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Twin Brothers - Unknown

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Twin Brothers - Unknown

Post by jtbadn » Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:32 am

This is a story about twin brothers. Ceris and Ceret. Legend is told that they were skilled in the traditional arts of magic. As much of us here are. Their arts grew in strength and power. As they practiced their arts they made quite a commotion so much so that it disturbed the Dark Gods of the Void, Llaradunt and Moghoan. The Gods challenged the twins to a contest of arts and defeated the twins and they sacrificed them in their own honor and cast them into a realm Void of Light, leaving the twin's essences behind. The essence of Ceris was hung in a essence Gourd tree, much like the one present here in the city. The other brother's essence, Ceret was buried underground.

The Goddess of energy, Adosqua heard of this strange tree and felt pity on the twins. She visited the tree to pay her respects. Finding Ceris's essence she restored him, ripping him violently from the realm of the Void. In so doing, she twisted his very form.The two eventually fell in love. They later had twins themselves. Their names were Chaoldet and Cickdel. Chaoldet and Cickdel in time also became masters of the arts like their Father and Uncle. The dark Gods Llaradunt and Moghoan once again heard of their art mastery and again challenged and defeated the twins.

This time, the Gods had ground up their essences up and threw them into a river where they were eaten by fish. Boasting of their feat, Adosqua heard of this and restored her twins, teaching them the means to do so also. Returning to the arts of magic they contrived an ingenious trap.
After demonstrating a variety of astonishing feats, Chaoldet, beheaded his brother Cickdel and then made him whole again. The Gods were so delighted with this display that they begged to be sacrificed and then revived as well. The twins were obviously happy to oblige.

They began to dismember the Dark Gods and delivering the ultimate blow the twins refused restoration to the Gods and they did not return them to their original state. And so it is said, the twin brothers outwitted the Gods that day and the Gods were defeated.

The moral of this story:
Appreciate what you have, or you may lose it.


It is noted in logs that Belom has kept of his dreams that it is entirely possible that the author of this story could be the dreamer whose name was Yafe Orencium. Yafe Orencium exsisted during the time of the Overseers and the Compact. Because the logs and notes surrounding this story are unclear, Belom presents the story of Twin Brothers by author: Unknown
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