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Arnaya's Newsfeed:

Lore, history and other content by the citizens of Underlight preserved for posterity.
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Arnaya's Newsfeed:

Post by Arnaya » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:01 pm

Given how much goes on in the city of dreams, its become a real nightmare to keep different scroll collections up to date on the different groups and events going on around the city. So, I'm starting this up as a general newsfeed for the city. Particular articles that need special attention will be put up as their own scrolls. Also, given the wide spread and often private nature of many of the events in the city, I will be "Tasking out" some of the article writing so my students to both alleviate some of the (at times INSANE) amounts of effort required from me to put accurate accounts of things together.

If anyone is interested in becoming a regular contributor to these, please understand that I not only expect, but demand integrity in the writing. If an article is to be based on personal opinions, it is to be written as an editorial type article. Otherwise, it is required that the articles be Fact based. This is NOT to be a propaganda collection, but a way to keep the city up to date on events, and disseminate information widely so as much of the city as possible is on the same page so to speak.

I'm not going to promise that articles will be written the day an incident or event happens, but I will try to get them up in a reasonable time frame (a week or so). As always, if more immediate information is required, please feel free to seek me out in the city. As a general rule, what i know is available to the city. This information requires that those who have FACTS of events let me know so I can ensure its disseminated. Withholding information, or deceiving me about it to preserve your own monopolies on things only results in everyone withholding information once your omissions and deceptions become known... thus preventing you from gaining as much and as accurate of information. To put it in simpler terms, playing little manipulation and deception games with your information only hurts you in the long run. You have been warned.

~Arnaya, Wordsmith
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Rasputin and the GoE Node

Post by Arnaya » Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:27 pm

On Sunday, Dec.04/2016, Rasputin organized an attempt to break open the node within the Gathering of the Entranced Celebration Hall. This node was placed by Xun'rok after his draining of the Order of the Sable Moon house and house spirit, and the node contains the GoE House Spirit, as well as continues to gather energy from the house. Rasputin's attempt involved himself as the central figure, drawing energy out of the node and spreading it out to another ring of dreamers (Arlyana Jax and and Aileron) who then portioned it out further (Aileron was channeling his to Anasina and Uthanatos; while Arlyana directed her portion to Cupid and Arnaya) to the last rung of dreamers who dispersed it.

Before the attempt even got really underway, two Datoken charged in and attacked. The majority of the dreamers assembled (Flower of Cienn, Dreiko, Tember, Kailee, and a couple of others that i regrettably don't recall the names of right at the moment) went to engage the Datoken and keep them occupied outside. Arnaya assisted for a short time, then came back inside and took up her position with Arlyana. All of the involved took up a silver branch provided by Rasputin, to aid in dissipating the energy. Almost immediately, the temperature began to plummet, and continued to do so until the node itself was contained in a solid sheet of ice and snow began to fall from the ceiling of the Celebration hall.

Initially, a small group attempted to use their flames to melt the ice surrounding the node, but only succeeded in glazing it. Purple Lace, Cupid, Golah, and Dar'canon then used focal flames (Provided by odd flame spirits a night or two previously) to try and melt the ice surrounding the node. Also to limited effect.

At that point, a music began to sound throughout the Gathering Hall though did not have a definable source. Arnaya added her voice initially to the harmony, followed shortly by Uthanatos. A couple of others present began to add their voices as well, and the group was rewarded by a sudden swelling of the music. The Ice surrounding the node began crack, but would not break despite Rasputin hammering on it with his staff. When Vampyro entered, his smithy hammer began to glow softly, and he lent it to the effort of cracking the Ice shell around the node. A couple of blows from Vampyro's hammer finally succeeded in shattering the ice shell, though the node itself remained unharmed.

The efforts concluded there, and a new section of the house (Essence Storage, Mazes, and Center Hall) had opened. While those new sections were being explored (The Essence room contained many items, though no artifacts), Raichuelle chose to attack and was defeated by the coordinated efforts of a small group (Nathan, Arnaya, Tember, Arlyana Jax, and Uthanatos were the main combatants). Anasina guarded the node from Raichuelle's attentions during the encounter, and Raichuelle eventually woke without having any effect other than collapsing a couple of the fighters.

*Edited on Dec.09/2016 to correct the Peace Corpse Flame holder list. Dar'canon and not Nathan is the holder of the Peace Corpse SM Flame*
~Arnaya, Wordsmith
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Flame Spirits, Dec.04/2016

Post by Arnaya » Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:36 pm

On the evening of Dec.04/2016, at the conclusion of previous event, a Flame Spirit manifested to Calabosh, Uthanatos, and Arnaya. The following is a transcript of the conversation between the group and the spirit. It picks up once the spirit manifested as a flaming apparition, it had spoken prior but was exclusively focused on gathering the three dreamers before it.

Flame Spirit: Soulmaster. Are you the one working on the shield?
Arnaya: soulshield, yes. So far, just on experiment number three.... still a couple more to go
Flame Spirit: The Soulmasters are almost ready then.
Uthanatos: he has a high opinion of us as a group
Calabosh: Ready for what?
Flame Spirit: Take this. The flames offer you their aid.
>The Flame Spirit extended his arm down, a small flame falling from it.
Calabosh: Flame on the ground Arny
>Arnaya reached out and touched the flame, the picked it up.
Arnaya: thank you
Calabosh: Hmm wonder if this was the same apparition that talked to Purple lace and Dar'canon
Arnaya: ready for what out of curiosity though?
Flame Spirit: To face the approaching darkness.
Calabosh: Yup it is...Always with Darkness....
Arnaya: can you show us in the flames?
Calabosh: Well my Insight will light a pathway through the Darkness.
Flame Spirit: If the focuses are not ready in time, soon this will be the dream...
>The Flame Spirit brought a wave of darkness down on the room.
Arnaya: focuses.... your talking of the altars?
>Arnaya created a faint image of one of the maren altars that rest on the facades of the open houses.
Uthanatos: I think he means, the four focuses
Calabosh: I am ready for anything.
Arnaya: Its not just you, or me, or Uthy, or any other single person Cala hun... its All of us
Uthanatos: I'm ready for a great many things Calabosh, but no man can be prepared for that which he does not expect
Flame Spirit: The altars were made by the tinkerer. A great darkness is coming and will consume the dream, unless the focuses can strenghthem themselves.
Calabosh: What do you mean by strengthen ourselves?
Arnaya: any suggestions on how to prepare the Fatesenders? They're a little hard to get working on much of anything
Flame Spirit: The Gatekeepers are strong enough. The Soulmasters are about to break through. The Fatesenders and Dreamseers will need aid if they will be ready in time.
Flame Spirit: The work on the shield is the key.
Arnaya: Pulling them all in on it?
Flame Spirit: The key for the Soulmasters.
Arnaya: So in other words... get my rear end back to the chair and beat people with a gavel again?
Calabosh: What would be the key for the DreamSeers?
Flame Spirit: Not enough time for the DreamSeers and FateSenders before the darkness arrives. The Gatekeepers will need to sacrifice to protect them.
>Uthanatos mumbled to himself, "soul shield, temporarily repels chaos from the avatar also somehow blocks mind blank, blocking chaos? Strengthening soul shield, defend against focused attack defend against focused chaos, against...the corruption?"
Uthanatos: you say the darkness, as if it is a force, is it a force, a being what form does it take?
Flame Spirit: The flames have been here since the beginning dreamsmiths first placed them to light the way. We will burn until this city no longer exists. We see all. But in this, we only see darkness. We know not what form it will take.
Uthanatos: ahh, right, decimation, destruction of the city, extinguishing of the flames...like the Lyran city
Flame Spirit: Use the flames. Strengthen your focuses. Defeat the darkness.
Arnaya: So your one of the fires of inspiration and creation that myth speaks of... albiet, a bit less literally that it seems here
> The flame began to flicker.
Calabosh: I will help defeat anything set infront of me that will cause harm to this city.
>Calabosh suddenly vanished from the dream.
Flame Spirit: Dreamseer, you are not ready. You must strengthen your focus, but not enough time.
Arnaya: We'll do our best, though I firmly reserve the right to smack you for pushing me back towards the SM guild
> The firery apparition lost it's form as the flames danced wildly, then the flame extinguished, taking the torch with it.

Upon investigation of the Flame that Arnaya had been given, the following was noted about it. It was a flame talisman.
A small flame that is strangely cool to the touch.
It was a Regeneration Talisman with a 30 second duration and five charges.
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Dark Ooze Doings, Jan.29/2017

Post by Arnaya » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:43 pm

Last night (Well, early in the morning of Jan.29/2017), Arnaya was in the Forward Armory of House Calenture with Uthanatos (who stormed immediately prior to the following event), when a dark ooze began seeping from the ceiling and gathering in a small puddle on the floor. Before Arnaya could directly sample the ooze, it seeped into some small crevaces and cracks in the floor and vanished. Arnaya conducted an insight probe, and got an image of the Lost Caves. When Uthanatos returned, they investigated. During their sweep of the plane (both with Insight probes and a direct, in person search), The Southwest Cave's portals shut down with the exception of the one to South Cave. The South Cave portals to SouthWest Cave and SouthEast Cave were also blocked.

When Uthanatos and Arnaya met up in Tengs Lair, more dark ooze began seeping from the ceiling and gathering into a puddle on the floor. They were joined by Gorgunsun in time to be attacked by the Datoken "Lol", who was collapsed as a Shamblix once and then returned as a Horron, empowered by the ooze. He was defeated again, and the ooze that had empowered him fell away, seeping into the floor. "Lol"'s third visit was again as a Shamblix. Once he was defeated, Arnaya conducted a full sweep of the plane and found that all sealed portals had opened again and all area's were accessible.

This afternoon (Jan.29/2017, at about 1:30 or 2 in the afternoon), Arnaya was on her way down Evernight Plateau and saw a glitter of light coming from near Edgeward Barrows. She investigated, finding Purple Lace and Coraal at the Union of the Covenant. Coraal and Purple Lace said that a wisp had just done a pass through the room and vanished into the floor. They had found the Lost Caves cache sealed and an odd mark was placed in front of them. They had been going to investigate when the wisp appeared. At that point, all three joined party and went to investigate the Lost Caves.

Upon their arrival, it was noted that Basin half of the plane had been almost completely sealed off. The portals from SouthEast Cave into Filmador's passing, and from SouthWest Cave into Nerith's Cavern had been sealed. A wardlike object blocked the portals:

The ward has a symbol carved in it's surface. The symbol appears to be a circle with a small curved tirangular shape atop the circle and a larger triangular shape below it, there are two lines crossing the circle, one on the left and one on the right slghtly lower. It appears identical to the other symbols present in the lost caves.

The wisp that Coraal and Purple Lace had mentioned returned, zipping through the sealed portals and inspecting each of the dreamers. It seemed particularly drawn to Purple Lace and LadySilver (Their halo's especially) and sucked in some insight fed to it by Purple Lace (Indicating possible links to Raena Demora? Given the affinity of the Wisp to insight, and Raena Demora's ability to telepathically communicate with Seers, as well as her use of wisps for various endeavors) before zipping through the sealed portal and vanishing.

When Coraal attempted to conduct a probe on the ward, its tendrils turned black before releasing a burst of energy (A kinesis like effect) that pushed the group back across the room. LadySilver joined the group shortly afterwards, and they made plans to try to breach the portal using Purple Lace and LadySilver's blends, combined with a shroud to mask their intrusion (Provided by Arnaya and Coraal). Just as the group started to work, the Datoken Fakar attacked. While fighting him, Off Kilter and Lu Chaos arrived. Fakar became empowered by the Ward as it gave off a dark ooze, and returned as a Horron. He was joined by the Datoken, Rukar.

Both mares were defeated by the combined efforts of the group, though a couple of people did float during the battle. After Fakar was defeated, the ward re-absorbed the dark ooze that had empowered it. The entire assemblage quickly resumed their efforts to breech the ward, though it appears that the shroud Arnaya and Coraal were trying to wrap around the group touched the ward, triggering it again. Luckily, the burst of energy it released seemed to weaken the ward momentarily and the portal began to spin.

Arnaya, Purple Lace, Off Kilter, and Coraal at least were able to make it through before the ward regained enough energy to seal the portal. Coraal and Purple Lace immediately moved to investigate the Cache, while Arnaya went to the South Sanctuary. Off Kilter conducted further investigation of the plane (I'm unsure where he went exactly as I didn't have time to interview him before I had to wake for the afternoon). Arnaya tried to Rally LadySilver into the area, but Coraal was banished from the plane, breaking their party.

Inside the South Sanctuary, Arnaya noted that the rooms protective quality had been severely weakened, nearly to the point of allowing her to use her spear. It was still a sanctuary, though only barely. The center pillar of the Sanctuary was guarded by a set of four (one at each corner of the platform) by thrusting spikes or claws like the one found in the Corrupted Way of Threshold Pits. As soon as she started trying to probe further and collect more information, drips of black ooze began falling from the ceiling, as if trying to drop onto Arnaya. She was able to avoid them for some time, but neither concealing herself, nor putting up a shield prevented the effect and enough began to fall that she unable to avoid it all. Once some began to collect on her, it drew her through the floor and banished her to Dorsal Rift.

Once the group re-assembled, it was discovered that the others had been also been evicted from the plane. Purple Lace and Coraal reported that there was a red, organic looking pillar in the center of the fountain, being surrounded and fed by a circle of essences. Coraal stated his belief that the organic pillar in the Cache was drawing energy from the sanctuary via the water.

Purple Lace has stated that she will put up the relevant histories here in the archives to make sure everyone has access to the relevant lore. Further events will be attached to this scroll as well.

Editorial Conjecture:
Given the nature of recent events (Silk Nuvas coming into possession of Agonarius's Soul Essence and remains in the last couple of weeks, the prevalance of the dark ooze and its effect on Datoken, the organic pillar drawing energy from essences and the regenerative sanctuary being possibly indicative of a cocoon, and the historic links to the Lost Caves in the Agonarius legends, and a sudden flurry of Datoken activity when there has been virtually none in recent dreams), it is my suspicion that the Agonarius is being reborn within the pillar in the Cache of Lost Caves. This conjecture and concern will be revised as further information comes to light, but I would urge everyone to
keep a wary eye open.

~Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Agonarius's Soul Essence Update

Post by Arnaya » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:18 pm

Earlier today, Jan.30/2017, Cianne (Guardian of the Alliance of the Eclipse) called an emergency Chimeric Meeting to reveal some information. Though she was unable to remain for an extended period of time, Arnaya (Guardian of House Calenture) was able to attend and meet with her. Upon Arnaya's arrival, Cianne was visibly distraught. What follows are the details of her account.

(Note: for the sake of brevity, I have left our conversational moments out, cleaving to her account of how Silk Nuvas came into possession of Agonarius's Soul Essence a couple of weeks ago).

Cianne: I didn't mean to do it....
>Cianne took a breath and spoke quickly
Cianne: a couple of weeks ago...Silk Nuvas came up to the house..now I dont know him from a hill of beans, really...
Cianne: He said he was there to see me...Inzoum was immediately suspicious...at any rate..
Cianne: Silk turned on the charm...holy ..wow, I mean..wow! anyways..I digress, he kissed my hand...
Cianne: the next thing I know...I was standing at the facade, scratching my hand until it bled...after some moments..
Cianne: I began to recall what happened...and Silk Nuvas..
Cianne: also seemed very lost and dumbfounded at what had transpired..
Cianne: this... ooze, it had been on him when he kissed my hand..and Inzoum said it sort of melted over my hand and into my arm..
Cianne: I went into the Library and got an Agonarius essence we had there and I put it in Silk's hand
Cianne: Silk...himself, seemed very disoriented after some moments passed
Cianne: but somehow this...ooze.. coalesced with the Agonarius essence and drew his Soul essence from the Rulers quarters
>Cianne frowned deeply and shook her head..."I didnt mean to! I'm so sorry"
Cianne: I just kind of pushed it down to the depths of my mind..until I read your news..and Inzoum said he was covered in ooze in the Thresh last dream
>Cianne frowned
Cianne: I'm so sorry... I shoulda said..sooner. We didnt -give- it to him freely and...I dont even think it was SILK we gave it to! it was all very surreal
>Cianne let out a breath
Cianne: you will share this? now that you have the facts... from the time he kissed my hand till the time a few moments after, I have no recollection at all
Cianne: but my hand..
>Cianne looked at her hand
Cianne: once in awhile it will start to itch like mad, I dunk it in the healing waters in Lambent from time to time

From there, our conversation moved on. For those not familiar with the prior events regarding Agonarius, there have been several writings on the subject. I will attempt to track them all down and compile an index here. As a brief primer however,

Agonarius, nearly 2, 2 & 1/2 years ago I believe, bound the Datoken to his will as a hoard and led them against the city in an attempt to take it for himself. He was defeated initially by a coalition of dreamers from several houses, using the Focal Chakrams. Upon that defeat however, some of his remains (in the form of a black ooze that could empower Datoken) merged with Bladeslayer. This essentially was a possession of Bladeslayer by Agonarius. The incarnation was termed Bladeinarius, and was eventually defeated. The possessing spirit and essence of Agonarius was driven out to return Bladeslayer to us.

