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Welcome Center Update

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Welcome Center Update

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September 2019

Welcome Center is always accepting donations. You will see new banners in the community caches where you can put items for newer dreamers There are three rooms for this purpose The Welcome Center's main room and the Chamber of Unification also in lower Umbric Lothordolric's Cistern.

Suggested items minimums: Alterors 10 to 20 minutes, Elemens 10-30, Chakrams unsphered or first sphere, shields purple earth tones

New Dreamers
Asena CuSith, boykisser GK, Dynwan, Hotdogdude FS, Razzy GK, Rutilas FS

Returning Dreamers
Toregord (GK), Galeli (FS), Yae (DS), Seidy (GK), Serveiron (DS)

Teaching Elders
Akkaddian, Princess Rivin, Coro Myst, Davina,

Master Teachers
Aileron, Jade, LadySilver, Magnilia, OffKilter, Purple Lace, Tamarisk

Jade, OffKilter, Magnilia, Tamarisk

Mare Alert
Dark Mares Azulayf, Picco, Ssun-Kith Annibuul, Spika, Zirobolus and for Day Mares rikor
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