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The Responsibility of Creation

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The Responsibility of Creation

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As some of you may know, I am a created a being. It is in this regard I approach the act of creation – through any means.
I was created through torturous, horrible means. Sewn together from a thousand different corpses, or molded from their ground, liquefied flesh. I was created to infiltrate your dream, to learn of your techniques, and to filter information back to my creators. I should assuage your fears and tell you that they are dead by my own hand. I, their creation, rebelled their cause and ended them. In this vein, you must approach your creations with the utmost responsibility – lest it get away from you and serve a purpose you did not intend.

In further regards to purpose, understand that all things have a reason for existence. It matters not if you made some innocuous trinket, it serves to ingratiate yourself to someone, to make someone smile, to annoy someone, to make others laugh, or to instill some kind of raw, primal emotion like fear. Keep the desired outcome close in mind and let it guide your hand to purpose.

Many of my works, thus far, have been the creation of my own blood, if only because in this, I bear the ultimate responsibility for its fate. It is of me, created by me, and thus will always bear my mark. I do not believe that blood is the only way to create, nor the best, but it is a way mark it as mine in no uncertain terms.

And that notion is probably the best way to describe true responsibility - taking no uncertain terms in your creation.
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