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A "Dreamer Wave" FateSender Journey Begins

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A "Dreamer Wave" FateSender Journey Begins

Post by Voidwulf » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:38 am

The name is Voidwolf, some of you dreamers already know me, some other dont. What is certain for me is that my journey into the City of Dreams started a week ago and I have been enjoying the most of it.

This city is fascinating and holds many secrets to be discovered. So far I have been engaging into many activities in order to learn the ropes of this place. I appreciate the help of all of you who have assisted me in this challenging yet rewarding beginning in what I hope to be an unforgettable journey.
Mastering arts and learn how to use them is part of the process, one never knows when you will need them most and be ready for whatever situation. Ah but I did not come to just learn Arts, fight nightmares and whatnot...

I sense my journey starts with another purpose. What will that purpose be is yet uncertain. Only my actions will dictate that, only actions will tell what my... FATE will be. Only actions make an impression in the city and those living in it. As a dreamer I feel I am part of this city already, and with that my actions will also make an impact in it. I just hope for that impact, whenever happens, to be one for the good of this city and the balance of the dream realm.
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