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A Teacher's Duties

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A Teacher's Duties

Post by cyborg512 »

This a report for my Train 50 task from OfF KiLTeR:
The codex asks me to publicly list the qualities that *I* think a Master Teacher should posses and break them down into 3 categories, 1: Tasking, 2: Personality Traits, 3: How they are perceived by the city.

The requirements of tasking for any Teacher, not just a Master Teacher are A) Make the task relevant and worthy of the art or plat. This would entail something like "pick up that chalk elem and use the art of Give to hand it to me". Now this would be useful for a newly awakened, a chance to guide a new dreamer into the mechanics of the dream. It would NOT be proper for a 10 plat or above. Why? It's too simple. Not worthy of the art and it teaches nothing above the basic skill of Giving an item. Tasks should also be considered for the dreamer's abilities and skills. Teaching someone to go and get an item then return it for a reward is too basic for a plat. Make it fun if you think that's what the dreamer needs. Make it a challenge so the student understands the uses and limitations of the art. How does the art work? What is it's history are just a few of the more demanding and therefore worthy tasks for a higher plat of an art. Master Teacher's are expected to teach Teachers and this poses challenges for the MT as well. Does this Teacher need to learn something new about the art? Is the Teacher needing to be involved in a group effort, say to draw them into greater social circles or aid in a event happening. So, to sum up Tasking, Make it relevant and worthy, make it benefit the dreamer or group of dreamers and it an MT task to a Teacher, involve the Teacher's students perhaps, and make it fun if appropriate.

2: Personality Traits. I'm going to assume the task is asking what kind of traits a MT should have. Number one on my list is the ability to listen. Just writing a task because you (as the MT or Teacher) want to do a task that way or you are "bored and I couldn't think of anything better" is NOT a good personality trait. Boredom should never be involved. If you as a MT or Teacher can not think of a task that is appropriate, ask the student to come back or seek them later when you do have a better task. Hunting down a student that you promised to help gives that student (or Teacher if you're an MT) confidence in YOU. The rewards for listening and being available are great! Patience is another excellent trait. As a Teacher I know students can get impatient. As a former MT (many years ago) I know some Teachers can be difficult, even demanding. The second halo can be a curse in that regard. Patience and adherence to proper protocols can save you grief. Be polite if at all possible and explain to the student (or gods forbid a Teacher) your reasons and ask them to accept them. Imagination is obviously needed to keep many dreamers engaged and focused on a task. Without a decent imagination you may find yourself losing students because they become bored with the same old tasks. You need to challenge them if that's what they need. Use other students' tasks to get them to work together if you think they can deal with it. Don't be afraid to try something new and please, don't be disappointed when the student rejects that. Sometimes "new" isn't always best. Try to keep a repertoire of tasks that were reported as enjoyed by your students. Sometimes another student can do the same task and get as much or more from it. Current affairs can be another help to the MT or Teacher. Try to be as up to date on happenings as you can. Tasking a student to "go do this thing" when it is not an issue currently is a good way to discourage a student in your abilities.

3:How they (the Master Teachers) are perceived by the dreamers in the city. I am going to assume again that my Teacher in this section of the task means what do dreamers think of MTs. well, to be honest, some just think they're stuffed shirts looking for power or prestige over others. And to some extent that can be the case. We all like being able to show off that new crest or art. But I also get a lot of "We need more MTs in the city" Sometimes it's a specific focus the citizens tell me they need more of. So quite often the perception of the Master Teachers, in general that I've encountered is positive and and hopeful. I don't think the MTs are obsolete or unnecessary. Quite the opposite! And most of the city's citizens would probably agree.

My task also asks for a list of accountability.

Make the task relevant and worthy
Make it challenging, not too easy
Make is understandable, ask the student if they have questions before they accept the task
Make sure you keep the rules of Teaching in the forefront of your mind as you write the task
Understand that violating the tenets of the Teachers Guild can get your halo removed
Master Teachers have an obligation to Train Self to keep their arts up to sphere in order to train other Teachers
All Teachers must task students on a regular basis or risk losing their halo
Make it fun!

If I've missed anything I apologize. The task did not ask me to post about specific ruler or guidelines, just MY thoughts. And here they are. Thank you

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