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Using the Ignore Feature

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Using the Ignore Feature

Post by Koi-Coy » Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:32 pm

We have received several reports recently of players putting each other on "Ignore". The ignore feature is intended to be used only during severe cases of harassment or someone repeatedly going out of character. This should be a temporary measure until the rules enforcement team can investigate the issue. Examples would be someone repeatedly using offensive language, sexual harassment, or someone talking/whispering OOC after being asked to stop.

If someone is breaking one of the rules, please send logs with the date/time the incident took place to abuse@underlight.com so that our rules enforcement team can investigate the issue. Rules enforcement will not investigate if logs or the approximate date/time/location of the incident are not reported. (You don't want them having to dig through all your whispers to figure it out!)

If someone is harassing you outside of the game on discord,facebook, etc., that is out of our scope and you are welcome to block that person on whatever platform they are contacting you on.

Underlight is an immersive game and the whole point is to interact with each other. You will not always like every other character and some may annoy you. It breaks the immersion of the game for not just you and the person you are ignoring, but for others in the game as well. You are welcome to resolve these issues through any appropriate IC means, but the ignore function should not be used for this purpose.
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