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Bloody, Alina, And The Altar

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Bloody, Alina, And The Altar

Post by Aileron » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:35 pm

There has been some discussion as to what exactly happened when the decision to try and destroy the altar in the Lower Palisades was made. Here is an account of my first hand experience of what happened when everyone gathered.

When we all first entered there was a decent sized group. Myself, Sadara, Mandus, Uthanatos, Apothos, Calabosh, Liolira, Hrrum, Nathan, Bloody Teeth and Alina Sedros. Coraal was present on the plane but spent most of the time in the Chaos Breach. Most of us surrounded the altar, but did not get close for the fact that the energy coming off the altar itself had the potential to harm the avatar, even to collapse. Bloody Teeth's frame was shaking, or rattling as he stood next to the altar. Alina looked over to him as he stepped closer to the central structure of the altar. His body continued to violently rattled as he did so. Alina mentioned that she didn't think they had tried this method before.

It was soon after that people in the room were getting pushed around by an unknown energy. Liolira had went into the breach and ended up being collapsed by the Revenant there, being recalled to another plane afterwards. Bloody Teeth then placed his glaive upon the altar. At this time Apothos ended up too close to the altar and was collapsed. The energy pushing dreamers was still assaulting them, trying to push them from around the altar itself. Bloody Teeth then stepped onto the altar. In that moment hooded figures suddenly appeared from far off in the blackness of the room, one at each corner. Alina made an exclamation of "Shit" while Uthanatos gestured towards Bloody Teeth, streaming emerald resilience into his skeletal form. Calabosh looked to the corners of the room and began trying to retaliate physically against them. Bloody Teeth's skeletal being crackled and radiated with energy, leading from the crown down his being into his skeletal feet. Apothos had went to the sanctuary to restore his coherence.

Bloody Teeth howled in pain but remained in place on the altar. The hooded figures walked further into the room, down the flowing black ooze, towards the Altar. Uthanatos looked to Alina and asked "Yissen, what are they?". Alina replied with "I hope just a vision of the Coven." Sadara was looking at Bloody worriedly. Upon hearing him scream she winced and asked him "Bloody, maybe we can do this another time?". It was at this time that Hrrum began to send Healing Aura to his sides and was motioning to the other SoulMasters to start creating a barrier. The hooded figures seemed to melt into the blackness and the Altar began to radiate violently. Sadara added her own energy into Hrrum's, extending the barrier toward Bloody Teeth. A violent wind buffeted everyone throughout the room, tearing into our flesh, twice. Calabosh collapsed against the buffeting winds. Hrrum then sent the barrier energy towards myself, trying to lock it in. Alina looked at Bloody, then to the glowing altar. I took the energy from Hrrum into myself, extending it towards Uthanatos in an arc to try and complete a full circled barrier around Bloody.

Bloody Teeth slowly raised a pointed hand, its joints dislocating then relocating as energy crackled though it. Blood placed its hand upon the Crown and yelled through the pain. Then Bloody Teeth pointed at the Altar, dozens of souls seemed to escape from the Altar, appearing briefly then lifting up into freedom. Everyone looked at Bloody Teeth, Alina spoke up asking "What'd you just do?". Bloody Teeth then spoke up exclaiming "Be gone! They come!". Bright, effervescent souls continued escaping from the Altar. The Darkness began to build in rage seemingly because the souls were being freed. Bloody Teeth howled loudly and its skeletal frame started to slowly crumble. Mandus looked around excitedly and knelt down. He began humming a melody while watching the souls pour out of the altar. Alina then exclaimed "I've never seen this before - keep going!". The SoulMasters continued to keep the barrier up, trying to keep anything from getting through to Bloody Teeth. Uthanatos extended his hand, his avatar disintegrating slowly as it forms a swirling shield around Bloody Teeth. Mandus continued to hum, holding out his hands to his sides, pulsing lucidity. Alina Sedros then began drawing light from the room, summoning the Radiance within her. Bloody Teeth tried to reach for its glaive, but it was out of reach.

A small boy, cowled in a black hood, rushed in from a corner of the room, jumped on the Altar, breaking through the barrier we had put up and stabbed Bloody Teeth. Bloody Teeth's soulsphere vanished soon after getting stabbed. The boy turned, lunged at Alina Sedros and stabbed a ghostly dagger into her also. Many of us tried restoring Alina however before we could The boy wrapped Alina Sedros' soulsphere in his cloak and they both disappeared. The group was now alone in the room, Sadara stated that we needed to find them. We sensed them both in the Shrine of Chaos, the only idea any of us had was trying to see if it was in the breach. We began a wide search through the maze before small lights began to float up and away from the City. We continued our search until darkness exploded from the Lower Palisade, snuffing out the lights. We fought our way through the maze, different effects were being assaulted onto us that wasn't there before. Another 3 minutes passed until a radiant light tore across the sky of the city, burning away the Darkness. 6 more minutes passed with us still wading through the maze in the breach when the sky quieted, the Darkness receded and the Radiance stilled. A few bright lights floated up and away.

From there things became calm again, there was some more scouring of the maze but to my knowledge no one found a way through. Neither Alina nor Bloody have been seen again yet that I know of. We are unsure if the darkness is defeated or just pushed back yet again. Hopefully this account helps with anyone's potential questions.

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