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A New Way

A small ornate wall dotted with pieces of parchment standing at the gateway to the city.
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A New Way

Post by Windsong » Thu May 16, 2019 5:42 pm

The time has come to consider a new path. The City struggles to move forward, trapped by memories of its glory days, be they Lyran or Idoaclesian. If we do not focus on our future, our past will destroy us all.

A couple of sheets of paper torn from a notebook are tacked up below. The words are hastily written, as if the author were hit by sudden inspiration or a fever.

There are no Great Ones - only Dreamers. From the most powerful Elder to the most confused Newly Awakened, we are all individual sparks of radiance to be respected and honored. No single person inherently deserves more admiration than any other. By elevating flawed individuals to positions of gods, we exalt those flaws and give them power.

Only by realizing the divinity in each and every one of us can we begin to work on improving the Dream. Until then, we will continue to bicker like so many children who all want our turn to shine. We must realize the inherent paradox - we are all special and, therefore, none of us is special, before we can sit our personal self-interests aside and work toward the betterment of the City.

The Darkness is only the latest example of this insanity. When given a chance to move forward and eradicate the most recent threat to the entire City, we instead fell to pieces arguing over who would get the dubious honor of being the "sacrifice" necessary to take the next step. Several times, it was offered that we make a mutual sacrifice and bear the burden together, but that recommendation fell on deaf ears that were too consumed with their own self-glory to consider the greater good. It is easy to be a sacrifice. It is harder to stay and do the work required afterward.

The time for cults is over. The time for self-aggrandizement is over. Whatever our personal beliefs about Nightmares, Dark Mares, Dakote, and the City itself - we must recognize this one truth before all others:

There is no god but us Dreamers.
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