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Because it is Worth Another Look - Refresher!

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Because it is Worth Another Look - Refresher!

Post by Elmer » Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:28 am

My fabulous husband and i are fast approaching *another* anniversary, so i thought i would visit the past!

What should every wedding ceremony include?

We all have been at weddings, fabulous affairs, no doubt, but, where is the TRUTH???
Let me take a sec to talk about things that everyone should include when taking the plunge, cuz, see...
it's gonna come out later and then you're screwed!, or, maybe you won't be, why? You didn't tell the


1. Bad habits - Everybody has them, don't lie. You know that you chew your nails, or pick lint from between your toes.
You leave one drop of milk in the container then put it back. You let the garbage can overflow until it smells like
roadkill in your kitchen. You leave whiskers in the sink. You wear yesterdays skivvies because you are too lazy
to do the laundry. You leave half eaten food on a plate and then put it in the sink.
You leave a trail of clothing all over the house then wonder where your favorite shirt is. I could go on and on, but you get it.

2. Bodily functions - Yea, we all have these. Even the queen of wherever, has to take a dump.
We have this thing about being embarrassed about these normal every day bodily functions, i don't get it.
If you have to pee, burp, poop, cut the cheese, Go for it!!, Let er rip!! You can run, but you cannot hide!, and neither can
the noxious cloud that you are surrounded in! Get over it.

3. Jealousy - This is a big one, and the cause of many an argument or even break up. Not gonna lie, I'm the
jealous type, and so is my husband, but we KNEW that, so it is not an issue.
If you are a jealous person, make it known up front! If you are gonna pull a chak any time somebody looks at your
man or women a little longer than 5 seconds, TELL THEM! some people get off on this and consider it
sweet and loving, others though, might feel like , hey! get a grip, I'm sleeping in YOUR bed!

4. Intimacy - Ok this one is HUGE. (thats what she said!) I kid. This is a biggie.
Before you engage in any sort of intimacy with your new spouse or partner.


What could be worse than sharing a romantic moment and suddenly your spouse comes out with
an arsenal of gadgets, toys or things that you think should stay in the garage!


Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with gettin your freak on, but I cannot stress this
enough.. TRUTH!

5. Who Wears the Pants - This is an issue that gets a lot of couples in trouble. It is a battle of wills
and control. When you are dating, do not, i repeat do NOT, smile, nod and agree with everything your
partner says or does, IT'S A LIE!
If you are more of a controlling personality, TELL THE TRUTH! and if you are a more laid back, relenting
type, that should also be known. It does not have to be one way or the other, though it often turns out that
way. However, it is perfectly legit to be happy in having one person have most of the control, as long as it
doesn't turn in to MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!

6. Sharing - This is another issue that often has people screaming at each other. Sharing. From household chores,
to money to food to thoughts and ideas. If you are like the spoiled greedy brat who always has to have all the toys?

TELL THE TRUTH! Because most likely when this rather unappealing trait shows its face later, it's not gonna end up pretty.

7. Keeping Love Alive - So how can we keep love fresh and alive, interesting and exciting? Because let's face it, year after year
with the same person as they chew their nails, fart, pick their nose and boss you around, has you wondering, WHY didn't I just stay single!

Don't worry, there will always be tough times, but if your love is true, you will prevail. Here is where I get sappy and turn into
a goober (this is what my husband calls me at times, which i love.)
Tell them every day that you love them, and MEAN it. Follow that up by SHOWING them, with a kiss, a smile, a small gift
or more.. ya follow me? Let then know that you still find them attractive and beautiful.
Plan dates, it can be a simple stroll through the City, a picnic, a visit TO THE CORELMSIA ESCAPE..(shameless plug) for a
bit of R & R.
Have a picnic, or hang with friends that you can laugh and smile with.
and lastly, remember, this is the person you have vowed to spend the rest of your life with, so before you do that,

So back when i made the first post of marriage tips, it is likely that some of you thought, blah, this will never last.

I am thrilled to say that It is fast coming up to my and Cor's 1 year wedding anniversary! Time sure flies when you're having fun, working hard, playing hard, supporting each other, and having lots and lots of.. well nevermind. We are just as happy today, in fact, i would say even MORE so since the day we said "I do" and it just keeps getting better with each passing day.

So what has kept this marriage fresh and what sort of advice might i give to you after a year has gone by?

First and foremost, my husband is my best friend, and has seen me though many ups , downs and in betweens, as a best friend should, and as his best bud, i have dome the same.

It is VERY important to take time out from your busy life and have a date day/night, where there are no outside interruptions, just the two of you, and it doesn't matter if it is
just to go for a walk, or snuggle and talk or cook something together, or just be silly and stupid together, cuz let's face it, sometimes life can take precedence and you may put your spouse somewhere down at the bottom of your list, so you have to be mindful of that.

Surprise your partner once in awhile with little gifts, or sing them a song, write them a poem, dance with them spontaneously! Wait for them after a hard days toil in a fabulous bath or
bed!, wearing his or her favorite perfume or wearing nothing at all!

Always be supportive of your partner, even if you are a little wary of what they are taking on, you may not agree with it, but just, be there.

Don't ever stop complimenting your partner, reminding them daily of how much you love them and why. Take joy in knowing that you are always thinking of your partner and they are thinking of you.

Be proud and happy to show off your partner to the world! After all they chose you and you are blessed.

Lastly, just love them, love them with all that you have and all that you are, because love, is the most precious gift.
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