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Cyrus! little buddy! Arly darlin' Uthy! Magnum! Arny!

A small ornate wall dotted with pieces of parchment standing at the gateway to the city.
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Cyrus! little buddy! Arly darlin' Uthy! Magnum! Arny!

Post by Jones » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:34 pm


I seen a note wrote in a book from my little buddy Cyrus! Aint that the best news I ever done seen!

Been a coons age since I been able ta see y'all, but you bet yer boots I aint fergot. Spesh'ly
the purtiest gal a cowpoke ever got ta marry, Arlyana darlin, my moon n stars,
aint a day gone by I aint seen ya when I look up inta the sky et night!

Magnum! Uth! Arny! Thunder! Kelos! Ail n Annie! Restel! Aint fergot about none a you no how either. Ya still got the
gold sherrif badges I give y'all? The Way a the gold lasso! Foot stompin to the fiddlin round the campfars!
Hot diggity dawg we had us some times aint we?!?!?

I'll be lookin fer y'all.

Aint never stopped thinnin bout ya!

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