~Arnaya, Soulmistress & Lance of Calenture
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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From Nathan's Lips: The Striking of Kruugaar

Post by Arnaya » Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:00 pm

From Nathan's Lips: The Striking of Kruugaar

Once I was informed that Kruugaar had been struck, Nathan agreed to provide an account of the event. These are his words on the issue.

Nathan's Article:
These events have been told to me by Lu Chaos, Purple Lace and I. The night Kruugaar attacked us (The Peace Corpse). Apparently, he had interest into a strange egg we had in our home. It has been sitting in our home collecting dust for about months now. He had charged our home once before, attempting to get into our library but we had no idea why. This egg we had was of interest to him. He attacked us, demanding to be let inside of our library. He had scratched our portal so hard that it left claw marks on it. We were able to fend him off. It wasn't until Dreiko, Lu Chaos, and I were surprised by Nazar who had came to assist the enraged darkmare. We could not take on the mares 2v3 as they were chaining together abjure, aura and chakram combos. We had retreated for a short time. Kruugaar had broken into our library retrieved the egg and ran off to Caudal Rift.

Shortly after Xun'rok had came to our home. He had offered to assist us with our "maren" problem and to prevent the hatching of another threat to the city. He had followed us to Caudal rift to help us take back the egg. We had fought extremely hard to defeat Kruugaar. It was extremely difficult because of the advantage Darks have in the rifts. Magnum showed up and gave us the leverage we needed to defeat the mare. While we are all recovering and gaining our bearings, Xun'rok had struck the mare under 5 seconds. It was much quicker than usual. He had also demanded payment from the Peace Corpse for his services and took his "trophy" soul essence. The Peace Corpse does not plan on aiding him in any way.
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Emergence Emergency

Post by Arnaya » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:51 am

A couple of Dreams ago, (Tuesday, Jan.31/2017), there was an incident up at the Prospective Emergency Academy (the house of the Gathering of the Entranced in the Lyran times). I asked Dimitri to write up something on this event for submission to the Archives Newsfeed, and he came through with this:

Dimitri's Discourse:

A piece of faded beige parchment, frayed on one side where it was torn from a journal. The writing upon it is purposeful and neat, but obviously scrawled by a hasty hand:
It has taken me nearly an entire day to recover from the events two nights past. Up until then, it had all be just talk. Mindless bluster and carefully worded diatribes that, if I am to be completely honest with both the city and myself, served more to ease my feelings of not belonging than any sort of solid plan. We spoke in hushed tones at first, discussing charters and beliefs, hierarchies and structures. We spoke of recruiting; bringing back those from the past whom we wished would return and those we would draw into the fold. As I said, it was all talk. That night was not even set as a meeting. It was simply supposed to be more talk. More planning and an attempt to draw back one we lost.

I must admit that the idea to return Vampyro to the fold was not my own, but Shae always did have a way of making me see past my own shortsightedness. As I had told Anasina several nights before, ousting Vampyro in the manner we did was not right. He was a likable enough fellow, but our guide and several of our housemates had become frustrated with his rule. We were told, in no uncertain terms, that Shae and I take the reins or lost the Academy. It was done so fast, and done privately that rumors swirled for weeks how the mysterious upstart had turned the head of the once loyal guardian, causing her to turn on her ruler. I bore the burden of being the villain for the good of the house, and to maintain Shae’s good name. After all these years, I was sure that he still held a grudge, still blamed me for it all.
We spoke cordially for a moment. Shared a bit of feeling on past events. It was not long before the proceedings were interrupted by Rukar. I’ve seen beasts enter a room without immediately attacking before, but it still takes me by surprise each time. I will not say that Rukar led us into the Celebration Hall as much as I will say that he entered with a purpose after warding the portal and we chased him in. The beast ascended the steps, made several gestures toward the hidden portal behind the stairs and attempted to communicate and, as quickly as he came, he disappeared.

I am still not sure what transpired in the Celebration Hall of what this city calls “The Gathering of the Entranced”, however. We began to speak, idly at first. Vampyro turned his attention to the portal into the Teaching Hall. Suddenly, Idoloclesian after Idoloclesian began to simply appear. As if being drawn to that house. I had just told that I wished this new Emergence Academy to act as a beacon to our people, drawing them to this new city and giving them a sense of home. It was as if my words brought life to my wishes simply be being uttered. I am neither a child, nor a simpleton. I know better than to believe in wish-granting faeries. However, as it always has been with the Emergence Academy, the will of the Song has a way of fulfilling itself.

It is scary, the way the Song does that. Puts the right people, in the right place, at the right time. If I dwell on it too much, it makes me doubt the existence of free will, and that is an existential crisis I am not prepared to delve into. Perhaps this city had it right when they named the stronghold Gathering of the Entranced. It was not long, however, before the portal that Vampyro was idly fiddling with caught fire, extinguished itself, and began to spin.

It was not long before we found ourselves in an unfamiliar room. It is true that we, in our time, had built The Tower of Light – it was operated by a series of pulleys, levers and ropes. In this room, however, stood a dingle panel, with levers, dials and buttons. It was a sight wholly unfamiliar to be. We stared at it a bit, with trepidation and awe. If there was discussion over what to do with the bloody thing, I did not hear it. From the moment when we entered that room, I heard something I’d not heard in many years. A melody that had been ever-present in the background of my most formative dreams. Something deeply missed, yet unrecallable when absent. You are both painfully aware of its absence, yet completely unable to remember what it is you are missing. The emotion is maddening. However, that is not the point. The point is that the Song lead me to the panel. This device of mysterious origin and unknown use. I am usually one to apply an abundance of caution to these things. I abhor the practice experimentation without research. This, however, I was unable to resist. Allowing the melody to guide me, my hands danced over the controls. I flipped switches, turned dials; all with a sense of purpose and understanding I could not possibly possess. Whether it was the Song itself, the Spirit of the Phoenix or just my innate ability to see the into the fabric of the dream, I was possessed with some knowledge of the device.

Or so I thought. The device activated the Tower of Light, turning it’s weapon on the façade of the Order of Light. It was all I could do to stop it. I worked the controls at a maddening pace. The panel caught fire. I am told I, myself, caught fire, though I cannot, for the life of me, recall feeling any pain. In the end, disaster was averted at the cost of damaging the device.

Now, if nothing else, we have purpose. We have a starting point. The device shall be repaired. We shall learn to control it and the Song of Ash shall be heard throughout the Basin once more. The Emergence Academy, the Jewel of Idoloclesia, shall sit atop the Basin of the Stars once more shining a beacon and welcoming our people back to this city while we strive to make new alliances with those here before us. A grand new era is upon us.

For the first time in a very, very long time, I feel as though I have purpose… and that is, I believe, the point.

~ From the Journal of Lord Dimitri Mathias Ursuul Raith
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Interview with Agonarius

Post by Arnaya » Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:17 pm

Interview with Agonarius:

On the evening of Feb.22/2017, a patch of ooze flowed through Threshold, seemingly with a destination in mind. Rasputin, Uthanatos, Frey, and Arnaya followed up to Lost Caves. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there for the beginning of the conversation, but was able to get there in time to speak with with Agonarius. When I entered, Agonarius was standing against one of the walls, ooze dripping down around him, with a multi-coloured Master Teacher Halo over his head. Rasputin, Frey, and Uthanatos stood around the North Sanctuary in Lost Caves looking at Agonarius.
Agonarius appeared as a figure eternally shrouded in darkness. He wore a hooded robe of the pure abyss. The hood covered his face in shadows, the only visible feature being four tendrils that each slithered independently. A simple necklace of wooden prayer beads hung about his neck. His halo seemed unstable, spraying sparks of elemental energy crackling out into the air.
There was much debate going on in the back ground during this conversation, only some of which was relevant to the conversation. So, in the interests of brevity and ease of understanding, I didn't note most of the background debate and random comments except where relevant to Agonarius's statements.

- Arnaya: Well.... this is an interesting meeting. Feeling strong enough to be out and about finally Agonarius?
- Agonarius: ...stronger. Yes.
- Arnaya: So, what do we owe the honor of the invite too? Sorry I'm late by the way, had to deal with something back home before I get my way up here
- Agonarius: I do not recall sending an invitation to you.
- Arnaya: Dripping ooze >Arnaya gestures lightly towards the goo and shrugs
- Rasputin: That's got to be a bad sign... right?
- Frey: if I say yes will it start a debate ?
- Arnaya: Well, it hasn't boded well for us in the past
- Agonarius: I do not think those from your house and I have much we could work together on.
- Rasputin: Healthy people shouldn't be dripping ooze all around the City.
- Arnaya: Ah, so still aiming to take over the city? "Reclaim what was stolen from you" and all of that? "Take back your rightful place"... because when you get right down to it... that type of stuff is about the only reason that Calenture would Really want to step up against you. >Arnaya smiled lightly at Agonarius

Purple Lace, Elmer, and Coraal entered at this point. Night Storm arrived at a later point in the conversation.

- Agonarius: Welcome to the Lost Caves. One of the oldest places of the city.
- Uthanatos: Well, ya know, that or leading a hoarde of mares into the city....that generally ruffles folks.
- Agonarius: Tell me this: do you deny the stories of the Srechethan Kabal or do you reject their importance now? >Agonarius nods his hood in greeting once each to those who entered.
- Arnaya: Well, lets be perfectly blunt.... getting factual points about them is kinda tricky. Too much shrouding in mysticism and shadows
- Uthanatos: Well, honestly only outlines and fragments of those stories still exist.
- Arnaya: So, its hard to get a really good measure of what they were about
- Agonarius: Of course they are. Histories are written by the victors.
- Uthanatos: Honestly, at this juncture, I'd say the most important question is, what are your intentions now that you've returned to the city?
- Agonarius: I have accepted what has been "stolen from me", as you put it, will not be returned, nor would I seek to lead many of you anyway..
- Arnaya: Keep in mind Agonarius, I have only the stories of your last visit... and accounts from people that were there... to base any real perception of you on. Granted, none of those paint you in very flattering light... still.
- Agonarius: Were any of you present?

Everyone present confirmed that they had not been in the city during Agonarius's previous visit.

