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Speak Out the Voices of the City August 13th

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Speak Out the Voices of the City August 13th

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Speak Up
An event that was tried earlier in the day to get in some of us that aren't around later. The idea is to sharing information. It could be a poem, a story, a memory, some current information, a bit of teaching anything you want to share.

Today what was shared is the following

A legend was written by myself

Art Check
Some boots are harder to fill than others. He wasn't a huge man but he walked with a step of confidence and had a presence about him. His name was William, William Powers. He carried a war hammer slung across his back always within reach for a cause. He traveled the dream with a song as he hummed to himself to pass the time Always quick with a wave and smile. He had a habit of walking into a crowd and stomping his foot making the ground shake and they would dance. Annoyed the elder decided to make it so there was a way to avoid his command performances in using their arts. William was pleased as he felt he could remind others to art up and be ready for anything. So as time passed he would always check to see who had their arts on with a request they dance. He was later responsible for the art aptly named Dreamquake

Who is who in the mare world that has been sen in the past month or so (Thanks Hrrum!)

List of Dark Mares Azulayf, Picco, Ssun-Kith Annibuul, Spika...Etchen Knight and Etchen General and for day mares I know rikor has been seen.

Art Mechanics Stacking and Erosion explained

You ever have that feeling where did my effect art go. I thought I had more time. You might have but now things don't stack up as we might expect.
First, evoke, is always full duration. Of whatever you're using. FA, RF, whatever.
Second, evoke, and EVERY EVOKE AFTER or Alteror use, or whatever -- is halved. FA gives 5 minutes? First evoke 5 minutes, second evoke is 2.5, third evoke is 2.5, and so on.

When you evoke an offensive art, it strips away a duration of the protection equal to THREE times the duration your art WOULD have applied. So Scare 50 applies 24 seconds of Scare, it strips away 72 seconds of Resist Fear.

Finally, we all shared some advice

My favorite don't run with your pack open. You cannot see who is in the room.
Elryck Von-Bek always identify items before using if you can
Hrrum Codex of Learning are great conversation starters
Stellaris ask for help and look around there are faces in trees. (there are hidden images throughout the City. What can you find?)
Zaztann The canyons are a dark and scary place
Eirikr Stay disciplined and take pride in your arts, keep them well maintained even minor ones, for that, may come up in a quest. Be sure to apply certain ones before you leave a sanctuary and if it suits you take pride in your combat and dueling and sometimes a portal isn't a portal.

Thanks to Elryck Von-Bek for the closing blessing his performing an ancient Soulmaster healing ritual.

It was a lot of fun and everyone was great. We will be planning more things soon. ~Lady Silver
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