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Social Interactions

This out of character forum is for discussion of roleplaying, how to roleplay and roleplay coordination.
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Social Interactions

Post by Koi-Cricket »

I was reading an article recently about how video games can help with social skills and communication. Seems as if online, social media, and texting can create a more vicious verbalization than if you were to actually communicate with someone in person, and I've found that to be my biggest downfall. But, it can also allow you to be more open, honest and personal with people as well.

Got me to thinking about how many friendships that have been formed over the years through UL, and also got me to thinking that it has made a lot of enemies along the way as well.

Feel free to post below some of your fondest, personal or even funniest interactions in game, out of game, or even in person that you've had through the UL community.

I'll go first :)

This one time in band camp. jk lol. Though I later discovered that Magenta's controller had actually been to band camp and that became a good joke for us. She was by far one of my most bestest online friends in my earlier days of UL. We talked about everyone and everything, laughed and joked. We listened to each other's heartaches and pains. This lasted for several years and I still talk to her once in a blue moon.

A funny memory that I have was at one of our UL meets, when we all went to a sex shop and I was talked into (lol) purchasing a dildo. The funny part was later that night when our whole group was sitting around the hotel and Brian (Wishbringer) decided that he would deep throat it. He really loved it when I told him that it had been used! :lol:

Have you ever accidently walked in on qrp and in the back of your mind you were thinking (ask me to stay, ask me to stay) :lol: Anyways, I can't remember the couple back in lyra days that would qrp right in the middle of a plane, but they gave me inspiration. As a younger (shyer at the time, not anymore) player, I was always nervous about talking or jumping in to roleplays. I grew out of that quickly, but it is fascinating that inspiration can come from almost anywhere.

Another time I was invited to go (real camping) for my very first time. It was with a small group of UL friends. Someone literally said that we should call the bear police because we heard actual growling. (wasn't really growling, but me making noises to try and scare people).-- Though this could have happened at one of our later trips, can't remember, but it still happened!.....Anyways.. That was the funnest camping trip I've ever had--- while it rained, was muddy, mosquito's, and a lot of work. Not to mention the huge mess of toilet paper that went down the side of the mountain, but that's another story (rofl Jess)

I will never forget Braelynn (Joey) who I wasn't friends with anymore at the time, but she taught me what caring about someone and what forgiveness really was when she sent me a bouquet of flowers to my house after I had been hospitalized for something.

Jade, Blade, Flower, Jerulan, Wishbringer.........there's too many to name and many more good friends along the way. Some of these people have given me my first experiences in life. Taught me things and got me completely out of my comfort zone on others, and were there for me 100% at some point in time through our UL journey.

Wisbringer, Flower and Jade that let me cry on their shoulder with all things that didn't really matter lol ...Bladeslayer when he made me ride every single ride I was SO scared of at six flags over Georgia. I probably won't ride them again though :lol: People on the team that I've grown fond of and even friends in discord that I talk to about life.

And as a GM, I can say that there are people that have actually driven me down right INSANE. But I can truthfully say that there is not one of you that I don't think the game needs. The game takes all kinds, different personalities, different mind-sets. It is what gives UL its flavor and fun.
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Re: Social Interactions

Post by Cherokee »

Awesome post, Cricket! Anyone that knows me, knows I've always been shy irl. I started playing Underlight at 15, when Shades of Truth launched in 2007. Learning to RP and play a character that's different than my personality allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and improve upon my lack of social skills. I have so many fond memories from over the years and developed life long friendships with several. Jade's very first IC friend was Naphtali. We bonded as the late night crew with Gromnir, Perunda and Dashia.

I didn't talk to anyone OOC for my first year of playing. When I finally got up the nerve to use IRC, Ash and Vampyro became my besties IG and out. I still remember when I was invited to the "cool kids channel" #Unboon with Ash, Mays, Jared (RIP), Sub, Flower/Kim, Sidas and Joey. A lot of shenanigans went on there! (<3 Mayz, come play with us, kthxbi.)

