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Archive of the Convergence Museum

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Archive of the Convergence Museum

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This is an archive of the Convergence Museum from before the Newly Invasion and the museum was looted.

Convergence Museum

Main Hall

Teal Azure Artifax
A status of a female dreamer hewn from pure Insight, small sparkles emitting off it. The woman is short, her long curls piled upon her heads. A mischievous smile lies across her lips.

The Staff is approximately 3 feet long and made of gold. It has a large heart shaped ruby, about the size of an adult's palm embedded in the top. This being held in place by the miniature figurines of male and female avatars that look like they are reaching around the stone to try and touch hands with each other.

A metal chamber, with several slots and windowed openings. Turning gears are attached along the corners. A nearly hidden button can be found on one side. When pressed, the device closes in on itself, lowering the inner spikes to hover just above the spongy bottom. Cut wires hang randomly around the exterior, as if they were detached from something. }->

A dark abyss blade with a glowing lightning bolt down its center. The abyss steel edge seems to move eerily about as if made of liquid.

Blood Fire Artifax
A statuette of Kaer GeRRoZ stands before you. Burning flames without heat erupt and permeate without burning. Burning pockets of bubbling lava dance with activity on its face and down its skin. Finicking with the right arm, the circular halo turns Night. Adjusting the left arm turns the halo Gold. Every few moments, the skin changes from burning blood and fires to a once familiar tan colour, quickly changing back to its current iteration. The heat emanating from the figuring intensifies at night.

A piece of a scroll torn on both sides. It reads “wearing down our numbers, the leaders of our focal guild were each developing a weapon to defeat Agonarius. We attempted to use the weapons many... " the rest is torn off.

Asmodan was a lyran dreamer who sought to become the Dark Lord of the Shadow. Determined to tear down all who threatened his tyrannical reign, he gained the art of Dreamstrike through the kidnapping and abuse of the daughter Turgin Lambent, who possessed the Dark Elixer of Turgin. His path was one filled with war, all to have complete control over the City. Though the man is no longer, his heart remains as the prime artifact of the house he once held at the end of the Umbric Plains The Heart of Shadow.

A dark obsidian ring, polished smooth. No light reflects off of its surface, yet faint images seem to dance within like memories of a long-forgotten past. The image of a dark-haired woman smiles, echoes of an unfamiliar nostalgia carried along in the warmth on her face. Friendship and love fade to regret, before vanishing entirely.

Delicate bands of gold latch tightly on their own accord, protecting the bearer from enemy attacks. The circular jewel located within its center sparkles with brilliant streams of blood tinted light.

Azure Abyss Compendium
Crafted from pitch black obsidian, this box seems rather crudely crafted at first. The surface is bumpy as though it was carved then melted, the three peg feet at the bottom holding it steady. The front has a symbol, appearing to be a combination of the AoE, GoE, and OOSM crests, then painted in with blue paint. Opening it reveals a resilient filter along the top of the bottom half, and a small orb of many colors sitting below it. The inside is painted to look like the orb is moving.

Blood Fire Compendium
A miniature replica, about 6 inches wide and deep, of the Fortress of Flame completely to scale. Four steel walls form a square with a round tower at each corner. Poles rising up from each of the towers with rapidly spinning propellers cause this object to levitate.

Earth Plum Artifax
Made of heavy onyx, this talisman is a clear replica of an Idoaclesian staple Vampyro's Cycloynx. The base is wide with the pyramid-shaped chunk of onyx being totally smooth throughout. Five magnetic gems circle the top of the figure and go in circles, based upon the direction of the wind wherever it rests. A brief description, paying homage to those who helped in it's creation as well as the forging apparatus it houses is underneath the base.

Gallery of Horrors

This weapon appears to the untrained eye as nothing more than a beautifully crafted lady's fan, its brocade fabric embroidered with metallic serpents. However, with proper grip one may notice that an icy rime spreads over the body of the fan shifting in form to not only obscure the shape of the fan itself but form the new shape of a wicked dagger. Its true purpose now exposed; the embroidered serpents seem to beg for release from their icy prison causing caustic rivulets to leech out near the daggers tip.

Berry Chakram
A small, dead halo of Resilience. The lights have all but died, years of neglect apparent. Every once in a while, the tiniest bit tries to shine brightly...it cannot muster strength, and simply fades.

Crest BoC
A shattered Ruler's crest of the Barrows Stronghold, years of dust have been recently polished off hastily. A labored, intermittent trickle of blood drips from the crack down the middle, evaporating in a scant black cloud before it touches the ground.

A staff carved out of white oak. Unknown symbols are etched throughout the entirety, with stripes of color staining portions at random. A skull impaled at the very top holds a lit candle, with wax melting down into the eye sockets and nose cavity.

Once she revealed the garden, others were impressed with the work that was done, and some even went to work planting new plants and flowers almost immediately. Sarah was pleased with the job she had done and pleased that she had been able to keep it a secret until it was done.

It took her several weeks of tilling and planting, and replanting to finally complete the garden, she only worked the garden when she knew that sense dreamer could not hinder her plans, so that she could keep herself and the garden hidden from everyone else.