- Agonarius: Thunderman still rules your house?
>Arnaya nodded to Agonarius
- Uthanatos: Thunderman is one of our rulers
- Agonarius: I came to the city, claimed to be the rightful ruler, and was immediately attacked, most likely for my appearance as much as any other reason.
- Uthanatos: You might look into getting that fixed, by the by. it is, disconcerting, the tentacleyness of it
- Agonarius: If you spent as much time in the chaos as I had, you would likely look worse.
- Rasputin: Maybe because someone they'd never met claimed to be their Ruler?
- Rasputin: I do not doubt that at one time his claim to rule the city may have had some validity, but over the past decades we've not had a singular ruler. Him showing up doesn't immediately change that.
- Agonarius: You should understand that time works much differently in the chaos. What was decades to you, was much shorter for me.
- Rasputin: That doesn't change what we have experienced. And someone showing up and claiming that they are our Ruler may not be something we are prepared to accept. The respect neccessary for others to accept your Rulership must be earned not demanded.
- Uthanatos: So it seems like a week since you betrayed your city to assault your brother with an army of nightmares and only a few days since you brought the second swarm of them here?
- Coraal: Does not that same history state that he joined with his brother to oppose that force, Uthanatos?
- Arnaya: once he lost control of it Coraal
- Agonarius: That is the story you were told passed down from Teng and his followers, Uthanatos.
- Uthanatos: The ones he couldn't control Coraal. The Darks
- Coraal: He did not attempt to control the Darks. They came after, He worked with the Datoken. The Katoke took advantage of the situation
- Uthanatos: yes he controlled the datoken and assaulted the city, then joined with his brother against the Darks, which he couldn't control. I thought that was what I just said
- Rasputin: The history of the situation doesn't change the present. You showed up and tried to claim a right to be the Ruler of the City. Those here at the time were not willing to accept your claim.
- Agonarius: Indeed, Rasputin.
- Coraal: The Datoken turned on him just as the Darks were beyond his ability to work with, Uthanatos
- Rasputin: It may have seemed like weeks or years to you, but it's been decades here, and you can't simply ignore that.
- Arnaya: regardless, shall we move on? We can debate this quite a bit and go absolutely no where except at each others throats
- Rasputin: You have no right if others do not respect it.
- Rasputin: What is there to move onto?
- Arnaya: What ever it is that our dripping companion here wanted to share badly enough to let his ooze gather up a group and lead them up here? >Arnaya smiled lightly at Agonarius as she turned her gaze to him calmly
- Rasputin: I do not personally think Xun'rok has any right to Rulership either. I do not trust him
- Coraal: That has not stopped many from following him in spite of the obvious
- Uthanatos: Well, let's be fair, Xun'rok is not ruler of anything and noone claims to trust him completely
- Arnaya: None of us really do Ras hun. The ones that have joined him have joined out of common purpose, nothing more or less
- Uthanatos: secondly, we are talking about Blades worse half over there
ures to Agonarius
- Rasputin: What is ironic is that Lace supported Zaxun and now renounces anyone who has the art of DreamStrike, but that's not really relevant to our current conversation, and neither is your point about Irony.
- Agonarius: I am curious. Has Thunderman stated why he released me?
- >Arnaya shook her head to Agonarius
- Arnaya: In his defense, I don't think it was entirely intentional for you to be "released" as you put it. You were to be given to the custody of another is all... which I understand led to you doing your ooze on the brain routine with him to get your Soul Essence. If Thunder had other motives, he hasn't shared them
- Agonarius: I only know that he was the one that took my vial from Calenture, and a woman took my essence from the Lambent house.
- Purple Lace: That would be Cianne.
- Agonarius: It is a shame I have not mastered the "ooze on the brain" technique, or perhaps I would have been more successful in my return.
- Arnaya: well, you were going after a fairly difficult target with him anyway [Referencing Silk Nuvas]
- Purple Lace: Ye learn it and ye must teach me, Agonarius.
- Rasputin: Agonarius, are you able to DreamStrike?
- Agonarius: I have learned of you "dreamstrike." There was no such thing back in my time, hence why I was banished to the chaos instead.
- Uthanatos: Or, perhaps work towards cleansing yourself of the chaos that taints you so horribly.
- Arnaya: but, the question at hand.... which you never did really answer Agonarius. What are your intentions now that your back?
- Agonarius: My intentions are to claim these caves as the ancestral lands of the Kabal. Will you be challenging my claim on these caves as well? And this "taint" is likely the only thing still keeping me alive.
- Uthanatos: All the more reason to cleanse it?
- Arnaya: Mmm... exclusive claim, probably. Most of the city probably wouldn't really give a damn honestly if there was at least a path through and to the other ago. These are fairly popular hunting grounds after all
- Rasputin: So you have not been able to learn the ways of DreamStrike since your return?
- Agonarius: You will have to accept my deepest apologies that my locks are interferng with your hunting and hampering you from trampling through my tribe's home and ceremonial halls.
- Arnaya: I don't hunt down here very often myself, unless I'm working with a younger or lower sphered dreamer. I was just giving you a general overview of the cities mentality these dreams. If you really want to break it down, nearly every plane in the city was once someones Home and Ceremonial halls after all
- Coraal: I'm sure should one of those dreamers return to present claim, the bridge can be crossed then.
- Agonarius: I appreciate that, but the area I have claimed exclusively for the Kabal is non-negotiable. The room you speak of with the Agoknight is the exit to the cache.
- Arnaya: Exit, not entrance. A simple path through the plane would likely be enough to ease at least some of the tensions. For some reason, people seem to feel that the basin is a rather long trek
- Agonarius: Alternatively I could claim the entire city and assault it once again.
- Arnaya: Meh, most of us are kinda expecting you to do that once you regain your full strength anyway
- Agonarius: Your numbers are much lower now and I have heard at least some of the chakrams have been lost.
- Arnaya: Yep, at least two of them are where-abouts unknown. >Arnaya agreed quickly with a bright smile
- Uthanatos: Both true, but, we don't rightly need them anymore.I mean, let's be honest, I got to hear all the stories about your great invasion when I was studying the history of THIS city, as opposed to the two older versions.
- Uthanatos: I haven't shot it, or your pet. I merely expressed that none would lament it's departure, Because that, thing...>Uthanatos gestured to Agonarius
- Uthanatos: is no more a dreamer than Bandy
- Coraal: I would disagree on that point, Uthanatos. He is one of the First dreamers.
- Agonarius: A year ago, I was attacked the moment I entered the city.
- Uthanatos: he may have been, but that, is a creature of chaos.
- Coraal: But then look upon Agonarius and claim, seemingly, that his faults or perceived faults are justification to immediately oppose him.
- Arnaya: So, Agonarius..... to summarize what your saying of your intent. Your saying that your basically content to sit here in your ancestral home and leave the rest of the city be unless disturbed?
- Agonarius: I will not make "claim" to the rest of the city. Am I going to sit in the caves and not ever leave them? No. Much like you claim ownership of your house and Evernight.
- Arnaya: So, this is to be your stronghold in functional terms
- Agonarius: The locked portion is my "Stronghold" the open portion is my "evernight."
- Arnaya: So.... that still leaves us with half the question of your intentions unanswered. What purpose do you exist for now, and recruit others to work with you, and all of that? Given past history, I'm sure you can understand why I'd like to have some idea of what's going on so Calenture has at least some current information to base any decisions on >Arnaya asked simply as she looked at Agonarius curiously
- Agonarius: Rasputin, you are welcome to claim whatever lands you wish, and anyone else is welcome to oppose your claim. Much like you could oppose my claim here. [Reference to an extended background debate about the validity of Agonarius's claim to the lands of the Lost Caves, between Rasputin and Coraal].
- Agonarius: My purpose is to one day rule over the city as my father Hasenthes once wished. I have seen that the dreamers are much stronger now than they were before and that will not be able to be accomplished through force.
- Arnaya: So.... Why would you want to rule over the city even?
- Elmer: so kind of like the Mayor
- Coraal: I believe the answer to that question, Arny, is that it is his birthright
- Arnaya: very likely, Coraal... but assumptions being bad and all that. >Arnaya shrugged lightly to Coraal
- Coraal: I'll not argue with that. >Coraal grinned at Arnaya
- Elmer: in my town we have a lot of different groups, then the Mayor who sees over all of them
- Arnaya: He's more thinking like "Emporer" is what i get the impression of Elmer. But again, that's assumption... which is why I'm asking.
- Agonarius: Have you not seen what this city has become even since the short time from my first visit? You all fight amongst yourself while outside forces threaten to destroy the city, yet you do not care.
- Rasputin: Some might consider you an outside source Agonarius.
- Agonarius: Some might consider all of you an outside source.
- Rasputin: True enough
- Arnaya: This city has Always fought amongst themselves Agonarius, since the first idea's about the nature of the Dreamscape came into conflict. As I understand, even the different tribes during your era would come into conflict with each other. Is that not accurate?
- Rasputin: I guess we could all just leave you to ruling over only those that dreamed here during your time. That would be noone I think
- Agonarius: Hasenthes ruled over all the tribes for decades peacefully. It was not until he died and Teng siezed the power for himself that the city was sent into turmoil.
- Rasputin: And before Hasenthes... was there not war? It sounds like only he was able to make peace.
- Arnaya: That's fair, I've only found scattered references to things from that era. So had to ask
- Agonarius: So while you all think you do not need a leader and are fine with you segregated houses, each vying for power and control over parts of the city, I have seen a better way.
- Arnaya: Now though, you intend on reclaiming kingship for lack of a better term... and uniting the city. So, how do you intend on uniting the city? Declaring kingship is after all a pretty straight forward affair. You declare it, others oppose you. Lets say for sake of discussion that you beat the opposition.... what then. How do you unite the survivors, how do you lead them? >Arnaya looked curiously at Agonarius again
- Elmer: so back in that time sir, there werent seperate houses?
- Agonarius: My father did not become leader of all the tribes through force. It was his knowledge and skill of the ancient arts which made those respect his rule. Yes, the tribes fought amongst each other much like your houses do now, before Hasenthes was able to unite them all, then peacefuly ruled the city for decades.
>Elmer nodded, the asked: How did he do that?
- Agonarius: How does someone become ruler of one of your houses now?
- Elmer: I have no idea, i'm pretty new here. I dont know who somebody becomes a ruler. Err how
- Agonarius: By others allowing them to be and seeking to follow them.
- Elmer: if i had to guess i would say time, respect, that kind of thing
- Agonarius: Rasputin can claim to be ruler of the Radiance house, but that does not make it so.
- Rasputin: I certainly do not claim to be the Ruler of the Corpse. I was a Ruler of the house that was there before the Corpse.
- Elmer: think he was just tossing out an example there
- Rasputin: It might be called my "ancestral lands"
- Elmer: dont think he was being literal
- Rasputin: That is also true Elmer.
- Arnaya: So, that is how you intend on going about things this time Agonarius? What about those that refuse to follow you?
- Agonarius: Much like my father, I know of a better way for this city to function then your seperate "tribes" function now. And I retain knowledge that has been long forgotten.
- Elmer: well, how would your way work? what kinds of things would you do? Sorry, i'm just curious is all. >Elmer smiled
- Agonarius: Free arts and plateaus for everyone. Vote Agonarius ruler.
- Elmer: no really
- Agonarius: Tell me, where do your arts and spheres come from now?
- Elmer: teachers
- Arnaya: Ultimately, the Elders. Since they're the oens that ordain teachers
- Agonarius: Ultimately, would that not make them rulers of the city already?
- Elmer: teachers? yea i guess in a way. If they go on strike nobody goes anywhere
- Arnaya: Functionally
- Rasputin: So, are you truely offering free plateaus and spheres for dreamers to support you?
- Agonarius: You follow them and do as they command. Do not go here. Do not fight here. Don't do that. Do this.
- Arnaya: Within reason, Agonarius. They tend to keep a pretty light hand on things on an overall level. There's rules for teachers to follow of course, but most the rest of the stuff has been left up to the dreamers to determine in one way or another
- Purple Lace: Bah. They hold us hostage and make us thank them for it.
- Elmer: ok yea but you were kidding about free stuff. >Elmer looked at agonarius again
- Arnaya: Like with any society, there are those that chafe at the rules laid down by those in the upper echelons. Those that support those rules. and still others that are in the middle
- Purple Lace: Arnaya, I am a different era than ye.... and ye dun see the truth of what I say.
- Elmer: i havent done alot, but my tasks so far have been really fun
- Coraal: I believe the point he is attempting to make is this, Arny. The system created and encouraged by the Elders allows the dreamers to decide amongst themselves. But a group that is at disagreement does not make progress.
- Agonarius: Yet you do not attack them and seek to banish them to the chaos, or imprison them in your strongholds for claiming the right to make those rules. Have you discovered any new arts since your time in this city?
- Arnaya: There's been a couple
- Agonarius: What is one you have discovered?
- Arnaya: I havn't personally, mostly because I havn't delved into that aspect of things yet. But the arts of Rally and Channel are the newest to be discovered and passed down into general knowledge
- Agonarius: Who discovered them?
- Arnaya: Rally was begun a couple of dreamers actually, then the project was abandoned when the lead left the city if I understand right. So, it was picked up by the elders and finished. Same with Channel....Well, that one was entirely elder created I think
- Purple Lace: Rally was discovered by Vill Valorian.
- Arnaya: but not completed by him as I understand
- Agonarius: Is it in common agreement that Vill discovered it?
- Arnaya: at least worked on it initially.
- >Purple Lace nods to Agonarius
- Agonarius: For the sake of arguement, let us pretend for a moment that this dreamer had stuck around and finished the work that he started. If after working to discover the art, if he decided he wanted the knowledge to be freely shared and could be granted and plateaued to anyone without a plateau, would your elders have allowed it? Without a quest, rather.
- Arnaya: Very unlikely
- Agonarius: And these "elders". Where were they when I was "assaulting the city"?
- Arnaya: Likely assisting people with growing their power. Its a nice little logic and morality trap your setting up, I have to admit. It does not however address how YOU intend to do things differently.
- Purple Lace: But it does...
- Arnaya: Overthrow the elders, and that leaves you in their position. So, how will You be dealing with that? He's hinted at it lace. Unless he was being honest about the "Free arts and sphere's for everyone, for ever".... he hasn't actually said what he'd do. Only what's wrong with what's here
- Agonarius: I would pose this theory to you then: This entire city is already ruled unchallenged. You claim that in my absence you are no longer welcoming of a ruler, but you already have one, or perhaps a small council. They control your arts, your houses, they send you off to die in the defense of this city while they remain safe.
- Rasputin: So, maybe you should be assaulting the elders and leaving us out of it.
- Agonarius: Would you allow that?
- Night Storm: No, probably not.
- Rasputin: Could I stop you? Could you accomplish it without the help of some of us?
- Agonarius: They keep their most powerful knowledge to themselves and refuse to share it with you.
- Rasputin: So you do need our help in order to overthrow them? At least some of us.
- Agonarius: How do you make a vault? A sanctuary? An item generator? A prime? An artifact? Seal a portal? Unlock a portal?
- Elmer: yea, about that, you said you had the knowledge to rule and bring peace, i was wondering about what that might be
- Rasputin: That's not an answer to any of my questions. I might be able to manage all of that in a City I created from scratch. And you could keep this one.
- Arnaya: Several of us have accomplished some of those things
- Purple Lace: Keys on a ring... hanging from a pair of trousers.
- Agonarius: Which?
- Arnaya: Artifact, I've dabbled in gen creation myself, but never did actually resume work on the project when I messed up
- Agonarius: You created the prime artifact of Calenture?
- >Arnaya shook her head and replied: Other artifacts, not house primes. There hasn't been a need to delve into that really in recent times
- Elmer: not trying to be a jerk, but it sounds like a lot of people start stuff around here and never finish, again no offense, just what i've been hearing.
- >Arnaya nods in agreement with Elmer before replying: Your not wrong Elmer
- Purple Lace: Well... the Kabal of m'era taught me how to create the Heart of Shadow, Arnaya.
- Agonarius: Because the Elders have given you your primes. They did not teach you how to make them yourselves.
- Rasputin: Why then did an elder direct me to learn to forge my own prime when I began to look into opening a house?
- Agonarius: In this city?
- Rasputin: In this city.
- Agonarius: To watch you fail most likely.
- Rasputin: My point is that an Elder pointed me towards the project.
- Agonarius: The begs the question: Does that elder themselves know how to make house primes?
- Rasputin: Do you?
- Arnaya: like I said earlier Agonarius.... you've addressed what you see as wrong. So, lets move on to how you intend to make it *right*
- Agonarius: "Right" would be correcting those wrongs.
- Night Storm: now, I'm curious. >Night Storm hugged his staff
- Agonarius: Knowledge would not be kept away but shared. Dreamers would determine the rules of teaching themselves, not be told what to do and how to do it, and I would not disappear when a threat to the city came, but would lead the assault against it.
- Night Storm: I, was taught and believe. we are concious and aware but that of grains of sand upon a beach. We can slowly form things the more we grow the more we are able to become. more of us focusing on something more we change.
- Agonarius: If Vill Valorian discovered an art himself, I would not be telling him what he can or can not do with that knowledge.
- Night Storm: are you suggesting, that.. we all become all we can.. or wish to be.. with your help.. and move greater together.. or .. that we all individually capable of moving great things.. without the aid or help of one another?
- Arnaya: So, basically self government as long as we agreed to cede final say on matters of defense and unity to you?
- >Purple Lace looked at Arnaya curiously before replying: Sometimes I wonder if we e'en speak the same tongue.
- >Arnaya laughed lightly as she grinned at Purple Lace, then replied: That same thought has crossed my mind a few times as well
- Purple Lace: Hablamos espanol?
- Agonarius: I am saying to reject your "emperors" who hide their knowledge from you and refuse to teach you how to create a prime, but send you off on a pointless quest to create your own yourself.
- Night Storm: and then what
- Agonarius: Arnaya, if a student came to you seeking to learn Push...Would you give them a task and help them learn it? Or would you tell them to go discover how to do it themselves?
- Arnaya: Depends on the student honestly. If the student wants to discover it entirely for themselves, I let them and the quest reflects it
- Purple Lace: usually tis the latter, aye Arnaya?
- Agonarius: That is true, perhaps the elder could have taught Rasputin how to forge a prime, but did not think he would be a good ruler. If they need aid, I'm pretty much always willing to talk to them and help them out. I just wont' do the work for them... especially not at the stage they're learning it
- Purple Lace: Elmer....Ye were "taught" and then sent on a quest, aye?
- >Elmer nodded
- Purple Lace: This is the difference Agonarius speaks of. Teaching versus "tasking".
- Agonarius: Perhaps, because the elders know best on who should be allowed to rule a stronghold and who shouldn't, yes?
- Rasputin: He may have had a more impartial view of the situation than I did.
- Arnaya: Not all teachers teach quite the same way Lace. And ultimately, its up to the student how they want to approach things, and how much aid they want with any given quest
- Agonarius: My point is not about how you would teach the art to the student or what you would task them to do, Arnaya. It is that you *would* quest them to learn it. You would not say you do not need a teacher, go discover the art for yourself.
- Arnaya: Not generally, no. It wouldn't be teaching if I did that, honestly. It would be telling them to self-discover something
- Agonarius: How do you create a focal pad?
- >Arnaya shrugged to Agonarius before saying: Never tried it to know.
- Agonarius: Focal pads have been created before, yes?
- Purple Lace: Aye
- Agonarius: Why hasn't that knowledge been shared?
- Arnaya: No one bothered documenting it with any eye towards long term preservation?
- Elmer: nobody probably asked, people dont ask stuff. Well i do. too much. >Elmer boomed a laugh
- Agonarius: Do your elders know how to create a focal pad?
- Rasputin: No idea, do you know how to Agonarius?
- Arnaya: Some of them likely, others likely not
- Agonarius: I would send you on a quest then. Find out if any of your "elders" know how to create a focal pad. If they do, ask them to share that knowledge with you.
- Rasputin: You'd have us overthrow the Elders, but you've yet to inform us if you know how to do the important things that you posit our elders may not be able to do.
- Night Storm: Ask fancypant's for his keys once.. that went over bout as well as mass scare in the library.
- Agonarius: And that is exactly why I have reclaimed these caves and restarted The Kabal.
- Rasputin: Agonarius, can you make primes? can you make focal pads? can you make artifacts? can you make item gens? I don't remember the rest of your list right now.
- Agonarius: I can. Would you like to learn?
- Night Storm: My concern is, .. if we were to agree to such.. given what knowledge that I know about .. what's to keep them from flat wiping us out when your not around? and or soon as they find out we would do such?
- Rasputin: Finally a straight answer
- Agonarius: That is the difference between me and your current "elder rulers"
- Rasputin: You give straight answers after half an hour? Seems about the same if you ask me.
- Arnaya: Well, lets hear the follow through then. You wanted to know the basics of how to create a House Prime didn't you Ras hun?
- Purple Lace: Wanna know how I did it?
- Rasputin: I would like to. The question isn't if you can Lace. The question at hand is if Agonarius can.
- >Purple Lace laughed and answered: Ok
- Rasputin: He suggests that the Elders may not be able to. But that he can teach us.
- Agonarius: Can every elder do all of those things? Likely not. But why are the ones that know at least some of those, unwilling to share that knowledge?
- Elmer: so they can rule
- Rasputin: Maybe they are. You're so skeptical that you assume that my quest to create a prime was a setup to watch me fail for his own amuzement.
- Night Storm: knowledge is earned, a privlidge not a right. been drilled into my head for as long as I can remember.
- Elmer: usually the ones who hold secret knowledge, rule
- Rasputin: Maybe that wasn't his motivation.
- Agonarius: I offered that as one possibility.
- Elmer: from mayors, like i said before..kings, presidents, queens
- Agonarius: Another possibility is that elder does not know how to. But expects you to be able to figure it out yourself.
- Rasputin: Another is that he wanted to see me get far enough that he was able to teach me where I was going wrong. Learn by doing.
- Agonarius: Do you really believe he would have taught you where you were going wrong? Or would he have finished it for you? If he taught you where you were going wrong, then you would have the knowledge to create them yourselves in the future.
- Elmer: so.. do you think he was set up to fail? basically?
- Rasputin: Honestly? I met him half a dozen times. But my gut feeling was that his intentions were honest.
- Arnaya: That elder in particular, likely would have at least helped Ras correct his approach or helped work him through to the insights nessessary to do it. I can't speak for all of the other elders, but that one in specific.
- Agonarius: You would be the first person that an elder has ever shown how to completely create a prime yourself then, yes? Perhaps that will happen and you will prove me wrong. I won't hold my breathe.
- Arnaya: Regretably, that particular elder no longer dreams. His name was Jasper Margrav
- Rasputin: Honestly? I don't know if I'd be the first. But the Elder who offered me the quest hasn't been seen in quite some time.
- Rasputin: What would you ask in return for teaching me how to create a prime?
- Agonarius: That you join the Kabal and assist the others in the guild with their projects as well.
- Rasputin: Who are the others in this Kabal? what are their projects?
- Agonarius: For all I know, Thunderman will show up tomorrow and seek to banish or imprison me and any followers once again. I will not put them in that kind of danger.
- Rasputin: So, I'm to join this group without knowing who's in it or what it's goals are? I have no character references for you...
- Agonarius: If after the past 3 hours, you have not figured out what our goals are, I do not think you would be a good fit.
- Arnaya: Yes you do Ras hun. >Arnaya gestured around the room
- Rasputin: You may be right, but that's also part of the hesitation on my part. I don't particularly get along with those who speak on his behalf. At this point I think I'll have to give your offer a bit of thought. Also, if you care for me to join your Kabal, you may want to ask the Corpse Rulership to refrain from trying to make the point for you. Each one of them has rubbed me the wrong way in the past.
- Agonarius: I offer this quest to you [Gave Arnaya a quest codex for Train 40 that read: Report some of what you have learned today to the city scrolls so that others may learn from what you have heard. Ask the next "elder" you see what special knowledge they know that dreamers do not from what we have discussed: Creation of Generators, focal fonts, house primes, forming sanctuaries, creating vaults, planesmithing. Ask them to help teach you how to do this yourself. What was the result of your request?]. Complete it or not, I leave the decision up to you.
- Arnaya: Nicely baited Agonarius, Nicely baited
- Agonarius: I retire for the evening. I will leave you all to enjoy the caves of my ancestors. >Agonarius's form dissolved into dark ooze which seeped through the cracks in the floor.

