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A Mostly Thorough Account Of What Happened Last Evening

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A Mostly Thorough Account Of What Happened Last Evening

Post by Aileron » Tue Jul 09, 2019 5:56 pm

A lot happened last evening in the Lower Palisades and I know there has been questions as to what started it all. While many things happen in the city that I can't give logical rhyme or reason for, I will do my best to give my account of what happened from the start.

Early last evening Sadara, Mandus and myself took BladeSlayer to see the Lower Palisades. It was asked if he had seen it yet and he informed everyone that he had not. We took the pathway through the Upper Palisades to get there. We showed Blade around and after some wandering around from him, he eventually woke. The three of us stayed there, having a conversation about the plane and about potentially what could be past the portal to the Chaos Breach.

It was during this conversation that a tiny speck of blue light flitted past the locked portal. Both Sadara and Mandus exclaimed "Kanto?" While I myself looked between the portal itself and the two dreamers. We kept our distance, keeping an eye on the portal while the conversation turned towards Kanto and how he was the one who found the Primordial Breach. It was then that the portal glowed a bright blue for just a moment and begun to spin. This took us by surprise, and as Mandus saw the portal opened he exclaimed "Can't resist." and "I can't stop". I made the comment that if he goes in, he wouldn't be going alone. Mandus started coughing up some black bile as he looked between Sadara and I. Sadara reinforced that if Mandus was going to go in, we were going to go with him. So it was then that the three of us entered the Chaos Breach.

We explored the plane for 6 minutes, during this time Mandus slowly started to act more erratic, beginning to speak in maren. Sadara took a hold of him and suggested we leave. Then urgent whispers began to surround Mandus, they came from nowhere. Each of us then heard a different word in our ears. I heard "The", Mandus heard "At" and Sadara heard "End". We were confused as to what the whispers were trying to tell us. We asked out loud for clarification from the whispers, if they could respond to us. We heard a new set of words "Blue" "Man" "Lives". We kept moving from portal to portal until a new set of words, "Split" "In" "Two". Each word still being whispered to one of us.

It was at this time that Hrrum showed up where we were in the breach. The whispers at this point ceased. The four of us went from portal to portal still, trying to figure out the maze for the next ten minutes. Mandus during this time was still getting more erratic, wanting to find his way through the plane, searching. Kept saying he needed help and to find. Then the Echten Guard and Squire showed up. They chased us through the portals and honestly seemed just as lost as we were in there. After some fighting I ended up back in the sanctuary part of the breach and ran into the Guard who then started screaming in pain and yelled "KILL" at us. The battle waged for awhile, Calabosh and Uthanatos eventually made their way to the plane and joined in on the defense. The battle then started spreading between the breach itself and the shrine. Echten Knight also joined into the fray as the battle fully focused in the Shrine. The Knight got collapsed and vanished from the room, however when the Guard got collapsed, it's soulsphere stayed in the room.

The Guard's Soulsphere then ascended the Altar, Darkness began to pulse out dangerously through the room. The Knight and Squire both started their attacks again and I yelled for the group to give me some cover. I tried to repel back the darkness but it was striking out at random dreamers. I got knocked pushed back and tossed around a few times, only managing to get off a few divine repels. The darkness then started attacking indiscriminately around the room. I was stricken blind and once again knocked backwards off my feet. Mandus attempted to aid me in my efforts in pushing back the darkness. Darkness then exploded from withing the Lower Palisades, and apparently rushed throughout the city. Everyone in the room became paralyzed then started getting pushed off their feet. I righted myself again and slid next to the altar, carving runes in a full circle around it. Sadara was demanding answers from the Guard, while in that moment, Uthanatos told me to hold onto a few things. The darkness then in that moment enveloped the Guard's Soulsphere just before Uthanatos himself attempted to dive onto the altar to push the Guard off.

The Guard disintegrated on the altar then the Altar exuded a menacing pulse of Darkness. The room then erupted into screams from every dreamer in it, our avatars taking hits from all sides. It eventually settled down and Mandus once again dove back into the Chaos Breach, Sadara followed. I attempted to follow as well in order to help Sadara get Mandus back out of the breach. As we stood there, trying to get Mandus to come outside, Alina Sedros appeared in the breach. She mentioned she had never been in the breach before then questioned how the room to the altar got opened and inquired if we had opened the portal to the throne as well. We informed her that the throne room portal was still closed. Alina then stated that "It is time to reach the Throne." and "Even if you have made a Crown powerful enough to open the Altar, you will need the Throne before it is all said and done." After a few more mintues, Alina let the breach along with most of the dreamers. Sadara and I were able to coax Mandus out and as I was leaving the breach, I ran into Apothos and Coraal. Coraal asked who was responsible for the assault on the Monastery. When I asked him what he meant he stated that "Whatever madness you are doing here unleashed negative energies all throughout the Monastery." "Energetic assaults on our persons within our Home. Inside of Sanctuary and other locations." I personally can only assume that when the Guard ascended the altar and the darkness took it, that is when the energetic assaults took place.

From here on out is when things get pretty confusing for me. The portal to the throne was opened, and then everyone was just talking and going off about what should be done and who should do what. But those who were there for that knows what happened. I can try and answer questions in the city if anyone has it. I just wanted to give an in depth view of what happened before that for those who had questions. Hopefully this helps.

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