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Parchment: "To the Citizens & Elders" by Dr. Grave

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Parchment: "To the Citizens & Elders" by Dr. Grave

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On her Shard, Silverwake closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep. The branches of the tree holding her close. A sudden rush of light speeds past her thoughts and conscious. A wind whipping sensation that is both terrifying and exhilarating. Stars and bright objects speed fast leaving lightening trails to a center light in the darkness, and then... A surge and rush as her minds enters the Dreamscape and her thoughts enters into her Avatar body. She looks down at her beautiful form and whispers, "I have not aged." A pixie grin appears on her face... She hurriedly searches for the parchment. "Oh? There it is..." She sighs with relief and tacks it up on the walls of the "Welcome Center." The parchment reads:

To the Citizens of the City,

Let me clarify. The Arretians are a problem, and from my limited experiences with them and greatly opposed to being anywhere near them, or their city. I cannot assure you, that they will leave your city in peace or not. I can only speak to the observed behavior of theirs. If they are able to travel easily between these two cities, the odds of you meeting again are increased. So as not to create a system of greed, let's talk unilaterally. If I am able to escape, I'll disable my experiment from everywhere, remove my equipment and leave this city. While I will be sad that the experiment ended abruptly, I would rather be alive.

Lastly, while I am imprisoned, to the Elders of the City, I request to speak (in person) with Akkadian and Leonard Scruff the Caretaker, to heed my call. Akkadian, as you can recall, I had earned your trust and you gave your blessing with the experiment of focuses and spheres.

Leonard, I have not yet had the pleasure to meet you. I would welcome an external pair of eyes to examine the monitor relays that I've set up at five houses. They are not invasive, and you will surely find them entirely benign. Within the house atop of the Luminous Mountain, one room houses the control panel. It's likely produced many data points, since this experiment has been running over this past month. My notebook should be nearby, it details the process in shutting it down, if that is what is wished. The proper sequence is important, else it may do something not wished for. Please consult the control panel's instruction in the notebook.

Be careful of the traps and do not stand on any stone too long that is exposed to the open sky above. If you wish to disable the monitor relays at the houses, you must first do that at the control panel. Then decouple everything for that specific house. Please save the parts, and do not destroy them.

I wish for asylum in this City. I am a doctor that helps others and a terrific researcher. I can contribute greatly to this City.


Dr. Casper Grave

Ex-Master Teacher (FS)
Founder of the Fatesender Guild

Original Prankster

On the adventures of your journey, walk the path less traveled for that is where obstacles present themselves and true learning occurs.
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