After this, the assembled group remained behind and talked for a while longer. Purple Lace reminding the group that the Citadel and Caches were discovered by the Kabal and Penumbra in the early Lyran days before the group separated for the evening.

~ Transcribed and edited for legibility and comprehension by,
Arnaya, Soulmistress, Wordsmith, and Lance of Calenture.
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Akkadian Replies to Agonarius

Post by Arnaya » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:13 pm

Akkadian's Reply to Agonarius's Challenge:

Akkadian: It has not gone unnoticed that Agonarius is again, trying to teach the citizens of the City. Here is the directive straight from the source, as it were. If you are given a task, and it is of acceptable difficulty, then there should...-should- be no issue. As with any art trained in the City, I know what was asked of you and I know if it is unacceptable.

Dar'canon: What if the task puts you in an uncomfortable situation?

Akkadian: You have the right to either do the task or not. You are not contractually bound in any way. I have reworked many quests because of situations that have come up and needed revised. You can refuse to do any task written for you. By anyone, at any time. I do not take offense to students refusing a quest that I have written. I will rework it until it is acceptable.

Arnaya: There arn't many teachers that are even going to have an issue with re-writing a quest. Most of us would rather do that honestly, and Akkadian nodded in agreement.

Akkadian: On to the next issue, sharing of knowledge. Most Elders do not know everything about everything within the City and its surroundings. I would dare say that Silk Nuvas knows much more about Forging than I do. That is his comfort area and where he flourished. I know things about planesmithing and creating things like focus pads and portal work. I am by no means accomplished in all areas of the spectrum. Having said that, my knowledge is shared with anyone who wants it. Will I give you the answers? Absolutely not. I am first and foremost a teacher. I will educate you in ways to accomplish your goals and assist where needed, But I will not make the CItizens of the City dependant upon the work of others that they can learn to do themselves. If the Elder Masters wanted to supress the Citizens of the City, we would be easily able to do such a thing....But we work with you to strengthen you and help you to grow. I have no ulterior motives. I wish to see all of you succeed in what you attempt. But I also know that not all attempts will be successful.

Rasputin expressed an interest in plane smithing, and Akkadian replied: There have been some that have dabbled in PlaneSmithing on a basic level already. And art creation...art advancement, and forging gains. I know of two rooms in two different houses that have been changed by dreamers. One is in the Alliance of the Eclipse in the Underhall. It was changed into a vault. The other is in the Order of the Sable Moon. It was constructed to be an additional storage room. Master Lace has assisted with the creation of many arts. Have you not? (Akkadian asked Purple Lace, and she replied: Aye). So, to say that the Elders wish to hold you back by witholding information is not an accurate statement. Are there "Elders" that have ulterior motives? Yes, I would think some do. Will there be halos given by other means than the established ones? No. I can not allow that to happen. Will I allow plateaus and arts to be given without the effort? Again, no I can not allow that to happen either. Do I speak for all of the other Elders and their realms of duty? No. I hope that this has answered many questions. I am sure that there will be others. We will discuss them as they present themselves.

Rasputin: Which elder is currently in charge of allowing access to currently unopened houses?

Akkadian: Access as in opening the house? Or simply to seeing the other rooms?

Rasputin: Are there two different Elders for those different aspects?

Akkadian: I would wager that it would depend upon which you were wondering about. The rules to opening a house have been established and must be followed. There must be 10 members at first and a certain amount of strength needs to be gathered. There have been two that have assisted with that in the past, they are both gone now.

Rasputin: That's why I'm asking who would assist with that now.

Arnaya: Castellan and Portunes.

Purple Lace: Neither of which I used when I opened the House of Shadow, by the way.

Arnaya: Nor the Corpse

Purple Lace: Mayhaps tis nay needed.

Akkadian: I can assist until it is determined who would be the one to take on that role.

Rasputin: The specific Elder or the other requirements Lace?

Purple Lace: I had none. I went to the House itself. Sharque was helpful as a guide.

Purple Lace: She's a DarkMare tho.

Rasputin: You didn't get 10 members and some predetermined amount of strength?

Purple Lace: I did. I talked to Kruugaar, Sharque and had a lil help from Zaxun.

Rasputin: So you bypassed a specific Elder but not the other requirements.

Purple Lace: Aye. That's correct. i had the members and strength.

Uthanatos: The guides seem to have some connection to their houses for the most part, Lynx was able to circumvent the need for Portunes to save AoE, Sharque and Kael were able to help open KoES and PoR respectively.

Purple Lace: Aye, good way to put it, Uthy.

Arnaya: Sicario was able to help us a bit as well, despite not being formally granted the position of Guide

Purple Lace: If I were to open another house, I would see the house's spirit or guide of that house.

Akkadian: That sounds like great advice. And a wonderful place to start.

~Transcribed by Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Alder's Blood, Apr.04/2017

Post by Arnaya » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:30 pm

Recently there have been some developments with Alder (The man tree that resides in Harrow Glades, Valley of Totality Entrance), and I would like to make sure that the city is aware of these events.

On March.28/2017, Alder was located on his own in Harrow Glades by Arlyana Jax, Frey, Zenobia, and Arnaya. The four immediately went to investigate. Alder was warm in his greetings, but expressed that he was unable to remember much even of the blood and memories that were given to him on a previous occasion. Frey contributed some fresh blood, and Alder seemed strengthened by it, standing straighter. He again mentioned about "Blood is Memory" and lamented the loss of his own. On a previous evening, Arnaya had conducted a brief effort to locate any resonances to Alder's essence and received a brief sense of something in the area of Cairn, Upper Illapse, or Gloom Peaks.

So, the group set off to start their search in the closest area.... Cairn of Sorrow. Arlyana Jax focused the groups search to start in the area of Analinde's Prison. In the Dark Temple, several leaves were blown and the sound of falling wood was heard. So the group focused their attention there, finding an amulet of protection that Arnaya had given to Alder some time previously. Both mystical and physical search techniques were used, including digging into the walls a bit. No results were noted initially, except for some dark ooze dripping in congealed form out of the wall.

Frey taste sampled a tiny bit of the ooze, and that tiny sample had the functional equivalent of near a 90 plat poison. Reducing his avatar to less than half its dreamsoul before Arnaya could get provide an Antidote. The mystic efforts resulted in the walls darkening and tendrils rising from them, concentrating on the roof above Frey. The group acted quickly and were able to disperce the tentacles before they could attack. The group resumed digging at the wall, using both blades and energy based attacks, Arlyana Jax spearheading the work. Movement could be heard inside the wall, before finally, a burst of dark energy flung Arlyana Jax back. A small codex falling from the wall at the same time. The codex read: "The secrets of Sorrow are not yours to take". With that, the group decided to leave efforts for the evening. Arnaya returned Alder's Protective Amulet to him, hanging it around his neck.

On Apr.03/2017, Elmer and LadySilver were found speaking to Alder, who seemed to be recounting what he could recall of how he came to be where he was. That story is recounted elsewhere in the Archives, so I won't go over it again here. Arlyana Jax brought down one of the samples of Dark Ooze to see if Alder recognized it or could get anything from it, but as soon as he touched it, it started absorbing into him. Alder started screaming in pain, and yelling about Memories of Sorrow. Arnaya had prepared in case there was a problem with it and immediately began directing purifying energy towards Alder, though much of it was reflected. Arlyana attempted to bolster Alder with Dreamsoul, while LadySilver poured pure water on Alders roots.

The winds that protect Alder rose, lashing the assembled group with a razorwind effort of branches and sharp leaves. The remaining members of the group (Kailee, Frey, and Elmer) joined in to assist Alder as his hand began to blacken. Eventually succeeding in halting the spread of the blackness at his wrists as Alder lapsed into quiescence again. After a few moments, the Protective Amulet that Arnaya had given him previously fell from his torso, blackened and twisted from its original form and function to as follows:

Blackened Amulet
A small, delicately carved wooden amulet with a blackened gem at its heart. The smooth, grainy surface is covered with sigils and pictographcs, appearing burned on. It is cold, and smells of ashes.
It had 10 charges, and a curse effect of 8 hours duration, where it had been warm, with a vibrant gem at its heart and a protective (5 to 10 minute) effect bound into its heart.

Please watch for further updates on this situation, and if you have any information please let me.
~Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Coraal's Vision of Darkness

Post by Arnaya » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:13 pm

On Apr.11/2017, I was on the Facade of House Calenture when I was approached by Pa'uqo Coraal, one of the Peace Corpse's Captains (Chaplain by title and official position). He informed me that he had received a vision a night or two previous, and wanted to make sure that it was shared. So, Without further ado.. this is what Coraal shared with me.

"We, Elmer, Lace, Poppy, Dar, and I were standing in the Corpse Thresh. Conversing as we are all wont to do before getting our business started. Nothing serious, just the regular banter. Lace had placed a Datoken essence on the floor to make temporary room for a recharge Dar had asked for. A swirling, dark ooze rose from the stones and collected the essence. We were a bit flabergasted when I noticed that the codex's were multiplying. Elmer picked one up and was immediately struck with a very long duration Scare

We decided to do an experiment. We laid a ring of weak Datoken, Ago level, essences on the floor. The ooze consumed them, then dropped different Datoken essences at each of our feet. At this point, Tamarisk had joined us. We used Rukar's essences to test this, mind, and were Gorzak essences by the ooze in exchange. One for each dreamer present. We then had Lace try to scan the ooze, maybe see or determine if it was connected to Agonarius given the "ooze" appearance and Datoken association. I used my Key as a focus for my Resilience but received no confirmation.

A tendril of black energy emerged from the floor and wrapped around Lace's boot and thigh, pulling her closer to the swirling ooze. It...began to hurt her.
So I dried to disperse the ooze with Resilience while Dar and Lu pulled on Lace. Lace ended up having to use one of her good swords, the old ones, to eventually sever the tendril. We also heard cackling, mocking, laughter when it dropped the Gorzak essences. Once the tendril was severed, a piece of it remained.

We Identified it as negative Dreamsoul -10-99. Lace's leg was savaged so Dar and I did what we would for her. In the mean time, Lu held the tendril and a heated debate began. Some members wanted to take the tendril to the Mount...I interjected and refused this. We took it to the stronghold where Lu handed it to me and told me to make a decision about what to do with it. Of course, something like this...I want nowhere near anything of importance let alone where people can find it.

I asked Tam to help me, since he speaks with the City. I asked him he could determine anything about the tendril without us having to do anything that might endanger others. He connected with the City and said that the tendril was whispering but he could not hear its words. They weren't meant for him. He looked at me and said that this tendril was bound to *my* Resilience. And that *I* had to speak to it.

When I asked why, he indicated that, because I am the only member of the Corpse to have handled the mask of the Dominion; I was "marked" by it. So I made a decision. I had wanted to have Dar take out his flame and see if the tendril reacted to it. Not to touch them together, but just by proximity. Dar refused. We moved onto the Facade, away from the Chos Portl, mind, and I charged the tendril with Resilience. It came alive, and wrapped around my right wrist.

> Coraal at this point pulled his sleeve back, showing a band of scarred flesh around his wrist.

It thrust tendrils into the flesh of my avatar and I began to...dissolve into flakes and break apart. Suddenly, my entire form became transluscent, ghostly, and an orb of absolute darkness absorbed me and ate the light away from the facade.
When I could see, the tendrils had retracted by the original piece was still around my wrist. I was made to watch, taken on a journey, to each of the strongholds in turn. I looked into a sky that was void, dark, cold, and hungry...ravenous. As my feet, at each stronghold, were the shattered and crushed soul essences of the City, blowing in the dust like broken glass. Enormous tentacles of dark energy fell from the sky and I watched as each stronghold, in turn, was shattered and consumed...

I asked it questions...Who are you?...What do you want?....Where am I?...The vision was my only reply. At one stronghold, I remember not which now, I tried to touch a crushed essence but it crumbled before my fingers made contact. So, I grew angry and channeled all of the Radiance I could...to no avail. Nothing. The last of the vision, or journey, or whatever it was...a giant tendril lashed outwards at me, towards my light, but passed through my as though I was not there.

The tendril on my wrist throbbed however, in sympathy of its passing. The ground beneath me shattered and I looked around to see *all* ground in the dream shattered and crumbling. I began to fall...fell...into the void...

I do not know for how long I fell or how far, but it felt like an eternity. Nothingness surrounded me, empty, silent...and yet hungering still...I crashing to the ground upon the Union facade, ironically in the same location where the Chos Portl would be had it been the Corpse stronghold. The tendril broke apart from my wrist and crumbled to nothingness. I was left, then, alone...until others of my family arrived.

As I was being taken into that vision, I heard somone speak...Chaos is Mighty...It was Tam's voice. He had spoken in maren as I was taken. But this was not unexpected considering he was trying to hear the whispers of the tendril as I had asked. "

As spoken by Pa'uqo Coraal
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Aggy at it again? May.24/2017

Post by Arnaya » Wed May 24, 2017 7:09 pm

So, over the last couple of weeks, Agonarius has been working on "Enhancing" the datoken. His first two subjects (Lol and Radak) have rolled out of the Dark Awakening to reveal powers and abilities MUCH closer to that of Darkmares. Agonarius claims that he is taking this step for the betterment of the city, though some have expressed skepticism in this claim, calling it an act of war. This is an early stages story, and there will likely be further developments before the full impact of this work can be measured. In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to exercise caution and please let me know if further enhanced Datoken are encountered.

Illapse Escapades?
Off Kilter also relayed that something strange is happening in the Small Dungeon on Mount Illapse. Anyone with further information on this is urged to contact Off Kilter or Myself with the details.

Alder's Blood:
Alder, the man of wood with the biggest and oddest place length of wood I've ever seen, is Still missing his blood and the memories that are contained within it. One minor investigation revealed possible links to something involving Alder in Cairn of Sorrow or Gloom Peaks. Anyone interested in taking up this search is urged to contact me.

