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The Mantic

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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The Mantic

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Most of you know me as Belom. Some know me as Scryer. I have been called these things and it is likely that I will still be called these things long after I am gone. I have had some experience, over the last few months, which feels more like an evolution, in part. I inadvertently had sent out a beacon to the Shadow and now in my dreams, the Shadow follows and watches me. The Shadow tells me many things, secret things, but not all of them are mine to hold forever.

It is true that I am able to foresee some future events and sometimes I have found that I just know things before they happen. Often, I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Some of you may have already experienced this with me firsthand.

Although you might not think it, upon my shardic home, I am hundreds of years old. My people are taught at a young age to begin honing their skills of the mind, the spirit and their connection with nature. The City is an extension of the mind so when I dream in the City, I do the same things that I do while outside the City of Dreams. There is no difference.

I cannot see all things and it pains me to see so many dreamers missing from the City. Has there been another merging to another City and only some of us were chosen to take this venture? That is something that I do not know yet. What I do know however is there is a great work about to be uncovered within the City of Dreams. There are places in the City hidden and unseen by many dreamers and the things that you might find in those places would certainly raise a lot more than a brow.

The portal to the Chimeric just appeared one day, rather ominously upon the facades of the eight great houses. It is meant as a foreshadow, a foreboding of what is to come. Not only it, many things that are passed by often, yet still unseen. Over the past few dreams, I feel that I have been gifted with the Mantic Arts.

My aim is to be utilized to aide the City, the Dreamers, the history, the lore and all that transpires in each of our dreams here. As Prophet, I make it my vow to keep the memories of the City alive and also, to play my role in the formation of memories yet to be made. I am no different from the Scryer Belom that you already know, but parts of me, in my own mind... are different. I feel different now than I had before.

I give my word to all of you that when I am given a vision of what might come, I will share as much of the details as I am able to recall with all of you. Please do not think of me as a fortune teller or someone who can tell you your individual future because that is not what the Mantic Arts are for. These Arts allow me to understand things that would not normally be comprehensible or accessible to me personally.


The veil becomes thinner with each tick that the clock makes.

The time draws near where our minds will begin to open up to this great expanse.

Hearken unto my words, Dreamers of the Underlight.

"Will you be ready?"
~Belom Shadowkin, Master Scryer, Prophet
Origin: Idoaclese
Focus: Insight/DreamSeer
Home: Monastery of Shadow
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