes on the Resilience detectors interior started moving as if imitating quicksand motions

After a moment, I determined that we had likely had enough measures for the time being and told the others they could let the charges go. Dumah slowly relaxed his efforts, being careful not to Rush. I let the lightning flow around me and into the ground. Illumin and Hrrum had a bit more trouble stopping however. Hrrum passed the Detector to Stormy to help control the fire. While Dumah helped Illumin dissipate the Resilience.
And given I most likely had to redo the measures when we'd get the Dreamsoul and Chaos Detectors, I had to take back the Focal Detectors.
This about resumes what happened during the measuring of the Focal composition of the Flame..

A corrupted flame of the Triune. The flame flickers both hot and cold.
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