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Entry: 82 - Under the Scope

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Entry: 82 - Under the Scope

Post by Koi-Drama » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:24 pm

Generals of the Crescent,

You continue to aid the people of Nordecai against Kurenai and the people of H'karra in your search for the Sorceress. We assure you that we do not harbor any Arretian in our city. The H'karrs have also echoed similar assurances. They fall on deaf ears and blind intentions. Our people are peaceful and do not wish to reach its hand in the war against your honorable City. We will deal with the aggression of the Nordecai in our tearms. The H'karrs and the Kurenai have pledged together to halt their advance.

Generals, I implore you to see through the fallacies of the Nordecai. They seek to utilize your resources against us with false claims and deception. If you wish, we would welcome a representative of your own selection to freely explore our city in hope of putting your concerns to rest. Again, we hope to seek a peaceful resolution to this matter, Generals.

Second Son of Asesino,
49th Descendent of Cale Dynasty
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