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Post by Arnaya » Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:37 pm

Its been a while since I've made any updates to anything, and I've noticed that a lot of communication is breaking down in the city again. So, here's a bit of an update on recent events:

Xun'Rok Rampage Claims Emphant Darkmares:
Last week, on or around July 18/2017, Xun'rok was located in Fayd's Fortress on the Basin of Stars. I went up to see what was going on, and he asked me to wait for a minute.. .then vanished. Returning a couple of moments later with the Emphant Darkmare Bamra, which was promptly (before I even really knew he and the mare were there) shoved into one of the cages. He vanished again, and returned with the Emphant Darkmare Kor'pz. He then vanished into the cage and promptly collapsed both mares, as a group was starting to gather. Several minutes passed with the mares both collapsed inside the cage, and Xun'rok made several comments about the dreamers of the city ignoring the threat of the mares. Once a group had gathered, he went quiet for a moment... and though I didn't see any evoke (Many of the people present reported storming something fierce, including myself), Kor'pz was abruptly Dreamstruck. Almost immediately a battle broke out between AoE, PC, and the new Elder type dreamer... against Xun'rok. After some time (and Xun'rok giving the new elder the title of "Traitor"), Xun'rok was collapsed twice and took up residence in the Lower Basin of Stars. During the fight, Xun'rok had tried to evoke Dreamstrike a couple more times, but was interupted by people using push on him. Once Xun'rok had left, several attempts were made to free the Emphant Darkmare Bamra from the cage, though all were unsuccessful. The group mostly scattered after Bamra curled up under a blanket and went to sleep in a corner of the cell.

Some time later, Harkyn of the Order of the Light, came up to AoE where I was meeting with Dina, and advised us that Bamra had also been struck now. Xun'rok had returned after the groups had left, lifted up the blanket, and struck Bamra. Harkyn also advised us that Coraal, ruler of the Peace Corpse, had the Soul Essence.

House Calenture Rids themselves of a Chaos Altar:
On Tuesday, July 25/2017, 4 members of House Calenture gathered on their facade. Restel, Arnaya, Uthanatos, and the newly returned Aileron. Using a method mostly put together by former ruler Arlyana Jax, the group used Negative Elems and Cursed Alterors to empower the Altar. A cupped reflective bowl on poles, attached to the arms of the altar then reflected the altars beam back into it. Causing the Altar to overload and explode. As the Altar vanished, Kotoke Holow appeared. He had apparently been trapped within the altar somehow after he: "Hurt item". He was given a basic briefing on recent events within the city, along with a walking stick as he seemed very weak. Before he left, he revealed his sphere crest... with the Mark of Dreamstrike upon it. It is uncertain if this is a new development, or if he had held the ability previously and simply not shown it. In any case, it is strongly advised that caution be used when engaging any mares as Kotoke Holow is a known affiliate of the Darkmaren forces.

Emphants Revenge?:
This evening, July.27/2017, House Calenture was visited by a hostile and fairly powerful (If not overly skilled) Horron Darkmare named Zirobolus. Off Kilter of OoL, Xyn Rhade (Free Spirit), Uthanatos, and Arnaya were able to collapse the mare three times. After the 2nd collapse, the mare said what sounded like Revenge... in a very broken and barely understandable voice. After the 3rd collapse, he said the names Bamra and Kor'pz. At this, it is believed that the mare attacked out of retaliation for the striking of the Emphant Darkmares.

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Post by Arnaya » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:26 pm

A couple of things of interest lately, so here's what is known about them.

Sharque's Shell Shucked:
On Aug.01/2017, Synteny, Coraal, Poppygirl, and a few other dreamers informed me of the most recent developments on the Maren side of things in the city. After Bamra's imprisonment by Xun'rok in Fayd's Fortress on the Basin of Stars, Bamra became overwhelmed with the pain of the cage in which he was imprisoned (Apparently the cage causes pain to mares imprisoned within, sort of a "Cage of Torture" device) and plunged his own claw into his heart, ending his dreams. Sharque herself was shoved into a cage by Xun'rok, and was freed by the efforts of a number of people (Mostly members of Synteny's KoES group and the Peace Corpse) along with the newly freed Kotoke Holow. Kotoke Holow took on Sharques maren form, becoming fully a mare himself and leaving Sharque in the form of a dreamer. Foulmoth apparently showed up after the transformation was completed and attacked Sharque as well. A fight against Xun'rok and the assembled dreamers also occured. Upon Xun'rok's collapse, he dropped a page of the Codex of Immortal Dreams (Uncertain which page it was) which was apparently grabbed by a member of the Order of the Light (It is believed that member was Harkyn, but I have not yet confirmed this).

I would be remiss in my duty as a journalist if I didn't not report that both Sharque and Kotoke Holow are known to have both Dreamer and Maren forms they can take on, though Sharque has not done so in recent memory. This, combined with past interactions with the mares, have caused several dreamers (Mostly members of OoL and House Calenture) concerns about the mares attempting to deceive dreamers for some unknown purpose and caution has been strongly advised by many. I have also been informed subsequently by a source that did not give me their blessing to publish their name, that Sharque had been talking about "Becoming a Dreamer" prior to the incident with Xun'rok. In any case, at this point it appears that Sharque is no longer in command of the Darkmaren forces so caution should be exercised when in their presence.

Basin Meltdown Averted:
On Saturday, Aug.05/2017, numerous dreamers gathered up at the Gathering of the Entranced house (As it is known currently, though the group working up there is trying to open its Idoaclesian Counterpart, the Emergence Academy) in an attempt to avert a meltdown caused by someone tampering with a mysterious control panel in the houses Teaching Hall. Initial efforts met with little success, but the meltdown was eventually averted by Dimitri Raith with the support of Shae, Noshkapana, and a couple of other dreamers. Dimitri hooked the energy rods in the room to wires and ran them to the Entrancement Stone prime, using the prime to absorb the energy. At the conclusion, a broken female voice said what this writer interpreted as: "Overload Averted, Powering Down". The actual spoken statement was broken, but recognizable. At that point, the control panel crumbled to dust. Though several flames still burn on the house plane, Shae and others of the Emergence Project have expressed their confidence in being able to deal with those now that the crisis has been prevented.

People Under the Stairs?
There have been a couple of incidents recently involving voices and people within the walls at various places around the city (Confirmed incidents have been within House Calenture, the Peace Corpse, Chasm of Souls, and Umbric Plains). Upon speaking with Coraal and several others last evening (Aug.06/2017), apparently these incidents are the result of a group of entities known as "The Lowborn" who are led by a 9th sphere, apparent elder power level man named "Lord Ascheron". Apparently these entities lived in a city that existed at our city's location, and was buried beneath the remnants of the Lyran and Idoaclesian cities that were drawn here. This merging apparently cut off the light of the Sable Moon which the Lowborn relied upon, and trapped them deep beneath us. They apparently hold us (The dreamers of Underlight) responsible for their plight, and call us "Darkbringers". They have been surviving by scavenging for items that we throw away, and have requested aid in the form of Dreamsoul and Maren Essences as they are allegedly without energy, or Dreamsoul of their own at this point and need the resources to care for their wounded. Some of the cities Soulmasters have offered their healing services if a location and time can be agreed upon. Lord Ascheron has met with Coraal and others briefly, and despite holding us responsible for the Lowborn Problems, has apparently demonstrated notable restraint in holding those sentiments in check, and has seemed willing to consider working with the Dreamers of the City.

The Cistern in the Umbric Plains has been agreed, at least temporarily, to be the drop off spot for anyone wishing to contribute supplies to the Lowborn. Further information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Lowborn, Highborn, and the Lightless

Post by Arnaya » Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:14 pm

A little while ago, we were made aware of "The Lightless", and the denizens of this realm that seems to exist somewhere beneath or within our own city. Our initial introduction to this realm was by a being named "Idjut", who frequently would show up and play pranks on various people around the city as well steal unattended items. His arrival was herald to the coming of one of the "Highborn", a ruler of sorts to the Lowborn like Idjut. This Highborn's name is Ascheron, though he adds the title of "Lord" to reflect his standing in the Lightless. Lord Ascheron has revealed a high degree of skill with the Soulmasters arts, and seems to gain strength and energy by draining it from dreamers (Though he seldom does this) as well as high faculty with using dreamer essences to empower various effects.

Several other Lowborn have made themselves known since then (Merp, Jerm, Ajut, and Olga to name some of the most prominent) with varying types of response from the city. Idjut's pranks (and his refusal to leave off them) resulted in a conflict with Najerv Torek of the Order of the Light, while Jerm accidentally set fire to the House Calenture facade on another occasion.

Last night, at about 7:45 pm, Dream standard time, a woman by the name of Lilith Morvant made her presence known around the city before a loud sound was heard echoing through the city. Lilith was located going up to the Peace Corpse stronghold. She was joined by two others, Athenodora and Rubedo Morvant at the locked portals of the stronghold. The Datoken Vrihai was making his presence known, and Rubedo revealed an extremely high mastery of Firestorm (Estimated 90 plat, despite his Judgement revealed 4th sphere).

Once Vrihai had been dispatched, Lilith Morvant began an evoke (Dreamsoul, Jade riser) at the one of the portals to the house... apparently draining energy from it. Rubedo and Lilith revealed a strong dislike of the cities dreamers, bordering on displayed hatred. Athenodora is much more withdrawn. Eventually, Lilith forced an opening in the portal and rushed into the house before she could be stopped. An engagement occured between the assembled dreamers, and the remaining Highborn at that point. Athenodora was swiftly collapsed, though Rubedo Morvant was much harder to collapse, and both fled into the sealed house before he could be defeated. As myself, Hael Frost, Alryana Jax, Uthanatos, Synteny, and Nathan attempted to force entrance into the Peace Corpse to stop the Highborn from draining it, they came out again and told Gorgunsun that the house was only going to be open for another 24 hours. They rejected claims that they were responsible for the house closing, they did state that they were there to take what energy they could. Claiming that it would support their people for some time yet to come.

The highborn then left the Peace Corpse, and moved up to the Order of the Light. One of the Highborn took Coraal with them, emerging down Illapse a room or two from the OoL Stronghold. Upon my arrival, Rubedo was "Scanning" the house to assess its vulnerability to being drained. They have apparently "Scanned" all of the strongholds. Alliance of the Eclipse is apparently Very close to being vulnerable. They defended their actions by saying that the Peace Corpse wasn't protected adequately. Their light vulnerability displayed itself strongly up at the Order of the Light, with Lilith having to maintain a darkshroud around the group to prevent them from being harmed by it. The Highborn left OoL without incident (Though I engaged briefly in a Light pulse versus darkshroud contest with Lilith), and Rubedo spoke briefly with the group of dreams in the Right Wing dungeon down Illapse before vanishing.

At one time, there was apparently another city in the space which our own currently occupies. When the clash of cities occurred (Something we're still ignorant of the full causes of), the merging cities essentially "Fell" on top of this other city. This caused a massive power drain, which crippled the other cities gens and strongholds... basically turning it into a dead realm. Many of that cities residents were slain during the clash, either from having their own energies drained to nothing by the clash, or by being outright crushed. Reports on that seem to vary, so it is likely that a combination of the two is the most probable.
The survivors, with the exception of 4 (The Highborn), apparently suffered sever trauma from this catastrophy and became somewhat mentally unstable. Nearly childlike for the most part. The highborn themselves were unaffected in such a manner, and took custody of the Lowborn (Though some indications point to them being "Lords" of the Lowborn prior to the clash as well). Since that time, the Lowborn have existed as scavengers. Taking items found from our city and giving them to their masters. Since their emergence into our city, the Highborn Lord Ascheron has expressed a willingness to trade various found items in exchange for dreamer essences... something valued highly among the residents of the Lightless. The Lightless's original name is still unknown. All of the Lightless residents display varying degree's of light sensitivity.

The Lightless:
An apparently inhospitable realm. The drain of power from it has apparently resulted in being a pitch black realm, requiring other senses than sight to allow beings to function within it. It's original state is unknown, but presumed to be similar to our own Underlight... though likely notably smaller. It exists mainly as a series of tunnel like structures now, including the residences of its occupants.

The Highborn are a rulership class of the Lightless realm. By accounts from Ascheron, there are a total of 4 of them (Ascheron; Lilith and Rubedo, Morvant; and Athenodora). Each seems to be limited to a single focus, and are all presumably 9th sphere with matching arts. As a whole, these individuals have displayed a level of confidence and arrogance usually seen only among our most powerful residents. It is suggested that any civil interactions with them be handled with your best manners. Despite being told that all the residents of the Lightless hate the citizens of Underlight out of the belief that the clash was a deliberate effort on our part. My interactions with the Lowborn and Highborn however, indicate that this attitude is primarily held and reinforced by the Highborn themselves. The Lowborn, though cautious of us, have displayed little to none of the mannerisms I would expect to see from such reported hatred. While Rubedo and Lilith Morvant in particular, hold our residents in obvious contempt.

The Lowborn are the subservient class of beings from the Lightless, and most directly serve one of the Highborn with near slavish devotion. Their speech is somewhat halted and primitive, though they are capable of using such language to convey quite intricate sentiments. As a group, they are extremely resourceful. Capable and skilled in improvising various tools from founds bits and pieces of debris. They often play about somewhat like children, and have a similar sense of control and discipline overall. The notable individuals met so far are Idjut, Merp, Jerm, Olga, and Ajun. I'll give a basic run down on what is known of them below with the faction rundowns. It is widely believed by Underlight Residents, that the Lowborn are essentially enslaved (via manipulation and deceit rather than force, what amounts to a functional Stockholm Syndrome situation).

Faction Run Down:
Each faction within the Lightless is headed by a Highborn, though they are extremely closely bound it seems. Most likely due to a required reliance on each others skills in the aftermath of the Clash. Below is a basic briefing on the known Highborn and their servitor lowborn.

Lord Ascheron
Sphere: 9th
Demonstrated Focus: Soulmaster
Gender: Male
Personality: A man who has displayed a strong appreciation for manners and the trappings of nobility. Though some slips reveal that this may be more affectation than something he was born into. Somewhat mercantile and political in focus, he has displayed a willingness to engage in trade with dreamers of the city and is moderately well disposed towards the Dreamers (Particularly Coraal of the Alliance of the Eclipse, and Apothos of the Monastery of Shadow).

Known Servitor Lowborn:
- Ajun: A relatively level headed Lowborn, who seems to serve as Ascheron's Adjunct. A military type position similar to Personal Servant, with the inclusion of Body Guard duties and battle support.

Lilith Morvant
Sphere: 9th
Demonstrated Focus: None confirmed, believed to be either a Gatekeeper or Dreamseer
Gender: Female
Known Oddities: Has the capability to move extremely fast.
Personality: An apparent leader among the Highborn even. She seems to be one of the ones that holds the Dreamers of Underlight to be directly responsible for the Clash. Blaming us, and displaying a strong sense of both arrogance and malice towards us. Though not directly a fighter, she does seem somewhat capable at least and has been known to attack against those she significantly outpowers and has reason to expend resources against. Apparently wife or lover of Rubedo Morvant. Some statements indicate the possibility of at least a physical relationship with Athenodora as well.

Known Servitor Lowborn:
- None confirmed at this time.

Rubedo Morvant
Sphere: 9th (Judgement indicates 4th, but evoke speed and power of Firestorm, plus ability to absorb fire from level 60 chakrams proves otherwise)
Demonstrated Focus: Fatesender
Gender: Male
Known Oddities: Has what seems to be an artifact type of coat or cloak.
Personality: Arrogant is the first word that comes to mind after dealing with this dreamer. He has expressed derisive sentiments to his known Lowborn Servitor. Rubedo is also apparently the Highborn's primary fighter and enforcer. Though he seems to seldom use Chakrams, his heavy use of Firestorm makes him a not inconsiderable combatant. He is also very fast on healing himself during battle.

Known Servitor Lowborn:
- Idjut: A pranksome Lowborn, fond of traps and darts.. in any order or combination. Though most of his pranks are seemingly playful in nature, many of them have a hard edge about them. Saved Rubedo's life by forgetting to tell Rubedo the location of a trap, and Rubedo allegedly tripped over the trap and fell... as the Clash occured. The fall prevented Rubedo from being crushed by the Clash.

Sphere: 9th
Demonstrated Focus: None (Presumed to be a Gatekeeper or Dreamseer)
Gender: Female
Known Oddities: Can move similarly to Lilith Morvant
Personality: Limited exposure means our knowledge of this woman is extremely weak. She has displayed some distaste for how Rubedo Morvant treats his servitor Lowborn, and did not engage in the verbal jabs that Lilith and Rubedo did.

Known Servitor Lowborn:
- None known. Suspected that Olga is among them.

