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Sunward, Breastplate of Valor

A small ornate wall dotted with pieces of parchment standing at the gateway to the city.
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Sunward, Breastplate of Valor

Post by PKChrisChan » Thu May 16, 2019 4:40 pm

The Phoenix Ascendancy
Authority - Eminence - Magnitude

Come one, come all as begin the designation for the final Weapon of the Ascendancy. Sunward, the Breastplate of Valor. For a 3 part event.

Monday (5/20) - 5 PM DST - Gold Mining Expedition

Wednesday (5/22) - 5 PM DST - Honoring the Closed Homes (Union/Order/Radiance)

UPDATE: Friday (5/24) - 7 PM DST - Formation of SunWard

Meet in Provenance, Threshold for all three events!

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