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Entry 81 - History Lingers...

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Entry 81 - History Lingers...

Post by Koi-Drama » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:06 pm

Centurion Tal'shiar,

We have discovered a fragment of the original mace in the ruins of Idoaclesia. It would seem that the General's mace was a forgery, albeit a powerful one. We continue to scour the ruins in hopes of finding more pieces. We did find another interesting artifact. I am studying it further to determine any potential applications. We are excited to reach a conclusion soon!

We have not heard much from beyond the ruins. It has been eerily quiet here. I suspect once we conclude our search, we will return back. How is Underlight? I miss walking through the halls of our threshold and the quiet confines of the sphere halls in the library. I yearn to return to home, friend.

- Yuriqali
“I try to bring the audience's own drama, tears and laughter they know about, to them.”
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