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The Trial Of The Wise

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The Trial Of The Wise

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The Trial Of The Wise
by Belom

Galapath was not the only dreamer who had seen it. There were some who had. None of them had anything to say when the judgment day had come however and Galapath found himself alone in the defense of the City. He knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was right. Others did too but their fear kept them silent.

Daetrix and Innobahv had entered the Seat of Judgment that morning with a look of triumph on their faces. Galapath sat alone in the seat of the the accused. He had done nothing to deserve such awful treatment. He had just found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Innobahv had been born of a wealth and was well liked in the City and his best friend Daetrix, though he has been known to do the wrong thing on countless occasions always seemed to have his buddy Innobahv come and rescue him from the trouble he always seemed to get himself into.

When the elder entered the Seat of Judgment inside the Citadel, the room fell silent and he began to speak, "Dreamers, we have all gathered here on this day to hear the statement of the accused." The crowd remained silent as he continued his speech. "Let me see here.. Ah, Galapath? Truly this must be a mistake." He paused and looked around until he locking his eyes upon the accused.

Galapath sat silently and not knowing what to do he stared back at the elder in confidence of his innocence. The elder looked away only for a moment from Galapath and it seemed as if his gaze had gone right to the place that Daetrix and Innobahv were seated. Galapath watched the elder closely as he read over the scrolls brought to him by the accusers.

"The crime of misuse of the Arts is at play here. I am told by those accusing that this young man Galapath," he paused to look back at the young man and continued, "can be placed at the scene of the crime. It is noted there were no witnesses to this wrong doing so today we shall find out the truth." The crowd shuffles a bit and chatter fills the hall of the Seat of Judgment until the elder speaks again, this time loudly and in a booming voice, "SILENCE!" Almost instantaneously, the crowd became silent and the elder spoke once more saying, "Bring in the Scryer."

Innobahv and Daetrix exchanged glances and the look of fear could be immediately seen on their faces. Galapath watched the elder as the Scryer made his way to the center of the room. The elder was not however watching the Scryer. His eyes seemed to have been focused on the two boys who had once displayed the look of innocence upon their faces. This all seemed to have changed as soon as the elder had called for the Scryer.

The elder moved his gaze to the Scryer in question and asks him, "Scryer, you know that date and the time in question. Show us the path of Galapath, I think it is best if we see what happened through his own eyes." The Scryer, silently agrees to do what the elder had asked, he then turns to look at Galapath and motions him to join him at the rooms center. The young man looks at him in confusion and then he looks up at the elder. The elder gave Galapath a nod and directed him to do whatever the Scryer asked of him.

The room felt heavy and those that were gathered began to cry out saying things like, "The Scryer is not needed! The boy is guilty!" Voices could be heard all around the room, discussing their own personal view of how the whole situation went down.

The chatter lasted only briefly when the elder cried out again in that same booming voice, "SILENCE, YOU WILL CEASE YOUR TONGUES IMMEDIATELY!" The crowd did as the elder commanded and the room felt silent once more. In a calm and collected voice the elder looked to the Scryer and said to him, "Bring up for us to see a vision through the eyes of young Galapath and let us know the truth of the day that Melenkorian was stricken blind and deaf." The Scryer looked up at the elder who stood upon an elevated platform. The Scryer had nodded to the elder and he turned and placed the palm of his right hand upon the forehead of the young man. With his left hand, the Scryer stretched out his arm and with the palm outward, he pointed upwards to the platform in which the elder had stood before moving to take in the vision.

The City began to tremble...

The dreamers gathered had worried looks upon their faces. A darkness fell upon the Seat of Judgment accompanied by a stillness. Silence. There was not a word spoken, not a breath heard as the Scryer began to hum and chant in a language unrecognized by any of the gathered. A strange blue colored glow began to grow in size near the platform where the elder had stood.

This was quite a sight to see. It was not often the Scryer was called in for such cases in misconduct of Arts. It was however at the discretion of the elder to use his services. Galapath was unsure why the elder had chosen the Scryer but he knew that he was innocent and it was the best thing that could have happened for him. Just then, an image of the old man Melenkorian could be seen. There was a boy standing in front of him, teasing him. It was Daetrix. The elder looked over to where Daetrix and Innobahv had been seated but they were not in their place. Suddenly a loud noise filled the room, 'CLICK'. The portals of exits ceased to spin. Innobahv and Daetrix were escorted back to their seats by the men of the Elder Guard. The elder looked upon the two boys.

All of the dreamers gathered were made witness of what Galapath had seen through his own eyes. The Scrying revealed that Galapath was innocent in all of this. Daetrix had done only part of the wrongdoing however when he deafened the old man. Innobahv had joined his companion just as the deafening had taken its hold on the old dreamer. Innobahv glanced over, looking directly at Galapath, then turning to look at Daetrix. He took no time to calculate what would be done and he then turned to the old man Melenkorian, blinded him and he cursed him in order to wipe away the memory of the incident altogether.

The blue lights then faded and the Scryer released Galapath from his grasp. The elder returned to the place upon the platform once more and he addressed the City of dreamers. "Foolish boys." He looked directly at Innobahv and Daetrix who were immediately detained by the men of the Elder Guard. "Foolish dreamers." He looked into the crowd and saw the shocked looks upon their faces. "Foolish are those of you who knew that Galapath was right in what he said to you. Yes, that's right. I was with the Scryer prior to any of this. I knew already what had transpired. It saddens me that you would side with power rather then take sides with the one who is right. Ask yourselves, is it right to condemn one so that another can be absolved of his wrong? I find you all to be dishonorable in my eyes. Not a single one of you stood by Galapath, the innocent. NOT ONE OF YOU. Shame on you dreamers." The room fell silent.

The guilty boys were then taken to the portals, and the 'CLICK' is heard once more. The portals began to spin again and the Elder Guard along with Daetrix and Innobahv leave the Seat of Judgment. The elder speaks once more, "Know this, in your own actions did you choose your own fate. Some of you knew all along that Galapath was telling the truth. You could see it in his eyes. Quite a number of you have great talents and I watch as you just toss them aside and for what? For power? The two boys will be punished, that much is true. As for the rest of you. All teachers are hereby ordered to turn in their halos. You do not deserve to teach. Also, I removing a sphere from each and every one of you."

Screams are heard from the dreamers gathered. Some even fall to the ground in anguish. "This is the price that you have paid so that this young man who had come before me with the truth can receive all of the power that each of you wanted as your own." The elder turns to look at Galapath and the boys eyes widen as a surge of energy began to flow through him. As the quickening reached its end, Galapath looked once more to the elder and he thanked him for what he had done. After Galapath had finished thanking the elder, a shiny rainbow halo began to circle around his own head.


The moral of this story is to simply choose the right side
and above all, tell the truth
~Belom The Scrying Prophet
Origin: Idoaclese
Focus: Insight/DreamSeer
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