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Vision of Demise

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Vision of Demise

Post by Yissen » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:27 pm

An ornate scrying mirror flashes as it begins to illustrate a vision from a first person perspective, gazing through a woman’s eyes...

She watches the Echten General as he argues with an Agoknight and can’t help but giggle a little at the sight. She listens as he repeatedly tries to communicate with the lesser mare but with no success.

The ragged cowl turns towards her, and she sees the Echten General’s face as he begins to speak.

“You there, in the skirt!” he calls to her curtly, “I am having trouble finding the storage facilities in this quadrant.”

“I can help you look,” she says with a smile of hope in her voice, “I think they are this way.” She leads him through the rooms to the cache.

As they enter the cache, the General places a key within a notch on the column and a small hidden compartment opens in the wall. He places his hand inside and starts pulling out various chakrams, each covered in dust.

She tries to draw him out a little with small talk, “How have you been? How goes the war?” but he still appears mentally locked in some other place.

“We are winning of course. But the weapons are depleting. I need to rush these weapons off sooner, rather than later. How can I repay you, Private?”

“Do you know me? Do I look familiar?” she hopefully asks.

“I have seen you in passing, that I am certain. I must apologize; so many men and women in this war, the faces become blended.”

She looks at him sadly, “I know you; you are Eldryck. You are my love.”

“I am Eldryck, yes.” He looks up strangely at her, “I am sorry? Flattery will not gain you a stripe. It is not necessary. A man of my stature deserves praise, not desires. It has been some time since I have been with a woman, I will allow you this one-time enjoyment of my company. Be it as you will, I am at your disposal.”

She starts to smile, seeing her Eldryck so strongly in this beast. She can’t give up hope now. “I don’t know how to help you remember, to bring you back.”

Mzchievs begins searching her pack. Carefully she places a small red rose down on the column edge in front of the General. The rose seems to glow with a light pink “E” shining on each petal.

“Speaking gibberish, woman. Are you losing your mind like the many other privates I come across? Do I need to send you back to the chaos?” he says, frowning.

She looks up at him again, “Look at it, Eldryck. Does that mean anything to you? This one is special. Please look at it.”

The General dismisses the flower without a glance. “No flowers for me. These are things of trivial value. Of course, flowers are special. But to allow them to grow and not be trampled on by the many enemies surrounding these walls, we must be diligent!” The General curls his lips.

Shaking her head gently, she takes a deep breath and returns the rose to her pack. “These privates you talk to, they do not know what you are saying, do they?” she asks, trying a new approach.

The General shrugs, "Most of them have been attacked with some sort of bio warfare. They speak gibberish."

“Look at your hands. What do you see?” she asks.

Echten General looks down at his hands, "I see a strong man’s hands, slightly calloused and ready for anything.”

“Those aren’t your hands, you see. You have been turned into an Echten, Eldryck!” she shakes her head and retrieves a roll of bandages from her pack. “Please take these, they are special bandages.”

As he takes them, she adds, “They are not for the troops, but for you.”

The Echten General frowns as he takes the bandages, “Well, I offered myself. You have passed. Perhaps another time.”

As he exits through the portal, she realizes that he would have stepped into a sanctuary. She rushes through the portal after him. She steps through to see another dreamer, a woman standing beside the General and the General is in pain.

“Ouch. What madness is this!” cries the General as he appears to be heavily damaged and very near dissolution!!

“You have to leave this room, Eldryck, you must leave this room!” she yells as she sees him beginning to fall, bleeding as if the air itself is ripping him apart.

“You must all run!” he yells, “This room is dangerous. A threat exists! Exit or face peril!” He exclaims, trying to save both women.

The other young woman, unsure what is happening asks, “This room is dangerous?”

Mzchievs tries to explain, watching as he finally exits the room, “He doesn’t know he is a mare. Sorry!” and rushes after him.

The Echten General cleans up his bloodied arm and looks down at his torn leg. He looks up at the two women as if they are soldiers. “You made it out with your lives…thank the stars”. He says as he wrapped his arms with the bandages she gave him.

Mzchievs tries to explain to him, “That was a sanctuary. You can’t be in there. I told you. You are Echten.” But he doesn’t hear her.

“The enemy is cunning; they have set traps.” The General says to himself, “I must be on my guard, foolish…foolish me.”

As she watches him wrap the bandages around his arm, she begins to see something in his eyes, just the smallest flicker, “Do the bandages help?” she asks with so much hope.

The Echten General blinks heavily. “They...” he turns slowly towards her.

“Eldryck?” she smiles warmly.

“They…they are a trap!?” he looks at her angrily. “You? You work for them? A spy?”

“No.” she shakes her head, smiling. “You know me.”

The Echten General tears off the bandages. “What did you do to me?” He pulls out a dark red chakram that sparkles in the light, but she doesn’t seem to take heed.

“Those bandages will help you. Look at me. Do you remember something?” she searches his face for some kind of sign, some kind of recognition

“Speak or perish. What have you done?” The General looks at her with such anger. “Foolishness!”.

He fires and she stumbles back from the pain, but only for a second before she loses her coherence.

“Brat.” she laughs.

The scene suddenly focuses on The General, with a sinister evocation spiraling between his wings – before utter darkness shrouds the entire vision.
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