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With Highest Praise

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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With Highest Praise

Post by jtbadn »

Dreamers of Underlight,

I wanted to say to all of you that the Scrying event with the Harmonic Tones should not be taken to judge that of either Scrying or Windsong's Tones that she has been using. It is true, visions were seen, things were felt, but again, this is not average for what Scrying normally entails.

Those who took participation, I wanted to take just a moment to thank you. Windsong, with you just being in the room brightens my day. Your work with the harmonics should continue, perhaps... with a different tone we might attempt something like it in the future. Mandus, the use of the Crystal was a very awesome experience and the Study at Fayd's turned out in the end to be the right venue for this event. I am sorry about the candles and the artwork. I am unsure if these things were destroyed, stolen or otherwise but I will offer you anything I can to aid in the retrieval of your talisman.

Thank the gathered who helped in giving up their DreamSoul to help power the Crystal.

With all of this said, there is one more dreamer who managed to step outside of his norm and take note of the event in which I speak. A greater assistant, I don't think I have ever known one. The City itself, each one of us should remove our hats in respect to what this dreamer has done.

If I wore a hat, I would remove it every time you stepped into a room.

Prucis, what you wrote. . . it made me feel as if I were right there again. The cold, came back to me ... the visions reappeared and I could have sworn that I were in that Study with you again, listening to you retell the story of what had happened there.

Prucis, your work is amazingly beneficial to the City of Dreams. Though I am unsure if you will continue to document the events and such within the City, but I know that you hold a sphere quest and I plan to speak with the teacher as I wish to give to you my support for your sphere for the work you had done. Thank you for doing all that you did Prucis. May your dreams remain clear and your mind continue to stay wide open! Thank you again, all of you.
~Belom Shadowkin, Master Scryer, Prophet
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