The camping trip with Tember, Blade, and Jeru was a blast. I got to chop wood for the first time and the boys cut down a tree to use on the fire that kept going out because it was too wet! It rained so much. Sneaking out on the dock after hours...and the bearsss in the woods! :lol: The stars were amazing. Watching a drunk Tember is always a good time! Lol. We've had our differences, but we ended up becoming very good friends in the long run.

Liolira when she came to visit me. She's been like a second mother to me and has been there for me during some of my worst times. <3 Aileron, Vamp, Apothos, Bortami, Frey...honestly too many to name. I can think of so many players that have made my UL experience great throughout the years and I can only hope I've been able to do the same.

I'll always miss Damia/Noemie. We had the best times goofing off, playing Truth or Dare, etc. I regret that we drifted apart before she passed, due to stupid drama. Something like that really makes you realize how short life is and it shouldn't be wasted on insignificant things. I'll always consider this community as an extended family. We've all seen each other at our best and worst times. We might bicker and go through periods of not talking, but for the most part I think we all eventually find our way back.

Let's face it, UL isn't going to be here forever. While most of us started out as kids and teenagers, we're all adults now with jobs, kids and other priorities. We should all know better than to get caught up in the drama and hate. We're all here for the nostalgia and to have fun for as long as it may last. My character can be headstrong at times and set in her beliefs - but I want everyone to know that if Jade or any of my other characters has an issue with you in character, it does NOT mean I dislike you OOC. We can be enemies in the game and be friends outside of it. One of my favorite players to interact with was Sala Erosa. He was my first character's mortal enemy and I enjoyed how we RP'd our dislike for each other. That is what RPing is about: immersing yourself into the personality of something you created, but we must be mindful not to get too attached and allow that character's emotions to overwhelm and become our own.
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Re: Social Interactions

Post by Shae »

Oh my gosh, you guys! I started playing this to see why my husband (boyfriend) was so addicted. I thought it might make him mad if I started playing, and then he would stop, and then we could do more things irl- like go to the movies, etc. I didn't take the game seriously at first. I'd never played a role playing game, and didn't know the first thing about. Jason asked me to create a name. I looked on my desk and saw Shea butter lotion and decided to call myself Shae (intentionally backward spelling) because I thought I'd be soothing for others to be around, after realizing I wanted to be a SoulMaster. Instead, I became a goofball in game and bonded with SO many of the community due to my flighty personality. I've met more than a handful of you out here in the real world,and every one of you were exactly as I thought you would be irl! Although I have to say, Xyn Rhade was the only one I met that was NOT at all what I expected! (not in a bad way- just not what I expected! lol).

Because of UL and being thrown into teaching and leadership, I actually learned a lot of skills that I could use outside of the game. I've been managers/supervisors at my jobs, and being able to deal with the same crap in game as out of game helped me tone down my approach to situations. Listen more than talk. Nod and smile and give lots of hugs. ...and always have a retaliation plan in the back of your head to destroy the ones that really annoy you!! (Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I was able to do that in game, rather than irl, in order to save my job, or my head, or my sanity! haha).

I still talk regularly to many of the people I met either irl or just through the game here. I consider many of them close friends, whom I can share life with. Whatever started as a joke to me, quickly became my saving grace when I went through lots of 'bad times' in my life. I didn't share too much of that with you guys, but coming into the game really helped me feel part of something larger than me, and definitely part of something imaginary with limitless boundaries to help me escape any of my life that I needed to run from. I love everyone I've ever met- such fun characters! Even the evil ones- mostly the evil ones! They were the ones that made me think of things I wouldn't normally think about. Some of the evil ones became some of Shae's bffs on the down-low, and helped stir up lots of things in her heart and soul.

I definitely agree that playing these types of interactive games help us in the real world to interact with others. Maybe carrying chaks and blades in the real world has gotten me arrested, BUT on the plus side, I did meet many nice officers, lawyers and judges. So ya know... win/win. GG everyone.
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