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Entry 73 - General's Last Stand

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Entry 73 - General's Last Stand

Post by Koi-Drama » Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:58 am

Sir Talberon,

The situation within Underlight continues to be dire. Another dreamer was recently struck within the halls of the Palisades by General Zaxun in a show of power. He was quoted as saying...
"The striking of the sickened dreamer was but the heralding of my return home. The striking of the fallen elder was a reminder of your culminating failures. There will be another striking to come. I will break you all. You will join me or perish into oblivion. Together, we are destined for great victories ahead. Underlight shall be the throne of my empire. None will oppose our beloved city. This, I decree!"
Sir General Zaxun has taken refuge in the Palisades along with many of his revenants. He has been spotted throughout the city with reports suggesting that may be seeking to uncover some artifact or talisman of great power. Some have suggested he seeks to enhance the mace's strength. Others seem to think that he is seeking to create a newer, more powerful version of the revenants. It is difficult to separate fact from fiction with the myriad of conflicting reports.

Sir Knight Commander Xun'rok continues to prepare for his encounter against his rival and former friend. He has successfully gained the knowledge of the Fel Art with assistance from the great houses of Underlight. He had words for the General as well.
"General. You will have to go through me and every dreamer of Underlight before you can claim any throne. You may continue to hide in the Palisades for as long as you like with your abominable revenants, but we will stop you. The extent of your glorious empire will be limited to the walls and bars of your cell. Imprisonment is our last option for you, luckily, for this war can only truly end with one of us struck. May the best man be victorious."
As the Lyrans continue to mourn the loss of one of their own, it shall soon pass and with it comes the desire for revenge. Such is the design of Sir General Zaxun. The Lyrans seek to move against the General but one wonders if this is precisely what the General desired all along. I await for your counsel, Master Talberon.

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