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Entry 86 - March of the Lost

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Entry 86 - March of the Lost

Post by Koi-Drama » Sat May 19, 2018 10:42 pm

Sir Yuriqali,

I have asked my men to assist me in keeping track of the Revenant's movements. General Zaxun placed his creations throughout the DreamScape as a means to keep his enemies occupied. He utilized a small portion of them to breach Underlight's walls after the Sorceress' cloak over the city fell. A far greater numbered lingered about the DreamScape wandering aimlessly after the influence of their creator subsided with his unfortunate demise.

In recent times, the Revenants have begun to move towards the direction of Arret. Reports indicated that only a few began their slow journey and ignored anything in their path. Over the course of a few weeks, more and more of the General's creations began to accompany their ilk. It seems something has acquired their attention. We have sent a scout towards Arret with word of the situation.

I will join you once I return from Il-Armeon. I look forward to seeing your findings at the ruins of Idoaclesia.

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