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Entry 87 - Outcast

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Entry 87 - Outcast

Post by Koi-Drama » Sun May 20, 2018 11:10 pm


Heeeerrreee BANDY!

You have been a very naughty little girl! Yes, I have heard of your exploits in the Lightless Hallows! Oh, you fancy yourself a hero, do you? It all quite poetic when all is said and done but you know, they will NEVER see you as a savior. They will ALWAYS see you as a murderess, assassin, and many more things best left unwritten. Why you seek this course of redemption, nobody cares! The pathetic populace fights each over the most trivial reasons and you think they would care about righting some dubious wrongs in some underground society?

Slay them all! Highborns. Lowborns. Make no distinctions! They are ALL outcasts deserving to be placed out of their miseries. Speaking of which, there is a certain nuisance in the Palisades, an old friend of yours actually. Be a pal and relieve her of her position as warden, permanently. Or maybe Eldryck will be more accommodating once he discovers your foolish mission at playing a hero. I hear you are all in some silly circle of gloom and DOOM! A good murderess? Have you EVER heard of such a thing?

Good luck!
Ol' Bandy
“I try to bring the audience's own drama, tears and laughter they know about, to them.”
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