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Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Post by -Lacie- » Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:41 pm

Journal Entry:

"Sands swirl and dance across the plane, winds whistle through bone... Lover's tears are again turned to blood and a prophecy stands fulfilled...Through apathy, you have doomed yourselves once again..."

The note hung there in an aura of sheer truth. It summarized everything that was about to transpire. I wonder how many others had figured it out????

I have done much listening and research, and with the assistance of Ashlynne, have compiled as accurate history of the Revenant's first appearances in the City.

As we can determine, the first sighting was in the Threshold of the Monastary of the Shadow. First appeared large unblinking Eyes and then a wisp on the wind with no true form. Those gathered were led to the Monastary. She eventually turned into avatar form at some point.

This, by the way, is physically impossible for the Revenants that the Vanguard Army created. These Revenants were crafted out of a specific set of ingredients in a particular location within the City. They were created at the behest of Zaxun. These beings were set to be a warning system for the City. They were to alert of any encroaching Templar Army, led by Xun'rok.

The City sided with Xun'rok, and the Revenants were attacked. Each time they were hit with a new art, they learned it, making them grow more and more powerful, and also multiply in number. The last place they were seen were in the Palisades the night that Zaxun was DreamStruck. There were 4 of them that had... gained enough power to pass thru portals. After Zaxun was Struck, they wandered off, losing much of their powers, and settled within the dark corners of the Palisades.

This Revenant was different, however. Shortly she arrived, she did what the Vanguard Revenants were unable to do; speak.

"Don't let them do this to me."

Soon after, Eve and the Eye both vanished, and most folks traveled up the Mount for an experiment that Frey wanted to conduct. During this experiment inside the Ambuscade Keep, a hole opened and a"bottomless pit of Chaos" opened in the center of the generator. The propeller on the top of the Sanctuary fell into this bottomless chasm.

From this chasm, reappeared the Revenant, Eve. After several tried to speak to her, she led the group assembled to the Small Dungeon on the Mount. She moved here and there, then disappeared. Then there was the scent of lavender in the room and one portal was stilled. That's when the voices were heard screaming, which seem to come from everywhere, then dissipate.
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