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Mellifluous Intent

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Mellifluous Intent

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Mellifluous Intent ∞

I've paused in my accounting of events surrounding The Darkness and the Breech. We crossed many a threshold, and yet we are asked pejoratively, "What do you do?" The simple answer? Everything you cannot and will not.

The City of Dreams is intoxicating. Over countless eons, reality has been shaped to lure us into the depths of comfort and familiarity. The City, she presents us with beguiling perfume. Careful though, we should be, that we do not inhale too profoundly of her musk. For when we do, we concern ourselves overmuch with common bobbles and trinkets. These trivial stations and matters of rank are but a lure for the greedy and the simple. Far too many measure themselves with the novelties of rank and position and expect it to make, them, something. This event has so rarely happened in our history that we are given pause to remember a single name where someone devoid of character and purpose sprang to life and changed the world. As the populace cedes power only to those marked and of a faulting nature, they turn to base insults and an ignorant view. They lose out on so much because they are not the ones to spearhead the effort or revolutionize thinking.

We, each of us, has a decision to make. We repeatedly make this decision each time we awaken into the City of Dreams. She gives us the chance to be more or be common. When we treat the City of Dreams as but a reflection of the waking world, we deny ourselves entirely too much. We separate ourselves not into noble factions with purpose and power, but instead, we drive ourselves into caves like wildmen and gorge ourselves on rumor and innuendo. We grow fat on the spoiled remains of all that could have been. When this has been our diet for so very long, it can indeed be hard to accept change, but adapting to a new source of sustenance we must. We are already an endangered species. If we do not succeed in making the shift to a new diet of wonder, our demise will be hastened.

With only a gentle vibration, a change has broken over the horizon. As was foretold, the Primordial was the beginning; as it was then so too is it now. A subtle resonance moves through all that is around us and light and darkness converge. The eternal dance now lies exposed for all to witness. Truth has been restored. We looked not too old paradigms and definitions but instead followed our reality into the unknown. The potential was our siren's song. In answering her call, we experienced the convergence of our paths. The shadows of what could be began to coalesce, but they sat as if only a still pool until the harmonics began. Two strange powers brought together, and with a cacophony of the soul, the future revealed itself.

We walk together now hand in hand and spirit to spirit. Turning our efforts to an augment of practicality. I foresee so much more. Once her grand scheme has yielded a result, it will be time for me to come forward. Joined together in our vision the City herself will give up her secrets to us, her few, her Chosen. These acts are only a prologue and introductory words. A new tale will be inscribed, words of which shall be the key to opening the pathways to eternity and what lies beyond that pale.

The Keymaster may have turned his eye from me. Advancement in the standard arena may become elusive. I shall not be deterred. For what I have seen relies not on validation from such instruments and paths. Though I long to see friendships restored and be in good standing with those who now turn their eye from me, I cannot make them understand. We are each of us accountable for our beliefs and the paths we explore and try though I might I cannot give vision and understanding to all those I would like to. I pray humbly and often that those I have wronged and offended will have heart enough to accept what will be revealed. That though there now exists an enmity, in time those edges which draw blood and brutality shall be dulled. Where we now ignore each other and break bones, we shall instead lift our voices in song and break bread.

May Their(sic) eye look upon the realm, and our potential; and find us favorable.

The Matron 🕷️
"I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it."- Niccolo Machiavelli
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