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☼ Teaching Roundtable ☼

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☼ Teaching Roundtable ☼

Post by Tentacle » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:57 pm

☼ Teaching Roundtable ☼

Who: All Elder Pedagogues, Master Teachers, Teachers and Apprentices

When: Weekly, Tuesday, 4 pm DT

Where: Apprentice's Study

Why: Continuing and collaborative education.

All of those with established positions are encouraged to assist with the training of those who are a part of the cities Apprenticeship program. Working together, we can help to ensure that Apprentices receive a dynamic experience and continue in their work with a suitable amount of momentum. None of us are islands. We must always be working on fine-tuning our skills and adapting to our ever-changing environment.

Please do your best to arrive on time for the gathering. If The Matron is not in attendance, it is expected that Apprentice's participating in the program will have Sample Tasks prepared. These tasks should be organized neatly for future review by their Official Mentor and Akkadian. Apprentices are encouraged to work together to share and review their work amongst their peers. If you're not willing to work, do not expect a reward.

☼ The Matron ☼
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