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Cancelled ~ Rescheduling A Winter Haven

A small ornate wall dotted with pieces of parchment standing at the gateway to the city.
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Cancelled ~ Rescheduling A Winter Haven

Post by Cianne » Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:49 pm

Cancelling this until a later date.


Dear Dreamers,

It occurred to me some time ago, that although our City of Dreams is incredibly beautiful beyond description, there are no
wintery areas, save for Wishbringer's Ice Palace.

It also got me to thinking that perhaps with the gift bestowed upon me by my kin, the Mountain Sage,
that I may be able to transform at least a tiny part of the city to something beautifully
frosty, bracing, sparkly and grand.

I have already scouted out the perfect location, the Lost Crossing, which is the space between the Lost Caves entrance and The Garrison
on the Umbrics.

I will attempt to prepare the area, freezing the walls, ground, overhangs and the air itself in
order to make it more favorable for winter blooms, snow, ice and the cool fresh air we all associate with the winter season.
I will also attempt to channel my friend the Sage to help with this endeavor.

Any and all who wish and who have always dreamt of sitting on a winters eve by a small campfire with friends or just to bask alone in quiet
contemplation in the beauty and calm of winter's sparkling allure are very welcome to come and help with this.

Let us dream of something new.


~Practice patience and silent reflection in moments of anger ~ It will save you endless moments of regret~
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