Her garden was one that would honor dreamers who had passed, or left the city, as well as honor those who were in the city and had made major contributions to the betterment of the city. This was her main reason for trying to keep it hidden until it was completed. She did not want anyone to influence her views of who should and should not be honored with a plant in the garden. She had plans of leaving an area open for others to plant once she had the main garden completed.

Sarah wanted to create a secret garden on Evernight, one that she could share with others once it was completed, but during its creation she did not want to be bothered. She figured if she was smart, she could mindblank and no one would find her, which was good when the city was abuzz with dreamers and activity.

A backdrop of blood and abyss seem to almost meld together. A home is off in the distance on fire near the horizon line. Next to the home almost transparent is a feminine figure. Closer up, a child on it's stomach, hands outstretched in front of him, fingers stained with dirt. Near the child's left is a forest of deep greens and blacks. The bottom of the painting is painted to look like scorch marks as if a flame licked it. The painting rests in a frame, hinged on the right side. Another painting attached

An urban backdrop is painted in the background. Small dots that get bigger as the eye gets closer to the foreground turning into figures of people. At the bottom center of the picture is a long wooden table, scrolls, weapons of all likes, and coins strewn about. Four figures sit at the table, their faces obscured except for the eyes that look to their right. A man, sitting in on his own, long brown hair, blood eyes and a smirk. He holds in one arm a body, bleeding from the neck while in its back a knife.

The whole painting is covered in flames from the top to the bottom. Inside the flame’s shadows seem to dance almost moving on their own. Each shadow has a trail of red that pools at the bottom of them. Not too far off in the distance a man, holding his head, hands dug into his hair, eyes bloodshot and crazed. His body is contorted, and his body is half leaning off the side of a cliff, mouth open as if he is screaming. At the bottom more shadows, each with symbols on them you cannot understand.

Hall of Relics and Curios

((A group of four middle-aged individuals, two men and two women are seated around a bonfire under a night-time sky; a moon waning above. Two of the individuals look to be singing some kind of hymm, while the others pass food between each other as they talk. There is a look of bittersweet sadness in their eyes. In the center of the fire, a few artifacts can be discerned a necklace, a staff, a hairpin.))

A small golden ring with runes of an unknown language etched around its surface. A perfectly clear gemstone is held in the center, made of pure Willpower.

Blood Plum Artifax
A n object that looks worn yet new, it displays hopes to be realized, in transition of form, worn yet fresh. Suggestions of possible things tease the vision looking at it. IT looks like a blossom bud

Plum Azure Alteror
A dusty bottle of a thick liquid. The faded label appears to describe the noxious contents of the bottle. Were those eyeballs? Scraps of brain tissue? Oh... go ahead and have a belt. What's the worst that could happen??? ~L~

A small silken pouch with golden strings lays in your hand. You pull at them and the bag opens freeing a small golden halo. lt bursts from its constrains zipping around the room leaving a trail of golden sparkles in its wake, full of energy and eagerness to bestow on any who are will to do the quest set before them to gain the rewards they seek. Will you be the first of many! ~l~

Blood Chalk Charm
A polished porcelain fragment of what could be a larger mask. This section bears opening that might fit over an eye and material enough to softly curve down and over most of one cheek. The outer edge of the fragment is smooth while those towards the inside edge give sign of violent sundering.

Teal Chalk Artifax
A tall narrow necked, wide-based, angular crystalline bottle engraved with small butterflies barely holds the prismatic liquid within it. Shimmers of elemental colours earth, fire, chalk, azure and berry swirl as the light catches them.

Earth Beige Compendium
This heavy book has an unusual thickness to the cover and is bound with aged leather. Small animal bones are attached to the front, surrounding the center glass piece encased into the cover. Within the circular piece is an eyeball, bobbing in a preserving liquid. The pages inside carry accumulated dust and a musty smell. Foreign lettering and symbols ink the pages. A single page is missing, with some of the torn remainder left behind.

Azure Abyss Compendium
This is a painting done in rapid strokes of a man's pale face, his eyes wide in what looks like a mix of pain and... joy? Behind him is the blackness of obsidian, shimmering in pale blue. The open mouth of his fiery haired man is wide open, as if screaming, a rainbow gem in his ear contrasting against the hues of the painting.

The people of Thyrae attain awakening by submitting themselves to near death experiences through means that are individual and varied in nature. They believe that upon achieving awakening, their soul is torn in two parts, one that has known death, and one that has known awakening. They carry gems that they believe contain the part of their soul that has died in order for the other to awaken.

Fire Abyss Codex
A page torn from the Codex of Immortal Dreams, cryptic runes are written across the page and glow with a golden light. Three holes were placed in the top of the page which have delicate iron rings placed within them.

Chalk Abyss Codex
A worn codex page frayed along the edges. A cipher of glowing white runes covers the page. On the top of the page are three holes, each surrounded by a delicate iron circle.

Abyss Night Talisman
A tattered codex page, the parchment showing signs of age. Written upon the page are runes which glow with a red light. At the top of the page are three holes, spaced evenly apart with iron rings set into them.
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