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Unbalanced Balance.

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Unbalanced Balance.

Post by jtbadn »

Greetings City of Dreams!

I come before you to tell you first and foremost of my adventures in The Experiment. Myself and a handful of others had been selected to take part in an experiment concerning the four focuses which we have come to know and understand in our dreams. I will admit to you all that this has been a very eye opening and educational experiment. I have even created myself a chart regarding the Arts we know as dreamers in the City and the one that I most covet to keep most of all is the Art of Return.

Return. Returning to the City of Dreams where The Darkness once held partial reign I have found the Light searching for its balance. It is unable to locate that which would bring it stabilization because The Darkness is what the Light forever seeks in order to solidify its very existence. The results are right in front of us dreamers. The manifestation of ghostly presences coupled with frequent shifts in power and rank has sent us, the City of Dreams, spiraling out of control and we now drift further and further from the balance of our individual and collective purpose.

This my fellow dreamers, this is not a prophecy that I relate to you. These are thoughts which have originated in my own mind and they are born my own design. Since I am not omniscient and/or privy to the foreknowledge of exactly what will become of City of Dreams, I come before you in this missive to ask who what shall we do? What can we do dreamers, to set right to the course of our actions? How can we return the balance that has been offset?

Over the next few dreams I want each and every one of you to look deep within yourselves and tell yourself that everything is completely normal and that nothing seems out of sorts about the City whatsoever. When you finally come face to face with the realization that you are lying to yourself and that the City does in fact feel as if it has become unbalanced, what then will you do? Shall we sit idle and do nothing? Or should band together as a collection of dreamers hoping to right our past wrong? If you do not feel anything we have done took part in this offset of balance, what would you do then?

If a portal did never spin, how then would we know that a portal could spin?

Hate can not exist without Love just as Love can not exist without Hate.

Hate balances Love. Love balances Hate. One cannot exist without the other.

Right would not be considered as such if there were no Wrong.
Wrong could not be considered as such if there were no Right.

What causes someone to Love?
What causes someone to Hate?
Without Love, the understanding of Hate could certainly not be understood at all.

What makes something Right or Wrong?
If one is not present, the other could not make its presence known.

These my fellow dreamers, they are things of balance. One without the other ceases to be the thing that it represents. Without Darkness, Light would only shine always bright which could result in the loss of sight. In Darkness, our dreams would become so dark that we would become blind and unable to see without Light. This is balance. You may not understand this but Darkness and Light can each be considered chaotic, disorganized, or even turbulent. Either one of these by itself can be consistent, orderly and structured.

Light can guide you to wherever you decide to go.
Light can be blindingly disruptive, hindering you from your journey.
Darkness can disrupt your sight, hindering you from your journey.
Darkness can keep you safe and hidden from your enemy.

Balance can be found in many things. So tell me dreamers, do you seek structure or do you seek disorder? It is almost impossible to have one without the other. So what should you do? Accept them both. Both of them have possibilities:

Good / Evil
Left / Right
Night / Day
Cold / Hot
Strong / Weak
Wrong / Right
Chaos / Unity / Neutrality.

In neutrality is where the Shadow is known to dwell. A combination of both Darkness and Light is the makeup of Shadow. Balance is the foundation of Shadow. It is the acceptance and action of all possibilities. Each of us have choices that we face.

What will you choose?
~Belom Shadowkin, Master Scryer, Prophet
Origin: Idoaclese
Focus: Insight/DreamSeer
Home: Monastery of Shadow
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