- Jerm: Jerm claims to be indepenant of any one of the Highborn, and is allegedly their main Forger. This position results in him working for all of the Highborn, and being able to maintain some degree of autonomy. He is also extremely protective of the other Lowborn. He has a demonstrated sense of fairness, and responsibility. Willing to take action to make amends for accidental misdeeds.

I will update with further occurrences and information as they become available.

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Eldryck Venym and the Mace of Castigation

Post by Arnaya » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:38 pm

I've been meaning to write this article for a bit now, but one crisis or another keeps interrupting as I'm trying to compose it. So, without further delay.... here are events as best I know them so far.

From what SIlk Nuvas has told us, The Mace of Castigation was created initially by him, to imprison a powerful entity. Not for use as a weapon. When it became known that the mace could emulate Dreamstrike, the Mace was stolen from Silk and used as a weapon of war to eliminate various enemies by its holders in the Idoaclesian city. These additional beings being imprisoned within the mace gave the entity it had originally trapped, a source of power and food of sorts. The reality within the mace's prison is entirely controlled by that original entity.
When Zaxun took up the mace, Silk Nuvas created a replica of it. The real mace consumed the replica, further empowering itself. This was Silk's first real indication of how much power the imprisoned Prime Entity had gained. And Zaxun proceeded to fill the mace, further and further. It's power growing a little more with each strike. As time went on, and it gained in power, it began to subtly influence Zaxun's mind. Amplifying the parts of his personality and thoughts that fueled his strike rampage. It seems that by the time he arrived in our city, he was firmly under the mace's thrall, but either ignorant of that fact... or believed that he was strong enough to control it.
As setback after setback plagued Zaxun, he lost more of himself until finally, the Prime Spirit within the mace broke his will and utterly dominated him. This rendered him nearly mindless, as we saw him at the end before Xun'rok struck him. Able to basically roar and utter threats while attacking. After Zaxun's defeat and striking, Those dreamers from our city that had been struck, were released from the Mace through use of their Soul Essences. It seems that this was the first time anyone had been released from the Mace, and it is believed by some of those best versed in the mace, that the release of these dreamers weakened the Prison that held the Prime Spirit within.
Thunderman claimed the mace a time afterwards, but whether through sheer force of will, Silk's Amulet, or because he took it up without clear intention to use it... the mace had little influence over him. This eventually caused the Prime Spirit to sever the bond between Thunderman and the Mace, preventing him from being able to pick it up again. When I attempted to claim it a couple of months later, the Mace and its spirits eagerly responded. Despite the amulet that I made to allow me to bond the mace... I almost immediately noticed its will. Like a weight in the back of my mind. Zar'tenya was present at the time, and I asked her to.. help the city stop me should the mace overcome my will. By striking me if necessary. I provided Zar'tenya with a Codex stating my wishes, should it come to be needed.
Within a dream or so, the mace's will began to make itself known more strongly. A deep voice within my head. Initially it hinted and cajoled, trying to get me to strike this person or that. Whoever was around really, but those I cared about most of all. That swiftly changed to outright attempts at dominating me. Once mustering enough will against mine to cause me to collapse before Faelyn and Jade in the Teaching Hall. Hael Frost and Uthanatos found me there, and with Jade's help were able to help me retain control of my own mind. Several similar incidents also occurred at various points during the time I held the Mace. It was seldom that the Prime Spirit was silent in my head. Nearly all of its comments were about striking someone or other, the only exception was one evening when I spoke of the Mace and situation with to a small group. The Prime Spirits will attempted to crush mine tortuously in punishment for speaking openly of it. I had the most success combating the Prime Spirit with powerful memories of tender moments, Love, or times of true camaraderie.
Uthanatos finally took it upon himself to force my hand, and floated himself. The mace's will to destroy, particularly those I cared about, rose immediately and it was able to manifest a Dreamstrike Evoke. Before the Evoke could be completely, I was able to marshal my own will strongly enough for a moment to cast the mace aside. Breaking the evoke and the bond between the mace and myself. This was in Xun'Dal Juhan Vista on the Lower Basin of Stars, and when I cast the mace aside, it landed in the waters the falls there.

Next Manifestations:
The following day, I was advised about Eldryck Venym stepping out of the mace and coming to haunt Hael Frost. He was located in Cenotaph of Dread, and while everyone went to see what he was up to, Rasputin and I went up to the Mace to take advantage of the distraction, where we attempted to use a previously created item known as the Tome of the Treasured (Tome of the Treasured Past was its original intended name) to draw out and seal as many of the trapped spirits as possible in the tome instead of leaving them to continue to feed the mace. Eldryck responded to our efforts and came up. This eventually led to an engagement and exchange of Chakram fire. Lu Chaos, Turvy, Entropy, Uthanatos, Hael Frost, and others joined Rasputin and I. Lu Chaos, Nathan, and I attempted to keep Eldryck occupied while the others tried to seal the mace, though were unsuccessful. Turvy was sucked into the mace, and released as a "Strike Revenant".
Though I was initially able to damage Eldryck, a surge of power from the Mace strengthened his avatar to the point it began to completely absorb all offensive effects. Chakram fire, blades, and arts. Nearly all of the other people fled the area after Eldryck began pulling up Dreamstrike on collapsed opponents. Turvy joined Eldryck, fighting against the rest of us. Finally, Rasputin and I were the only ones left in the area at the time. Rasputin kept me coherent with his restore while I attempted a last ditched seal on the mace. I failed, and was drawn into the mace myself to be released as a Strike Revenant alongside Turvy. Over the next several days, the Strike Revenants attempted to eliminate pretty much anyone we could, and recruit others. Nathan was recruited, being brought under a type of hypnotic effect to bring him up to the mace.

What is a Strike Revenant?
Strike Revenants differ from normal Revenants in that they are not created by a merging of Dreamer Soul Essence with Maren essence, but are instead the avatar of a trapped dreamer. Part of the dreamer, the part responsible for their normal Ethical and Moral thoughts, remains locked within the mace and some sort of spirit or fragment of consciousness "rides" the Strike Revenants avatar. The Mace Revenants are given their "orders" as a form of driving compulsion to:
A) Protect the Mace
B) Destroy as many people as possible.
Eldryck Venym is a Strike Revenant, though has a slightly different set of orders. I will cover him a little bit later and in more detail. The regular Strike Revenants seem to be able to be freed generally by drawing on strong positive emotional attachments and forcing the connection. The "Spirit" cannot seem to abide such, and seems to be forced out, allowing the trapped portions of the Strike Revenants consciousness to return. This severs the link between the mace and the Dreamer.
While under the control of the mace, many portions of the dreamers personality remain intact, though the more negative aspects tend to be amplified. It seems to vary by individual how much memory is retained of their time as Strike Revenants.

The Assault Begins:
Eldryck almost immediately claimed the sanctuary of Cenotaph of Dread as his main working space, and began working. Generally forbidding anyone from witnessing his works. He also devoted an extreme amount of attention to Hael Frost, Guardian of House Calenture. His "affectionate" attention torturous to an extreme level. Involving frequent demonstrations of his own power and forcing her into positions where she was utterly helpless and at his complete mercy. Further attention and effort was also dedicated to Uthanatos, Initiate of the Emergence Academy, and myself. I was partly freed from the Mace's influence after just over a day as a Strike Revenant, by Uthanatos and Hael Frost. Eldryck retaliated by using the last control the mace had over me, to make me walk willingly into a Dreamstrike at the hands of Mace Rev Turvy. Uthanatos was also struck a few moments after me. Though I was retrieved a couple of dreams later by Prat Asti, another Mace entity who fell and struck her head immediately upon release from the mace and has been willing to aid dreamers of the city in various efforts by holding Eldryck at bay.
Eldryck has subsequently taken the Orb of Calenture, and claimed a senechal crest from it. The orb has subsequently been returned after a fashion, being glued to the table in Chimeric by Eldryck for some unknown reason. Eldryck's further efforts involve various distractions and creating divisions among the houses and dreamers of the city. Turvy and Nathan have now been freed as Strike Revenants as well. During one confrontation with Eldryck, Lu Chaos was struck by a very fast evoke from Eldryck, and returned as a Strike Revenant. He was subsequently released completely from the mace by Eldryck under the reasoning that sometimes "Big bad dogs are uncontrollable".
We have been further warned that destroying the mace will either release all of the spirits within it, or just the Prime Spirit while resulting in the destruction of the imprisoned ones. In either case, a generally undesirable result unless someone is to seek the destruction and rampage of the city.

Silk Nuvas:
Given Silk Nuvas's role as the Mace's creator, Eldryck deemed him a threat and managed to inflict a venom on him that drained his Dreamsoul away to nothing. Rendering him a perma-sphere and removing his ability to speak. Members of HC and the EA were able to purge the venom, but not affect a healing attempt on him initially. Neil of House Calenture spearheaded the further restoration of Silk Nuvas, and was eventually successful with the Aid of several members of AoE, KoES, and other members of HC.

Houses Efforts:
- The Alliance of the Eclipse: Has been focused largely on combating Eldryck with kindness and compassion, meeting him with complete civility and polite manners to collect information from him and figure out how to free him from the Mace's control.
- Monastery of the Shadow: Seems to have mostly stepped into a supporting role, backing and aiding the efforts of others primarily.
- Order of the Light: Has merged with House Calenture to take up a partnership as The City Guard, and has been primarily concerned with the Mace's Security.
- The Emergence Academy: As a whole has also taken a largely supportive role, though both Uthanatos and Dimitri Raith have been extremely active in events.
- House Calenture: Has been in the thick of this since it all started, and has been focused extensively on preventing people from being Dreamstruck, and undoing as much of the damage being done as possible.
- The City Guard (Lu Chaos's pack): Though not an actual house, they are prospective group and thus deserve mention in this section. Much of their effort has been in a support role, backing and aiding other groups works and providing combat aid (Though see Tembers City Guard Notice here).

What is known about the Prime Spirit Within the Mace of Castigation:
Very little is known, and Eldryck has teased that he knows more, but has revealed very little to anyone that has relayed anything to me. It is at this point known, that the Prime Spirit is a Very powerful entity. Eldryck and Silk have both refused to name this entity, though Eldryck has stated that it is THE Source of All Dreamstrike. Seemingly a force of utter entropy, devoted and hungering for the utter destruction of everything, everywhere. Feeding on, savoring pain and suffering. The tortured screams and helpless, desperate railing against the end. A quick death and swift end are anethema's to it. It wants to watch and delight in sentient thoughts helpless horror at the upcoming demise. The slowly descending blade while the target is bound and unable to move. Their fear at never knowing when the blade will be meant for them, and when it will be meant for their loved ones, or the ideal's they cling to. The imprisonment of so many others with it inside the mace has provided it with a steady and ever growing plate of fears, crushed hopes, and terror to savor. Every one increasing its power.
As the Prime Spirit has gained in strength, and the seals holding it captive have been weakened, the mace itself has become unstable. Cracks and breeches in its structure becoming apparent. With each one, the Prime Spirit itself gains more ability to influence things beyond it's prison.

Eldryck Venym:
Little is known about Eldryck Venom's past, and he responds VERY poorly to attempts to delve into it. From little bits revealed by Silk Nuvas, Eldryck himself, and a few other hidden sources, It is known that he was a warrior of the Valourian city that Zaxun watched fall to the Arretians and Darkmaren forces nearly two years ago. Zaxun himself took little part in the actual attack that we've been able to discover, but did become involved at the very end. Eldryck was apparently much like Lu Chaos in our own city. Proud, even arrogant. And often considered a nuisance or pest, if not a greater threat than many outside sources. During the end days of the Valourian city, likely shortly after its fall, Eldryck was forced to watch as the woman he loved (Who greatly resembles Hael Frost of House Calenture) was destroyed. It's unknown if she was struck, or otherwise slain. Then, Eldryck himself was struck by Zaxun. The striking itself was allegedly a surprise, leading me to believe that Eldryck had originally struck some sort of deal or made an arrangement with Zaxun, that Zaxun betrayed to Eldryck's demise.
Personality wise, Eldryck as he is now... as a Strike Revenant... is a sadistic, deceitful man. Dedicated to preparing the city for his masters eventual freeing, though he seems to be in little hurry to hasten this, likely due to both his and his masters delight in the torment or those that seek to prevent it. Eldryck’s temper is known to be quick and fierce, frequently involving violent outbursts with his club and dreamstrike, or more torturous replies. A highly skilled manipulator, easily capable of being friendly and welcoming until the opportunity to harm his “Guests” or “Host’s” to heighten fear and anger arises. The manipulative basic nature means that as long as his objectives are being met, he will generally continue to avail himself of goodwill.
Though very capable of kindness, his default is to delight in the process and small steps towards crushing the will and spirit of those in contact with him. Genuine displays of kindness and tenderness have been known to reach through the Prime Spirit’s to get through to Eldryck himself. Consequently, when faced with such, Eldryck will often take his leave for a time.
Any publicly exposed weaknesses necessitate violent and extreme replies from him. Most frequently involving a general striking out, and a more focused reply meant to destroy or neutralize the source of that vulnerability.

His known powers include:
- 9th sphere, Multi-focal with all relevant arts (Known to use Abjure) at 90 plat.
- Very high damage, fast speed projectile weapon with seemingly unlimited charges. - Very high damage club (It’s been noted that there seems to be one of the two distinct personalities involved with Eldryck, focused on the club. It seems to be the primary focus of the link between him and the Prime Spirit).
- Teleport anywhere in the city, including house crest and rank locked area’s, and the edges of the Lightless Hollow.
- Teleport Others anywhere in the city. This includes teleporting them from Sanctuaries, or continually drawing them back into ward Traps.
- Utterly immune to all damaging effects directed at him. This includes Blades; Flames; Chakrams; and arts.
- Ability to gender swap targets.
- Can strip dreamers ability to access to their arts (Doesn’t remove the art, just blocks your ability to recognize that you Can use it).
- The ability to hear whispers of others nearby to him, and presumably the other Strike Revenants. It’s unclear if this extends to Codi notes, he has not currently responded to any such notes to the best of my knowledge. Likewise, Mind Blank seems to provide some protection from his attention. Don’t count on MindBlank to render you proof from this ability, but it seems to help if you arn’t in his direct presence.
- Dreamstrike: Provided by the mace, his evoke for this art is around two pillars. So it is presumed that his strike ability has several plateau’s behind it, since unplatted evoke speed is Five pillars. As this ability is directly fueled by the mace, it is likely that he will not suffer the normal permanent Dreamsoul drain by successful evokes of the art.

Known Dreamstruck:
- Arnaya (returned)
- Uthanatos (Returned)
- Shurenda (Returned, Strike Revenant)
- Golah (Returned)
- Lu Chaos (Returned)
- Arlyana Jax (Returned)
- Geralt
- Mizrahi
- Kailoth

Known Major Efforts Involving the Mace and Eldryck to date:
- The first Sealing attempt: This is the one that revealed Eldryck's Invulnerability to harm.
- Prat Asti's appearance: My information on this event is minimal, beyond that several Alliance members and members of Lu Chaos's City Guard were present.
- Release of Shurenda: This was an attempt to release the Newly Shurenda from the mace after she was struck by the Strike Revenant Turvy. Though successful, it has been revealed that she came out corrupted as a Strike Revenant.
- The First Repair: After Shurenda's release, the striking of Arlyana Jax, Arnaya, and Uthanatos, and all of their subsequent returns. The mace had become extremely unstable and began releasing waves of energy. This was a joint effort between Calenture, the Monastery of the Shadow, and others.
- The Second Repair: After Golah's striking and forcing himself out with the power of his artifact blade "The Protector", Golah led an effort to patch the breech he had created in order to escape the mace's grasp.
- The Move: The Mace of Castigation was moved by Tember, Flower of Cienn, and other members of the HC City Guard branch to prevent it from further corrupting the cities waterways. The attempt was disrupted by Lu Chaos, and the plug placed by Golah was removed somewhere in the process and struggle. It subsequently ended up behind the cell bars in the Conclave.
- Chimeric Meeting: A chimeric meeting was held to share information and coordinate activities between the houses. This meeting was largely dominated by the Alliance ambassadors present, and revealed Eldryck's vulnerability to Hael Frost's tender touch at great cost to her.
- The Third Repair: After the maces move, with the plug popped out, A small group noticed waves of energy being released and traced them to the Conclave where the mace was located. Arcs of energy sparking from it. The group present retrieved the plug from where it had been stored after recovery, and were able to replace it. Unfortunately, another breech was sprung in the mace, though much smaller than the first. The group was unable to affect a seal or patch on that second breech.

