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Journal's Entry #1

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Journal's Entry #1

Post by -Lacie- »

The Journal stirred inside her pack like a firefly in a jar, bumping against the sides, trying to find any slight imperfection to use as an escape hatch, but to no avail. It was, however, Becoming, so perhaps different thinking was required. The Lost Page fragments must be found, found soon, and put back together, so that it could complete the process. It was the only way it knew that it ~might~ be able to stop her. So, thinking outside the Box, in the most unliteral fashion, the Journal considered....

The Journal's notes looked more like clues:

"Well, she wrote over the next few pages, so trying to see what was etched earlier won't do..."

"The pieces are in the City, so that's a plus. At least she didn't burn the Page. Tearing it means repair is possible."

"Parchment cannot be folded more than 7 times."

"They will look to settle in places that won't kill them."

"She has so much energy, she'll probably reward for their return."

As the words settled and seemed to dry on the parchment, they then faded as if they had cast Invisibility. Only with a light breath can even the suggestion of their existence can be more felt, than Seen.

Screchethan Kabal

No way to slow down...
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