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Post-Experiment Analysis

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Post-Experiment Analysis

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Table of Contents:
1. The Experiment
2. Idea of the process / Actions Undertaken
3. Actual Results
4. Postulation / Personal Reflection

Section One: The Experiment
The experiment was simple in concept. Find a way to safely infuse the Golem I had created months ago with Chaos, then witness the results. This idea took many manifestations and adjustments to get right. I started thinking I would need to capture raw chaos from imprisoning essences, but there were a few roadblocks to that. There were other less viable ideas floated around in passing, but ultimately it came to creating a serum of some kind.

Section 2: The Process
I divided this into four basic phases, though there were a few subsections in each.
Phase one: Kotoken Support. I wanted the Kotoken to back me on this. If I was going to be using their essences to gain strength on my own, I wanted to respectfully ask for assistance. They did not offer assistance, but they did not try to stop me. I believe Ssun-Kith's words were "Neki waqa tzin klapka hw": pretty directly, "I will not stop you." I was, however, accused of trying to become "King of the Kotoken" which I promptly denied. I tried to make it clear that my research was to bring a more unified dream by being somewhat in both worlds. This was/is not the only reason for my research, but I will touch on that later.

Phase two: According to the task, I needed to create a combined essence. Half Kotoken, Half Dreamer. Thank goodness this stipulation was in the task as it saved me a step in creating a serum, but more ont hat later. The idea was to lean heavily upon Aileron and Sadara's SoulMaster expertise to bond my own essence and one of the Kotoken. Luckily, Windsong had begun her research with Harmonics, and I was able to involve her in this process, making it vastly easier. We were able to quickly and painlessly bond the two opposing essences together.

Phase three: Experimenting on the golem itself. This is where I had to create a serum. As mentioned, I was extremely fortunate that OfF KiLTeR had the idea of combining the essences. The mixed essence is extremely fragile, but it produces a liquid inside it that I was able to use as the serum base. To make it bond a little easier, I added a pinch of dreamsoul, a pinch of chaos, and some trace amounts of lucidity. This base was used to fortify the Golem's body and create a floor of chaos, so to speak. Something that bonded and stuck with the Golem. After that, we went about creating the more specialized chaos serum. A direct sample of Azulayf's essence mixed with small amounts of dreamsoul, and unsurprisingly, lucidity.
The base serum was applied for two weeks, then I began the Azulafian Serum injections alongside the base. Side note: I had to be careful when mixing the two serums, not because they were volatile, but the injection site was and is the juggular artery on the throat. Too much liquid at once could explode the heart - or at least that was my fear.
This worked very, very slowly and was not enough on its own. But, with the addition of a catalyst, the golem transformed.

Phase Four: Beginning the infusions on myself. After seeing the success, I began treatments on myself. These are... painful treatments to say the least. I am glad the Golem does not have a soul/consciousness with which to feel pain.

Section Three: Results
As mentioned, the Golem was successfully mutated. This manifested slowly. It began by the injection site (artery) turning black and the skin over it hardening. Eventually, the blackness spread throughout the veins and created a dark spiderweb over the surface of the Golem. (I am already noticing this beginning to occur in myself after only a week and a half of personal treatments). The issue became obvious after two months, however. We were stuck. The golem simply wasn't showing any more mutations from the basic treatments. So we created a Catalyst to activate and strengthen the chaos already inside it. This took effect quickly and mutations became extremely pronounced, extremely quickly. The Golem now is almost completely black-skinned, stands straighter, has bony, fleshless wings, and curiously, has red crystal formations sprouting from it.

Section Four: Postulation
I think the need for the catalyst symbolizes something we already know, but take for granted in the dream. The dreamer avatar has a fairly strong resistance to chaos, or at least, will degrade (collapse) or expel chaos if too much is present. I imagine most of us have spent time in the Chaos breach and no one began mutating from that. I believe we have in each of our forms a sort of "Chaos Wall" - an upper limit on Chaos that can be present in the body at one time. This is where the Catalyst became necessary. A simple creation, really. It's mostly concentrated chaos with a hefty amount of dreamsoul and other focal elements. All this did was break down the afformentioned "wall" and allow the Chaos to actively affect the golem's body.

Another interesting note is the Crystals. Nothing in the experiment had anything to do with crystals and yet the Golem sprouted several large, scarlet crystals over it's body. We weren't sure how this happened at first, until we realized that, just prior to the application of the catalyst, we had fully powered the resonate crystal in the Basin. That will require more research, but I believe the crystal itself is affecting more in the Basin than initially thought. The crystals seem like harmless growths of lucidity, as that is what the Beacon is made of. I don't know the full consequences of these growths yet as the Golem cannot tell me how it feels, but I suspect more formations are hidden around the Basin.
And to the earlier left open question: What is my other motivation for doing this?
Most of you know by now that I am a created being. I was not born by a mother and father, but rather as a tool to be used by a cult. I spent the first nine years of my life doing their bidding. Fighting wars, slaughtering innocents, gathering artifacts. I did not know there was any other way to live. Some of you know I killed my creators, most of them anyway. I had hoped this would bring me peace, but it did not. Vengeance tastes sweet, but spoils quickly. I live now in the base of the Pyramidic temple they built me in with a few other helpful beings. All this is to say, I felt as though my destiny was not my own, and even in killing them, I still bore their intent in my creation. In becoming a mixed being, in creating my own form, I will free myself from their chains, creating my own destiny, my own being, with my own intent - make peaceful dreaming (and living) possible for all beings.

Final note: Obviously, this experiment shows that the physical change is possible. It does not, however, show any effects that may be present on a dreamer’s soul through this treatment.
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