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Harmonic Visions, as truthfully recounted by Prucis

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Harmonic Visions, as truthfully recounted by Prucis

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In the Sunday dream on the Third of the Eleventh, after the FreeSouls meeting, dreamers gathered in the Study, in Fayd's Fortress, in the Middle Basin of Stars. The assembled to witness and assist with a Scrying vision, led by Belom, assisted by the harmonic resonance of Windsong, using the dreamsoul powered crystal that Mandus created.

Upon a dais in the room the blood-red crystal sat, branches reaching around a bright white crystal in the center, surrounded by candles, arranged around the crystal in the center. Throughout the room many pieces of artwork made by Mandus were stored, some hung, others propped against the walls away from the dais.

The evening began normally enough, with Mandus explaining the operation of the crystal.

The dreamers present were: Belom, Mandus, Aileron, Sadara, Em'et, Brother Timothy, Mengyao, Windsong, Jevik Bane, Tamarisk, Nathan, Dar'Cannon, and your humble narrator, Prucis.

Using the crystal of Mandus' design, dreamers all took candles, and infused them with the power of their own DreamSoul. Belom explained what was to come, that dreamers of the Temple will assist in tuning the crystal to focus his Scrying powers.

With the candles infused with DreamSoul surrounding the crystal, and Belom ready, Windsong began testing her tuning forks, adding more to the sound. The crystal quickly began to imitate the sounds that Windsong created, to ken on the tone filling the room.

The assembled dreamers began to hum along with the tone of Windsong and the crystal, adding a resounding resonance throughout the room. Belom seemed to flag for a moment, almost as though the storms had taken him, but his head began to move again, slowly.

Cold. The room went cold, flowing from the crystal in waves, chilling the bones of all the assembled dreamers.

Belom called out, "It is like Ice... It runs through my veins.a" and falls to his knees.

The cold that filled the room drained dreamers, like a miasma the waves of chill air slowing all their movements to the barest of speed. Those who were nearest the crystal felt its effects most acutely, and dear reader believe me when I say that my poor joints have yet to lose that grave's chill..

As the chill spread throughout the room, deepening and frosting all it touched, Belom fell to the ground beside the crystal, seeming as he may have lost all connection to his form. Just when your narrator feared that Belom may have been lost to the Chaos, his head shot up and called out my name.



Just then, an arm shot out from the empty space before your narrator. A horrific shape, neither that of Dreamer nor that of a Mare, but a bit of a chaos-fueled fever-dream made manifest in the Dream, tearing through the veil to reach into the order of the Dream. Grasping. Pulling.

With what little strength remained in Belom's form he called out to Windsong to change the frequency of her tones, a cry to break the connection with the chaos that had been tapped into. Windsong, herself weakened by this damnable chill, found more of her tuning forks and altered the tone in the room, disrupting this resonance beyond the crystal.

A scream - a most terrible shriek, that was a cry of the most intense pain but also a hideous laugh, filled the minds of the assembled dreamers. This scream echoed.. and echoed. The thought of it even now brings chill-bumps to my skin.

At the weakening of the connection Belom appeared to regain a measure of strength and control, booming out, "GET OUT OF ME! I COMMAND YOU!"

This utterance seemed to have drained Belom again, as he pulled himself up and could only gently repeat the word "Stop."
Before collapsing again into a catatonic state.

Windsong, grasping and silencing her tuning forks, fell forward as well. All sound ceasing within the room for a moment.

The crystal began to shine brightly, brighter than ever before, and issued forth a blinding flash and deafening crack.

The dreamers were temporarily struck blind and deaf by the crystal's explosion of light and sound.

As the shock withdrew from the attending dreamers, Belom awoke:

"A vision of ill will has befallen me, Dreamers of Underlight."
"I saw an arm... with a claw.. it snatched away a dreamer from us.. It had a wicked bite. and the venom inside its mouth did glow a putrid green color.. the stench of it was enough to make any dreamer gag and gasp for breath. The Venom."
"half pain... half laughter... it echoes in my mind... it echoes... echoes..."
Belom stopped recounting his vision, "Someone approaches."

Another dreamer arrives, unknown to this narrator - nor in fact any of the assembled, his appearance as the stars of Evernight wrapped about him, with twin bright orbs (suns?) where any other dreamer's eyes would be. "...Resonation," He speaks.

Belom invites him to the crystal, "Come closer dreamer. Tell us what you feel... Tell us what you see... what you hear..."

Eldenus Titanul, the dreamer wearing stars about his form, "I am have gazed into infinite chronology of Gerriel Endeth's shining intellect." As he approached the crystal his form seemed to change, mimicking the crystal, taking on the blood red hues found there, "These vapors of prophetic power called to me from the outer dark..."

Belom asks, "What is it that brought you here, dreamer? What is it that draws near to our City... I can feel it, other too. Can you tell us?"

In a haunting voice the new form responded, "Since the Primordial Font's first and greatest revelation, that the mists of fate are at hand. The spectral mist from this resonant fills my soul to overflowing."

"The mists," Belom repeats, "Like that which I have seen in my visions. The mists of fate!"

"Fate, foreshadowed in the mists have stirred the creature of the dark. It believing, that you ignoble blood taints the soils of these lands," said the dreamer-of-stars.

Mandus "Dagroneth... He couldn't be real..."

He turned to Mandus, stars moving about his clothing, "It's dark thirst is slaked. Do you trust what you see in the mist?"

Mandus, looking to Belom for support, uncertainly said, "I don't know."

"The mist conceals and then reveals"

Belom says "What I have seen in the mists it is vile.. unnerving... chaotic. But not all of what I have seen is this.."

The form interrupted him, "Await the day... Time will tell... A power concealed." And faded from the dream.

Madam Windsong stated "Why am I not surprised we just ended up with more questions than answers?"

"It usually happens when we are on to something big," responded Sadara to Windsong with a nod.

Belom addressed the dreamers who had witnessed what just transpired, "In no way did myself, Mandus, Windsong, Prucis or any other dreamers conspire to make this happen. This tuning however... may need some adjustments if we are to attempt this again. Never have I felt this when Scrying." He gestured to the crystal, "The future is of the Shadow dreamers. We will not know what is coming until it arrives. Scrying is merely a tool to be used to catch a glimpse of what might come."

"We.. may need to speak to that being again," stated Mandus.

Belom nodded to Mandus, taking Windsong's hand, "Nevertheless Mandus, this is not the last time that we will see him, He will come ... again.. .and again, he will."

As your kind writer looked about, he noted that the candles used to power the crystal had all disappeared. In addition, the paintings which Mandus had kept in the room were swept away as well.

One may presume that the candles powering the crystal were consumed in the scrying, but what became of his artwork?

Perhaps Windsong said it best...

"Why am I not surprised we just ended up with more questions than answers?"

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