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Help Wanted

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Help Wanted

Post by Koi-Cricket » Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:29 pm

Prior to the launch of steam, we had several old dreamers return, and then with the launch of steam, several new. Our hope is that Underlight continues to grow and thrive in the days, months, and years to come.

At this time, I am looking for someone that is willing to put in their time, unique and experienced roleplaying, and in-game support. Please keep in mind that this is strictly volunteer, but I am asking for people that -have- the time to commit.

If this is something that interest you, I would like for you to email me directly at roleplaying@underlight.com. At a later time, you may be asked to fill out a GM application. Please include in your email with answers to the following questions... 1. Tell me why you wish to join the GM team. 2. How much time are you willing and able to volunteer 3. Three examples of GM characters that differ from one another that you would play, and how you would roleplay them.

Thank you!

Note: I know that some of you may wish to contact me in discord to discuss it. But, I would prefer that you keep this strictly as I have mentioned above, and allow someone to reach out to you if there are further questions.
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