In Closing:
I strongly urge all citizens to excercise extreme caution when roaming the city. Travel in groups and in party whenever possible. Keep your recalls set, and art layers ready. I would also strongly suggest carrying a negative Dreamsoul elem for use if you find yourself trapped, before Eldryck or another Strike Revenant can start abjuring your recall. The mace has proven strong enough that small groups are NOT effective at dealing with or containing it. I would strongly suggest that, no matter how powerful any one of us feels they are... they gather as much support as possible before moving against the Mace or Eldryck in any significant capacity. Further updates will be provided as I become aware of them.

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Prime Spirit Revealed

Post by Arnaya » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:20 pm

Last night, a series of events occurred in The Conclave. From my information, it started with Lu Chaos being in the Conclave (I havn't interviewed him to find out why, frankly... at this point... I really don't care). Something happened that drew the attention of others, and small groups began to arrive at the Mace's new resting location. They were subsequently drawn into the mace, and told to fight each other by some apparition. The Winner would apparently receive some great prize.

Nathan promptly went nuts and started shooting. In the words of one witness: "Even Lu restrained himself". A number of people used their "Emergency Escape Plans" (Negative Dreamsoul Elems carried for the purpose of self-collapsing and triggering their recalls), and others were collapsed by Nathan... who "Won" the prize. After about two hours, Nathan escaped from the Maze like interior of the mace with the 3rd page of the Codex of Immortal Dreams (Which had been retrieved by the Order of the Light from Xun'rok some time ago during an engagement, and was transfered over to Calenture during the merger between HC and OoL). He promptly passed the page to Arnaya, and fled the area. A voice began demanding the return of the page, sealed the portals out of the room, and unleashed barrage after barrage of Firestorms until Arnaya finally collapsed and dropped the CoID page. Neil, Dimitri Raith, and Uthanatos all attempted to grab it, but were unable to reach it before the Mace Spirit reclaimed it.

The spirit then dismissed everyone still remaining in the room, casting them around the dream (Mostly focused in Threshold). Arnaya and Neil attempted to breech the mace in order to retrieve the CoID page, but were also evicted from the area. Arnaya went back up to try again, and found the portal warded and sealed. Apothos, Neil, Hael Frost, Dimitri Raith, and Uthanatos initially responded as well, but were unable to breech the seals.

After a few minutes, all of the portals sealed and all dreamers in the city at the time were summoned to area while a voice (Rather melodramatically) began announcing "The Big Reveal". Arcs of energy and pillars of flame appeared, including at one point... a giant glowing sign that read: "Applause". These theatrics dragged on for Quite some time, with various people translocating out and being summoned back, until finally (After about an hour, perhaps longer of occasional comments from "The Voice"... and many more from such as Hikari X, Gorgunsun, Dimitri Raith, and Neil to name the ones I found most amusing during the wait)...




Drum roll please.....




A Figure appeared.... Gasp, shock, awe. Well, maybe not. But a figure appeared anyway. A male dreamer by the name of Remulus, with a blood red halo. This Remulus promptly called out "Zary"... presumed to be Zar'tenya... and Silk Nuvas. Inviting them to a "Tag Team Bout" "This Sunday".... Not sure if that means today (The day of this writing) or the following Sunday... but it was "This Sunday" from his words, and further clarification was not forth coming. It is presumed that Remulus means him and Eldryck versus Zar'tenya and Silk Nuvas.

Once that announcement was done, Remulus reached into the flames blocking the portal to the mace, and pulled out all ten pages of the Codex of Immortal Dreamers, scattering them across the city before disappearing back through the sealed portal. It is unknown at this point what Remulus seeks, besides revenge against Zary and Silk Nuvas, but I would ask that if anyone has any lore or knowledge about Remulus, they share it with the city via the Archives or forward it to me (or any of the wordsmiths) and I'll/They'll put it up.

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Re: Arnaya's Newsfeed:

Post by Arnaya » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:30 am

Last night, a force of our Citizens (People known to be present and involved were: Coraal, Clyntahn, Nathan, Elmer, Lu Chaos, and Uthanatos, though I believe others were involved as well, I do not have confirmation on others inclusion with this force) entered the Mace of Castigation in support of Jiovanni, who was searching for traces of his Love.. the only one of our citizens who was struck by Zaxun and did not return with the others. Cyrus Kaihan. Though reports about the initial phase are a little jumbled, once the force entered the mace, they were met by Jiovanni... who appeared beside the group.

The events within the mace that transpired were relayed by Coraal as follows:
The mace is destroyed. The souls within were freed and Remulus is gone. [At this point, Harkyn requested more details.. specifically about how the preceeding had happened]. Nathan bodily attacked the stone at the center of the maze within the Mace. The stone cracked and began to leak out the trapped souls held within that were empowering Remulus. Elmer and I were trying to find a different path but that was not offered to us. Nathan struck the stone a second time and it cracked down the middle, then Remulus's soul was drawn into the crumbling stone and was consumed. Before he vanished, he laughed in joy and you could tell that the madness had fled from him.

The names of the imprisoned souls began to vanish from the stone as it crumbled and as each name vanished, another soul flew into the sky to freedom. Thousands of them at the end. We were cast out of the Mace as it started to collapse, and we watched as it literally imploded upon itself. I tried to gather up some of the Mace's remains but they were ripped from my hands and the Mace just...ceased to be. Then, a tear opened up. A small rift where the Mace had been placed, and a brilliant light beamed form from the rift. That was when the thousands of souls soared into the sky and merged with the dreamstate.

I would like it known, and Clyntahn witnessed this as well, Kaihans soul recognized Jio and swirled around him as it flew free.

Shortly after, an Agoknight Darkmare by the name Nita Hhref (Translates to: "With Ruler". She appears as follows: Over a head taller than a normal agoknight, this creatures skin shimmers with a dark iridescence, like light reflecting from oil on shaded water. Its tendrils and arms are covered in a multitude of ribbons that appear to be torn cloth of various fabrics and hues.) appeared with a warning to the group. This writer arrived shortly after the mare, and was witness to most of her statements. Coraal did most of the speaking with Nita, and I will relay their conversation as accurately as possible here (As usual, I only took note of the relevant and directly replied to comments. Coraal and I provided translation for the others present, I will simply include the translations after the maren in brackets):
- Coraal: Resancae isis dorfn, isis pracie pal eovoc ulp kotke (AoE is friend, is peace for dreamer and mare)
- Nita Hhref: Hw minit?? (You understand??)
- Coraal: Besa (Yes)
- Apothos: Vdat klopta? Eovoc tzi klopa hw. (What are you? Dreamer no know you.)
- Nita Hhref: Neki klopta choa'klips isis cmag. Neki waqa sba palg!! (Me are you [presumably, Nita meant to say: "Klope", or "Know" here] Chaos Eclipse is coming. Me will be mighty!!)
- Coraal: Hw wafa sba hhref (You want be ruler)
- Nita Hhref: Hw tzi klopa neki, neki waqa'd nita zaaaa... isis Nita Hhref pas. Isis ktak nowlej choa'klips. ("You no know me, me was young egg... is With Ruler now. Is take knowledge chaos eclipse") At this point, she stretched her tendrils into the air as if sensing for something, then said: Hw minit. Mrul. ("You understand. Good").
- Coraal: Choa'klips nowlej in nocowle ("Chaos Eclipse knowledge in Soulsphere")
- Coraal: Besa ("Yes")
- Nita Hhref: Choa'klips nawlej isis rict... vden muh nowcowle isis dap, choa'klips isis cmag!! ("Chaos Eclipse knowledge is speak... when many Soulsphere is here, Chaos Eclipse is coming!!).
- Apothos: Hw klopa FoulMoth? (You know Foulmoth?)
- Nita Hhref: Hw minit??? (You understand???)
- Apothos: Klopa nonto. (Know much.)
- Coraal: Nowcowle weeak efron chao'klips (Soulsphere free bring Chaos Eclipse)
- Nita Hhref: Besa. Besa besa besa. Hw minit. (Yes. Yes yes yes. You understand.)
- Coraal: Besa. By freeing the souls and destroying the Mace, we bring a Chaos Eclipse
- Nita Hhref: Hw grrzt. Hw grizzt e hw frrgth. Isis knu. (You prepare. You [unknown word, presumed to have meant "Grrzt" or "Prepare"] or you death. Is know.)
At this point, Nita reached her tendrils out towards Nathan and asked:
- Nita Hhref: Hw wafa iomoc? HW WAFA IOMOC?? Hw vang?? (You want mate? YOU WANT MATE?? You scared??)
Nathan looked a bit confused as he replied: "Oh errr....I am honored really....errr....". To which, Nita chortled.
- Nita Hhref: Hw isis putra. Hw wafa contrk? Hw grrzt quop neki? (You is puny. You want duel?)
- Nathan: I am not puny!
- Nita Hhref: Besa, isis putra. Contrk! Contrk!! (Yes, is puny. Duel! Duel!!)
At this point, Nathan assumed Nightmare form. To which Nita replied:
- Nita Hhref: PUTRA EMPHANT! Hw volu! Neki tzi wafa emphant. Hw amne honl? Vdat eovoc isis maxtra na contrk neki? (PUNY EMPHANT! You change! Me no want emphant. You have blade? What dreamer is mighty to duel me?)

I stepped forward in response, being the most consistently skilled and highest sphered blade combatant present. She reached her tendrils out towards me as if sensing and said:
- Nita Hhref: Hw isis maxtra thama. Hw honl!! Besa!! (You is powerful girl. You blade!! Yes!!)

Nita and I engaged in a duel to the collapse in "The Gate" room of the Conclave, and she eventually collapsed me with three hits to six or seven of mine on her. At the conclusion of the duel, I was restored and Nita restored a good portion of the energy that I had lost via bequeath. We exchanged respectful salutes at that point, and complimented each other on a good match.

- Arnaya: Good hit
- Nita Hhref: Hw isis maxtra eovoc! (You is mighty dreamer!)
- Arnaya: Thank you, though.. remind me to wear a shield next time
- Nita Hhref: Pas, hw ana neki iomoc? (Now, you and I mate?)
- Arnaya: now, you and i mate?
- Nita Hhref: Besa (Yes)
- Arnaya: as tempting as the tentacles are... I am already mated with another
- Nita Hhref: Hw nula eovoc? (You love dreamer?)
- Uthanatos: Neki nula Arnaya (I love Arnaya)
- Coraal: Fak hw, dorfn Nita Hhref, pal creeak nawlej da Cho'klips. Eovoc waqa grrzt. (Thank you Nita Hhref, for give knowledge of Chaos Eclipse. Dreamer will prepare.)
Nita Hhref reached its tentacles out towards Uthanatos, sensing, and said:
- Nita Hhref: Pff... isis putra. Neki ztath, ana Ar'ya ana neki mate! (Pff... is puny. Me destroy, and Arnaya and me mate!)
At that point, Uthanatos shot Neki once and I stepped between them with a chakram drawn. Nita settled down, but seemed disappointed as she replied:
- Nita Hhref: Neki tzi ztath. Ar'ya isis maxtra. (Me no destroy. Arnaya is mighty.)
- Coraal: Nita, Gor wafa contrik (Nita, Gor want duel)
- Nita Hhref: Hw grrzt pal choa'klips. Eovoc sge Ar'ya ana Cor'l. Maxtra eovocs, lanna eovocs maxtra. (You prepare for Chaos Eclipse. Dreamer believe Arnaya and Coraal. Might dreamers, Teach dreamers mighty.)
- Coraal: Fak hw, dorfn Nita Hhref (Thank you, friend Nita Hhref)
- Nita Hhref: Choa'klips isis cmag! (Chaos Eclipse is coming!)
- Coraal: Besa (Yes)
And with that, Nita Hhref vanished.

To further complicate matters, Ra'as.. upon learning that Remulus has apparently been destroyed, launched an attack on Coraal in specific. Claiming that Remulus was a savior, and worth 100 of any of the rest of us. This provoked a minor battle, with the present members of the Monastery, and the present members of House Calenture acting in support of Coraal. Ra'as has further issued the following decree:

Alliance of the Eclipse:

I have known you scant few dreams and already you appear to have murdered my kin in cold blood.

Bring me proof that the dreamer Remulus yet lives or I will tear down your decadent, fetid halls - brick by rotting brick.

He is worth one hundred of you, and if I am not convinced that he remains alive, I will ensure the remainder of your dreams are spent in ceaseless, warranted, fear. This note pertains as well to all others, freespirit or affiliated, that assisted in this murder.

I will provide more reports as I get them. In the meantime, I would like to encourage everyone to take precautions and be cautious. Chaos Eclipses are times of great turmoil within the city... both between the mares and dreamers. Watch each others backs, and always bear the greater threat in mind when personal grudges and vandetta's are present.
~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Breaking News: Jan 08/2017

Post by Arnaya » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:16 pm

Breaking News:

This afternoon, While Hael Frost and Arnaya were talking in the Conclave (Near the Mace Of Castigation former resting place), a sudden rush of elders burst and teleported into the room. The elders included Kal'lankissa , Elderly Venym, Varden, Faelyn, as well as new faces and names such as Ord. All told, there were or 8 elders present. They apparently felt a pull to that location and quickly departed after briefly demanding to know what had happened.

Of particular note, were flashes of chaos lightning in the sky overhead, and Varden rapidly weakening almost immediately after his arrival. He was nearly the last to leave, and fell unconscious, collapsing as he vanished. If anyone has any information about his whereabouts or status, please let me know so I can update the information here.

Thank you,
~Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Chaos Eclipses Arises:

Post by Arnaya » Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:36 pm

Two days ago, on Jan.07/2017, A force of mares took up advantage of the Chaos Eclipse to seize control over the stronghold of the Light. They have erected a power circle of Dreamer essences in the first room of the house, and warded off all "City" access to the Illapse Threshold. The wards themselves are shaped like dark claws reaching into the portals.

Inside the house of the Light, There are also several organic spikes rising from various surfaces... each pulsating like a heart beat.

Information on these happenings is, at current, scant. Though it has been theorized by various dreamers around that the Threshold Wards are meant to allow the mares to break the Sanctuary Chain of the Threshold ring. The organic spikes have also given rise to theories about the possibility that the mares are attempting to outright corrupt and convert the stronghold of the Light into a true maren stronghold and place of power.

It is STRONGLY suggested that anyone witnessing these circles being formed should immediately dismantle and break them up. Even in the middle of combat with the mares. This is because the circles are Known to be usable by Darkmares in the following Manners:
- Immediate restoration simply by passing through the circle.
- Teleportation to various places in the city.
- Summoning other mares directly into the circle.
- Evolving forms (This was referenced by a couple of Idoaclesian's some time ago, and hasn't been witnessed in our own city yet).

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Chaos Eclipse Update: Jan.12/2017

Post by Arnaya » Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:22 pm

An update to the last article, I have spoken with a couple of the elders that appeared in my last report... and they have no recollection of the event. At this point, it is believed to have been a chaos vision, and a very real one. The elders appearing as real as any other being in the city (and more real than some of the entities we've interacted with).

After speaking with Coraal, Purple Lace, and Uthanatos, it has been decided that we will start a separate scroll for documenting these sorts of Visions and other assorted oddities associated with the Chaos Eclipse. If anyone has any interactions with things that they believe are Chaos associated with the eclipse, we would like to ask that they please notify Purple Lace, Uthanatos, or Myself so we can ensure that the event is documented and available to ready reference. Please notify us either in person in the city, or via pigeon. There is a small energy reward offered for contributors.

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Pillars of Chaos:

Post by Arnaya » Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:05 pm

A couple of dreams ago, 4 pillars... each with their own set of 3 scrolls, were found at various places around the city. Since then, it has been revealed by a Stranger... that these pillars point the way to a set of weapons that can help defeat the chaos that is coming. There are also apparently a set of cylinders that will contain the Chaos. The clues that we have at current are:

Found in Trinity Plains, Just outside the Wordsmith Guild:

Tears Upon Tears
Here Is Where It Began
Not Where It Started
But Where The First Tear Was Shed

Found in "The Fiery Path", in Chasm of Souls, by Nmoto:
Blood Upon Blood
Here Is Where It Started,
Not Where It Began,
But Where The First Drop Was Fell

Found at "The Toothy Point" on West Valley of Totality:
Breath Upon Breath
Here Is Where It Ends
Not Where It Is Finished
But Where The Last Breath Was Seen

Found at "Center of Dread" in Ossuary of Dread:
Bone Upon Bone
Here Is Where It Is Finished
Not Where It Ends
But Where The Last Bone Was Broken

Further to those, a Chaos Cylinder has been found (In "The Mystic Tunnel" in Gloom Peaks) and is being held currently by House Calenture. A powerful Will (Apparently, from its reaction to attempts to claim it) weapon is anchored to the ground in Earth Sanctuary South-East (I can't remember its current name, that's what it's called in the old maps). I would urge that anyone who discovers more of the Chaos Cylinders, or the resting place of any of the other weapons, send me a quick note so I can provide updates and keep everything together in one place for ease of reference.

