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Genning Tips

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Genning Tips

Post by Elryck » Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:43 pm

Genning tips for new and returning dreamers. A public service supplied by your friends at the Alliance of the Eclipse.
Over the last week I have been involved in project to compare the new generators, see if training them was still possible, and the mix of items each gen produced.
‘I will break this down by Plane/Gen spot. Each Gen was visited for at least 2 hours and items were recorded. This research will continue, so for now it is only item, no Foci or cursed research yet, but coming.

Plane / Generator Room / Time Elemens Shields Chaks Alterors Charms
Threshold Caves – Right Wing – 2 hours 4 5 5 7 0
Albino Caves – Ivory Palace – 3 hours 8 7 7 13 0
AOE House Gen – Main Façade - 3 hours 12 6 5 13 0
Breach – Dreamforge – 3.5 hours 4 10 12 14 0
TOTALS – 11. 5 hours spent genning 28 27 29 47 0

Of those totals, even though it is supposed to be random, it seems these Gens prefer Alterors by a large margin. With the other Chaks, Elems, and Shields all equal. Charms it seems are incredibly rare at these gens, Elemental Masses as well.
Resilience Elemens are the rarest, with Dreamseer Elemens being the most common.
Chaks were generally equal in foci and power at each gen.
  • Primordial Breach as far as quality is the best of these 4, with a triple Generator, and very easily trained.

    House AoE has two generators in the facade with fairly good quality chaks and elems, so another good spot for AoE and guests.

    Albino, if memory serves me correct, is much better quality now, and there is a Shamblix in the room as well, so good for energy and items. I did not include the items that dropped from the Sham, but they were all very good quality.

    Threshold Cave, I genned when the Agoknight disappeared mysteriously, and most of the times were of newly quality, and a side note the Ago drops decent newly items to, a good spot for all the cities newly helpers.
This will be added to, modified and quantified with more detailed data, but this is a very good starting point on where to go and what to expect.

Thank you and feel free to add your own research as well.

Elryck and all of AoE

((Formatting is messing up, table is correct when editing, but when published is gets messed up, will work on it.))


More data from the Dreamforge.

There are 5 gens in a line, not just 3 as I previously thought.

Time: 1.5 Hours

Alts -27
Elems - 23
Chaks - 25
Shields - 23
Charms - 0

Almost dead even with alts being only slightly higher then the others. But if you look at the totals thus far:

Alts - 74
Elems - 51
Chaks - 54
Shields - 50
Charms - 0
  • Charms remain the rarest item.
  • Resilience Elems are still the rarest Elem.
  • Alterors are generated more than the others.
My hypothesis is that since Alterors have the largest variance of effects, including negative, they appear more because there are more of them. So that should explain the 20 percent variance.

Thank you to Stellaris and Windsong for their invaluable help on this.

El and all of AoE
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