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Anelinde's Prison Dig/ Medallion Forging Side Project

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Anelinde's Prison Dig/ Medallion Forging Side Project

Post by Sadara » Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:30 am

A small piece of purple paper lays on the ground with a small notation.

The dig at Andelinde's Prison was a success! Mandus, Aileron, Grimleigh and I worked rather quickly in digging up the broken pieces of Grimleigh's medallion. A knotted chain, and two pieces of a nice medallion. The medallion she told us was given to her by her mother. And was taken from her by the Coven. This is a rather nice side project that Aileron, Mandus and I hope to accomplish with some aid! Looks like im going to need to reach out to some influential dreamers and elders for this one. The metal seems to be one i've never worked with. This will be an interesting one, yet we all decided that we want to bring some joy to a nice lovely girl! -{S}
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