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Entry 76 - Shady Dealings

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Entry 76 - Shady Dealings

Post by Koi-Drama » Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:34 pm


It was a hoot dealing with you! I am glad we could do business in a civil way and no one got hurt... badly! You have something you wanted and I have something I needed. All in all, it is good to know old friends can still dabble in somewhat honorable dealings! But WAIT THERE'S MORE! I will make sure to personally hand deliver HIM to you on a silver platter! I don't care what happens to him! He's been a bother since I first crossed paths with him. YES INDEED! I hope that trick up your sleeve works out to your favor. It changed me FOREVER! Don't judge me!

Good luck and ROT IN HELL!

- Ole' Bandy the Great
“I try to bring the audience's own drama, tears and laughter they know about, to them.”
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