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Bard's Ability

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Bard's Ability

Post by HikiraFang X » Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:31 pm

In SoT right after joining the Dreamwalkers I was working on adding music sounds and notes bound to certain keys for being able to preform music in character, which led to a set of skills I came up with to be given to the Lyceum in SoT as a special guild ability set but never got around to having them implemented with Lyc.
(Please add JP confirm leave party dialog box and confirm for combine with outcome item!)

These arts must be cast and only effect members of the party or everyone not joined to you depending on what you're intending on using hostile or beneficial. Defensive type songs require the 'preformer' to be completely immobile, unless they've attained "Master's Mark" Then they may walk while singing, and finally if they achieve "Prima's Mark" while allows for mobility as normal. (Prima's Mark is basically granted to 1 person, based on RP's and musical guild deciding who is the leader.)

All songs can be stopped by pushing the singer and only 1 "song effect" can be used if they're defensive. , and each song only lasts 1-2 minutes before a recast.

---Important note, characters who have the deafen effect on, are not effected by any of these friend or foe while its active (Makes Deafen more useful!)
Also each song has to be 'started' meaning there is not instant evoke, takes a minute to warm up (casting time) and emoting and rping atleast the begining of the first song should be something considered as mandatory atleast for masters and the prima.
Lullaby - Hostile effects all not partied to you. Only effects those in the same room as you, plus 1 portal into the next room but not across planes. Casts mass blind every 15 seconds that last 10 seconds, but continues to cast blindness every 5 seconds. Basically to catch someone who loses vision temporarily or isn't wearing it.
Shriek - Same as above but scare/deafen, full mobility.
Melodrama - Same as above but para, walking or stationary.
Untouchable - Defensive requires you to walk, 15% reflect on all party members.
Aria - Full mobility provides regeneration.
Inspire - Walking, all party members get +1 - 3 extra damage points on chaks (Master's mark)
Devastate - Room wide, ignores party members. Randomly casts 2 debuffs on anyone in the room, as well as deafen. Non repeating, must be cast each time, single cast.
Ballad - Walking ignores current party. Room wide enfeeblement
Encore - Immobile - All arts cast by the party have a chance to double cast, 30%? of the time (balance)
Hymn - Immobile - Entire party has sprint cast on them every 10 seconds while song is active
Melody - Entire party receives "peace aura" effect as long as the singer does not move. Recasts every 1 minute, while recasting (Takes a bit to cast) all are vulnerable including immobile perforner
Chant - Prima Caster - Full mobility - Ongoing Mass blast effect 1-4 every 10 seconds (Open to balancing ideas) unless hit, which does not remove the spell, it merely starts the blast timer over
'Fin - Prima Caster - Full Moblity - Casts tempest every 10 seconds, each time prima is hit the timer starts again

In reality I came up with about 20 more but for the sake of santiy i'll cut it here, thanks for reading!
Just some thoughts,
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