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Pages of Prophecy: One

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Pages of Prophecy: One

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Greeting again Dreamers,

I tend to peregrinate here and there and can often be found wandering aimlessly about the planes.

If I were asked, ‘Prophet, why do you wander about so?’ I would simply respond that I am led to each place and there is a reason why I tarry longer at one place or the next.

If the question was, ‘Prophet, How are you able to foresee the things that are yet unseen?’ Then I would answer, that it is likely due to the pedagogy that has been instilled within me upon my shardic home. Before becoming Pellaru, a mystic race known on my shard, we are taught very young in regard to the workings of the mind and spirit. As children we become galvanized to all matter of non ordinary things. Many of the Pellaru develop the eidetic mind where others are fastidious in other areas.

Know This:
I have no intentions of prevarication or beguilement in the messages that are yet to be foretold unto you. I would humbly ask any of you to seek me out so that we might speak openly and plainly, one to another, in case of personal involvement of certain situations. Neither is it my aim to display ambivalence or any form of disrespect to any dreamer, Maren, focus, rank, beliefs or otherwise. Please do not think me rarefied if I keep my distance at times from our active community in the City. I am in no way devising any sort of machinations or artful plots containing chaotic outcome. I desire to assist all in hopes to return unto each one of you the peace and balance that is deserved.

It is my honor to serve the City in this manner.


Just as you read over the last line of the text written by the Prophet, the room around you begins to spin. A dense fog begins to fill the area around you and the voice of Belom is heard. Speaking in a booming voice, you hear....

There is an entity that will make its way to the City and it will bring with it blasphemy and its aim is only to deceive you. Keep watch for this impostor for he will sow the seeds of lies in order to give power back to the Darkness. Be mindful of your conversations with dreamers unknown as they are liable to bring an end to your dreams.
Thoughts dance in your mind as the fog begins to lift. You are left with the feeling that something of ill nature makes its way to the City of Dreams.
~Belom Shadowkin, Master Scryer, Prophet
Origin: Idoaclese
Focus: Insight/DreamSeer
Home: Monastery of Shadow
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