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Blind Actions and Unexpected Consequences

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Blind Actions and Unexpected Consequences

Post by Starling » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:03 pm

A fictional story of Jealousy and True Love tangled up in the Art of Blind

There once was a beautiful young FateSender who, even though she was an exceptionally bright student, was very pretentious and spoiled.

She studied hard and by the time she had acquired orbit 59, she had all of her major focus arts plateaued to her same sphere – Blind, Paralyze, Stagger, Darkness and Firestorm. The art she adored the most was blind. She thought that the cost of 15 lucidity was well worth the price and she would quite often use the art to play pranks on other dreamers.

One dream, she met a handsome GateKeeper, with the heart of a gentleman, and she was instantly smitten. She tried to impress him by playing pranks on other dreamers and laughing about it in whispers. The GateKeeper wasn’t impressed, as he believed in using arts in more helpful and protective ways. After spending weeks trying to win his favor, the GateKeeper finally made it clear to her that she was not the dreamer for him. This angered the FateSender! She paced back and forth in Cenotaph for hours, fuming with rage and saying very hateful things to all the Agoknights she’d pass. Suddenly, the GateKeeper appeared in Cenotaph to do some hunting, not knowing the FateSender was there. This outraged the FateSender so much that she focused all of her rage and lucidity and evoked the art of BLIND on the GateKeeper.

The GateKeeper felt a darkness descend upon him. This darkness didn’t last the standard 18 seconds that it should last at the FateSender’s plateau of 59 (initial 3 seconds unplatted, plus an additional 3 seconds per plateau) – it lasted much, much longer. Days, weeks, even months went by and the GateKeeper remained blind. The FateSender felt as though she had gotten revenge. She thought, with this blindness impeding his ability to see another dreamer, surely, he wouldn’t fall in love with anyone else – after all, if she couldn’t have him, then NO ONE else could! The FateSender thought she had won and was proud of herself.

Little did she know, during this experience as a blind dreamer, the GateKeeper met and befriended an absolutely stunning female DreamSeer with a very kind and helpful demeanor, to boot! Because the GateKeeper was blind, he spent more time than he otherwise would have with the female DreamSeer, talking to her at length, getting to know her kind spirit as she helped him navigate the city, finding out who she truly was as a dreamer and what her goals were.

This caused the GateKeeper and DreamSeer to form a bond that was even purer than just an attraction by looks, as he saw the beauty in the DreamSeer for the personality and kind heart she possessed, not by her looks. Truly, the purest form of love. The two were wed in secret, by the DreamSeer’s father, a very powerful SoulMaster. Once the ceremony was complete, the SoulMaster evoked Abjure on the GateKeeper, removing the effects of blind and allowing him to see his wife for the very first time.

The GateKeeper’s eyes immediately filled with tears of joy and he cried out in happiness. His happiness could be felt throughout the entire city and it was so true and pure, that once it reached the FateSender, it Paralyzed her right in her tracks. And not just for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 seconds (the typical unplatted and plateaued durations), but for days, weeks, months, even years.

Long enough for her to have to "be still" and think about what she'd done.
Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty. To believe there is an order to our days, a purpose.
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