Thank you,
~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Chaos Weapons

Post by Arnaya » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:54 pm

As a follow up to my previous article, a total of four weapons against the chaos, and four Chaos Cylinders arrived in the city as heralded by the stone pillars and scrolls described previously. The weapons are as described here.

Bone Mace
Focus: Gatekeeper 60
Rhyme: The Weapon Of Bone And Anxiety|Willful Earth Recoiled With Fear|Near A Grave Of What It Contains|It Can Crush|But That Is Not Its Power|Smothering Chaos|
That Is Where It Excels|Force Chaos Into The Cylinder|March West Of The Cemeteries Sanctuary|The Altar Will Bind The Bones

Status/Possession: Active/Held by the Alliance of the Eclipse

Dagger of Tears
Focus: Soulmaster 60
Damage: Flat 30
Effect: Poison
Description: A short silver dagger, edged on one side and curving gently at the tip. An ivory handle has been carved to resemble a woman, her hands over her face as she weaps.
Rhyme: The Weapon of Tears and Sorrow|Resilient Water Stagnant with Loss|In Rancid Smelling Darkness Where Purity Is Lost|It Can Poison|But That Is Not It's Power|Drowning Chaos|This Is Where It Excels|Wash Chaos Into The Cylinder|Glide To Where The Words Are Mastered|The Altar Will Dry Your Tears.
Status/Possession: Destroyed (Used, see following article)/Was Held by the Alliance of the Eclipse

Lucidity Weapon (Name Unknown)
Focus: Fatesender 60
Rhyme: The Weapon Of Blood And Pain|Lucid Flames Aware Of Their Woes|On The Altar Preceding Madness|It Can Eviscerate|But That Is Not Its Power|Scorching Chaos|
That Is Where It Excels|Bleed Chaos Into The Cylinder|Dance To The Path Of Fire|The Altar Will Halt The Bleeding

Status/Possession: Active/Em'et (Alleged)

Breath of Insight
Focus: Dreamseer 60
Damage: Flat 30
Effect: Chamele
Description: A silver serpentine dagger, nearly as long as ones forearm. Long vortices are etched into the metal. The handle is a dark wood polished to a smooth shine and carved to resemble a hand holding the blade of the weapon.
Rhyme: The Weapon Of Breath And Depression||Insightful Air Choking With Doubt|Upon Highest Peak Bravest Of All Nearing Chaos Itself|It Can Pierce|But That Is Not Its Power|Asphyxiating Chaos|That Is Where It Excels|Blast Chaos Into The Cylinder|Fly Through The Valleys Where The Land Can Bite|The Altar Will Calm Your Dreams
Status/Possession: Active/House Calenture

The Four Chaos Cylinders have also been found and are held by:
- AoE (1, Used)
- HC (2, Active)
- BoR (1, Active)
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Farei'splonos, Calenture, Alliance, and the Chaos Blades:

Post by Arnaya » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:17 pm

To many in the city, the darkmare Farei'splonos was a Nightmare. Who would show up and use some trick to get people to lower their guards, then launch into a violent assault. What is less known, is this mares orgins... and that it was not always a darkmare. This is a from a series of visions that were revealed to the members of House Calenture, and others, before the mares destruction at my hands with the Dagger of Tears... after three days of Farei'splonos begging to be "Ztath", or Destroyed... on January.22/2018.

Thursday, Jan.18/2018

During House Calenture's House meeting, an Apparition was heard giggling. Then, screams were heard from somewhere else in the house. The gathered members immediately spread out, searching the house. Arnaya was in the Gathering Hall, when thudding echoed around the room as if tiny fists against a wall. A young girls voice called "Help me!". As Arnaya and others searched the walls of the room, trying to pinpoint where the sound was coming from, thudding in the center column could be heard, and a small girl cried out, her panic clearly evident, "Please! Get me out of here!".

The Calenturians began trying various efforts to pull whoever it was, out of the pillar. After several minutes, without visible results from the efforts, The small girl screamed in absolute terror, "They're coming! They're coming! Nooooooooooooooo!". Immediately, a female dreamers essence (Belonging to Lydia Calenture) fell to the floor
A female dreamer essence appeared at the base of the center pillar, belonging to "Lydia Calenture". Tears started flowing down the wall, over the Calenture Symbol facing the center Facade Portal.

Several minutes later, The ghostly apparition of a man wearing a ruler crest of Calenture appeared, a small girl of around 6 in his arms. "Shhh... don't worry, my star, your brothers and sisters and I will destroy the Dark Mares, and the Eclipse will finally come to an end. Hide now, hide now until I return." He said, before walking into the center column. Several more essences appeared, belonging to Raelyanne Calenture, Jakob Calenture, and Francis Calenture. Several whispers were heard by the dreamers present, with Neil being asked if he was Jakob, and where Father was. While Arnaya was asked: "Mother is that you? I haven't seen father in so, so very long! He hasn't come back! I am so hungry father. So hungry... return to me. Pl...eas...e".

Lu Chaos entered at about that point, and the little girl screamed in terror. The room beginning to vibrate. Lu was asked to wait outside, and quickly complied with the request. Whispers resumed almost immediately, with Arnaya being asked: "Tristynia, is that you? It's me, Lydia! Where is Father?! He hasn't come back!". Uthanatos spoke and told the spirit that they were gone, but that we would continue and finish their work. As soon as he finished speaking, soft weeping that swiftly faded further and deeper into the walls, could be heard.

After a couple of minutes of no further activity, Dimitri Raith placed his hand on the Calenture crest where the tears were flowing down the wall. Blood formed around Dimitri's hand, dripping down the walls from the crest. The sounds of battle filled the entire house, of chakrams, darkmare screams, and dreamer shouts. An almost tangible form of the male (Identified as Francis Calenture) that had placed the little girl in the Center Pillar, appeared from within the house, a house banner in one hand, and a long gleaming sword in the other. Four other dreamers who looked to be his children followed him. "FOR CALENTURE! FOR UNDERLIGHT!" They roared before charging out onto the facade, the sounds of battle intensifying abruptly.

The assembled dreamers followed, and saw the spectres of a dozen dreamers battling across the facade, fighting darkmares, daymares, and even normal emphants and bogroms that climb up from the pits below. Caudal and Dorsal rifts in the night sky thrummed brightly with chaotic energy, the Chaos itself spilling into the city. The dreamers were overwhelmed, three-to-one and it begans to show as they start to collapse, one after the other. Despite felling several of the mares, more than their own numbers it appeared, they were finally wiped out. As the last of the Calenturian warriors fell, the ghostly dreamers vanished, and something began to climb up the bridge from the pit below.

It was at this point that Nita Hhref and Kotoke Holow made their appearance and offered a short term alliance with Calenture against the Hota Clan that they said was advancing on the city. The offer was refused until the Kotoke gave up claim on the Stronghold of the Light and removed their wards from the Lights Threshold. Only at such a point would an alliance be considered. The mares claimed that they had taken both in order to prepare for the arrival of the Hota.

Monday, Jan.22/2018
This was the day that Farei'splonos was destroyed. He had helped repeatedly that day against Datoken, and would not linger in the presence of HC members after the Datoken were dispatched, though proved hostile to other dreamers about (Including Frey, Jade, and Apothos). Finally, at about 9pm that evening, Farei'splonos attacked the Bastion of Redemption outright, and moved up to the Alliance of the Eclipse after again asking that House Calenture Destroy him. Once at the Alliance, he attacked several times, each time demanding to be destroyed. The Alliance of the Eclipse was reluctant to allow this, and wanted to know Why Farei'splonos wanted to be destroyed. Thunderman and Arnaya of HC attempted work an impromptu cleansing rite on him, while Hael Frost attempted to convince Farei'splonos to allow/help the rite.
Farei'splonos rebuted HC's attempts with the following:
An acid-green tendril of energy wraped around Thunderman's arm. His crest shone brilliantly and filled the entire hall. An illusion of House Calenture Gathering Hall replaced the Alliance Gathering Hall. Sounds of battle could be heard all around. A small hidden panel in the central column revealed a small girl, a teddy bear clutched to her chest., and tears streamed down her face. A boy not much older than her held her tightly.

"Where is father, Nicholas?" The small girl hid her face into the other childs shoulder as she cried. "He is gone now, Lydia. We must be strong." The sounds of battle begin to die out as the Darkmares win the fight. Several of the darkmares poured into the Gathering Hall of House Calenture. They surrounded the central column and a field of chaos energy formed between them. The chaos energy enveloped the central column, while Nicholas Calenture and Lydia Calenture both screamed as acid-green light blinded the illusion. As the acid-green light cleared, the darkmares were seen pulling another darkmare out of the central column. In tattered clothes, appearing eerily dreamer like. One hissed, "Cmag, Farei'splonos." <Translation: "Come, Farei'splonos">. At that point, the illusion of the Gathering Hall of House Calenture vanished, returning the central hall of the Alliance. Thundermans crest stopped glowing, and the dark tendril returned to the darkmares soulsphere.

At that point, Coraal (After consultation with and receiving the blessing of the Lady of Peace), handed Arnaya the Dagger of Tears (The Soulmaster Chaos Blade), and gave the following prayer for Farei'splonos: "Let go your pain, sweet child. Cast off fear and doubt, and be free once again. Soar high, innocent soul, and know peace..."

Arnaya wanted to ensure who the memorial would be to, and confirmed that Farei'splonos was a forcibly merged being, born of both Nicholas and Lydia Calenture. To which, Farei'splonos replied simply: "Besa" <Translation: "Yes">, and asked only "Calor ktak neki? Calor Ztath Neki?" <Translation: "HC Take Me? HC Destroy Me?">.

Arnaya stepped forward with the Dagger of Tears, and wished Farie'splonos peace in whatever life awaited as Nicholas and Lydia Calenture... then plunged the Dagger of Tears into Farei'splonos's Soulsphere. The soulsphere hissed with acidic energy. Its energy began to weaken and be drawn towards the dagger, where it began to swirl around Arnaya, then to tighten around her avatar as if searching...

At that point, Coraal reached into his robes and pulled forth a crystal cylinder. Then reverently, held the open end of the cylinder towards Farei'splonos. The energy released Arnaya, and was drawn into the Cylinder. Almost immediately, the Chaos Cylinder began to grow warmer and become a bit restless as the sky darkened. Coraal advised at that point, that Thunderman take the cylinder to the Stone of Tears (On Trinity Plains, outside the Wordsmith Guildhall) and recite the poem associated with the Dagger of Tears.

Yazashinari (One of the Siren triad, comprised of Yazashinari, Yazashinare, and Yazashinara. Formerly the controllers of the Hota Clan of Darkmares) entered, with her customary siren melody echoing through the room, and eyed the Cylinder...which began to shiver and quake in Thunderman's hands. Hael Frost, Magnum-425, Arnaya, and Uthanatos formed up protectively around Thunderman. Hael and Arnaya guiding and providing armed escort for him to the Pillar of Tears, while Uthanatos remained behind to keep the Siren occupied.

As the three neared the altar, the Chaos Cylinder seemed to calm. Arnaya recited the poem that was associated with the Pillar of Tears: "Tears Upon Tears | Here Is Where It Began | Not Where It Started | But Where The First Tear Was Shed". The altar began to hum softly, and the liquid that poured down it began to glitter. (The Altar of Tears was: "A tall granite slab. The surface is covered in thick moss. Warm salty water flows from the top of the slab down its sides to the grass below."). Hael Frost, the gentle souled angel Guardian of Calenture, had tears in her eyes. At the poems recital, they seemed to lift from her face, and glide to the altar where they were absorbed. The humming ceased and the moss on the altar separated, reveling a cylindrical recess. The Cylinder was placed into the recess, and cylinder fit perfectly. It slid down into the altar, and the altar began to glow brightly. Dozens of whispering voices filled the open air, sounding to be crying at first, then fading into nothing before a beacon of light streaked up into the sky, and acid-green energy exploded like a nova across the sky of Underlight. The altar immediately began to crumble into dust.

Upon arriving back at the Alliance, it was discovered that the Dagger of Tears had also crumbled to dust. So, it appears that the Chaos Weapon and cylinders are single use. Elmer has also informed me that they held two of the Chaos Cylinders, not one. This brings the total number to 5, though there are only 4 known weapons and pillars. The purpose of the 5th cylinder is currently unknown.
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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Newsfeed Returns

Post by Arnaya » Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:11 pm

I regretably don't have the time or energy to maintain a full out newspaper as the muses did, but... there is still a need for information to disseminated. So, with that... The Newsfeed Returns. If anyone has any information to be shared, or updates on anything I put up, please pass word along and I'll make sure it gets put up (with credit to the contributor).

Azwrath's Mommy Issues:
On September 5th, 2018, Nmoto responded to a presence in the Threshold Caves and found Azwrath (Darkmaren Child of Picco, who was struck down by the darkmare Hotai) preparing a ritual in the Ceremonial Hall. Azwrath communicated that he was trying to revive Picco. Arnaya arrived a short time later, and they watched as he arrayed several Dreamer and Maren essences on the altar. Then laid a small trail of them out towards the portal into the depths of the caves. From there, Azwrath took up position on the altar itself. Revealing that he had bound Picco's Soul Essence into his avatar in order to protect it.

Background: Picco had laid numerous eggs around the city. One of the main nests (In the Umbric Sewers) was destroyed by joint effort of 4 of the houses (Bastion of the Covenant, House Calenture, Order of the Sable Moon, and Monastery of the Shadow) as well a couple of Free Spirits. The other has been contained within cooling chambers in the Palisades, though several individual eggs remain outside of those area's and are being protected by various agencies. One of the eggs had been placed in the Evernight entrance of Harrow Glades. Hotai found it and was apparently engaged in trying to destroy it, but was stopped by Picco who was subsequently destroyed in that same encounter. The egg hatched that same evening, within minutes of Picco's destruction, and Azwrath was born. Several battles have been fought against both Azwrath, and the Hota mares by various dreamers around the city.

Bosley the Caretaker?
Last night, on September 6th, 2018, Nmoto; Amara and Gorgunsun (Of the Monastery); Arnaya, Magnum-425, and Uthanatos (Of House Calenture) went up the Valley to investigate the sealing of the portal to the Radiant Gateway on East Valley. As Nmoto was leading a ritual meant to reveal what happened and was wrong with the portal, a dreamer appeared from nowhere right behind Arnaya. The dreamer didn't introduce himself, but his aura revealed his basic identity as "Bosley". Bosley immediately noted that the portal was broken, and began accusing those present of breaking it. After a bit, Arnaya got annoyed and smacked him up the back of the head, accidentally knocking him into and through the portal as he muttered "Rude!". From there, he went up to the Valley stronghold. The group then began working on repairing the portal, but were unable to make any headway before Bosley returned.

Upon Bosley's return, he revealed that the "Heart of the City" was weakening... its energy being drained away and the city starting to break down. Arnaya tried to conduct a delving into the city's energy pathways (or "Threads" as Bosley calls them. He manipulates them by using them like a weaver would use thread. Pull on it thus and this happens, type of thing) while the rest of the group spoke with Bosley, who insisted that he had been passing by and seen the decaying city... so stopped in out of curiosity and found the group. He was still insisting that the group had deliberately broken the portal, and revealed that the Valley Stronghold was likewise "broken", though revealed little else. Eventually, he laid a hand on Arnaya's shoulder as she was focused elsewhere, and drained some of her resilience to re-activate the portal. The entire group followed and spoke briefly on the Valley Stronghold Facade, where Bosley revealed his ability to see the energy pathways and manipulate them by pulling the group into various places (The Valley Stronghold, the Illapse Stronghold, and two hidden rooms within House Calenture), before revealing a set of crests that he'd "Found".... senechal crests for each of the houses. After some more brief conversation, mostly involving Bosley not answering any questions outright... but evading them or turning them around, most of the group woke.. followed by Bosley.

Please keep your eyes open for this somewhat random and confusing new arrival to the city.

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress
The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.
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