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Post by Sadara » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:21 pm

Dear Diary,
I've... been having a hard time within the city mostly with myself. This Revenant thing has been so... incredibly confusing.
It all started in Thresh, the Revenant appeared and didnt say a thing as whispers started swarming around the room in the Monastery Hall. "Free Her!" "Kill Her!" so many conflicting messages. Then the Revenant appeared in the Lake of Tears, then in the Palisades in a cell and lastly on Mt. Illapse in the Illapse Keep Ambusade Sanctuary as she then proceeded to tell us that the Lower Palisades has been breached and that her people were imprisoned in the Lower Palisades by the "Knights" before asking us to follow her to the Small Dungeon where some more whispers were heard and a dark voice, I cant seem to remember what it said. The next day we went into the Acropolis as Picco invited us in. The Revenant appeared once again this time telling seemingly trying to free another Revenant. All the while this Darkness was pursuing her. I ran out of the Acropolis to make sure that Mandus was alright as he was elsewhere. I got to him... at the worst time. He was taken away by the Darkness and teleported to the Palisades into a cell, then taken out and thrown out into the Lake of Tears.
Mandus's hands were...
Shortly thereafter Coraal appeared behind him. I later found out that he also as well was teleported into the Palisades into a cell as well, however he was taken out by the Revenant. Coraal seemed... possessed by the Darkness... and I was so...
The Darkness let Coraal go.
The next day The Revenant appeared once again this time in the Palisades Cell Block along with Prisoners. They all seemed to either see the Revenant as a savior or a destroyer, the Revenant then began to collapse them it seemed. Or killing them? After the Prisoners all disappeared there was a sound of.. marching and people being killed. Whispers to "run away" began to be heard, some stayed behind as I was one of them and a Chaotic Vortex began to debilitate us... it was horrible.
The next day... the Echten Knights appeared as before hand the Revenant warned that the Knights were on Illapse... waiting to attack. We ran up there to meet them face to face and instead were met with a closed off Illapse Keep Sanctuary. The battle ensued, the Echten Knight, Guard, and Medic. They were all so very powerful as mid battle we began to become airborne in flight. The Echten disappeared and relocated to the Palisades as the Revenant told us. We all went down where another battle broke out. After the Etchen left however, the Revenant appeared once more and began to answer some questions. She said that there is a Prophecy? She also said that she has had many past lives and that this time was different, she also stated that she has had many roles to play in past lives Savior, Destroyer, and she even helped the Darkness. She then also stated that she was Yissen. After that she then said that we should go down to the Lower Palisades to help the other Yissen.

However, as of today... I spoke with the Echten Guard and Knight. The Guard then proceeded to tell me to return her to them as she was a prisoner no really other explanation just that she was a prisoner and had escaped. And within Four Days they would come, reset and try again if she was not returned. The Darkness also whispered to me, telling me, "I do not wish to harm you. I just want her back. I have been below you for centuries without trouble. Only now have I emerged, to bring her back." The Echten came to me to tell everyone, due to the Darkness telling them to. The Darkness then stated to me, "We give you the rest of the week before we must act."

All of this.. has been. So... stressful
Time. Some use it to heal, some to help, and others waste it. - {Sadara}
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