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Underlight’s 25 year Celebration

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Underlight’s 25 year Celebration

Post by Koi-Cricket »

Mark your calendars. March 4th at 6dst. We will be celebrating Underlights 25 years since its launch date.

That night will be full of games, prizes, and ending with a good roleplay. And hopefully everyone will join us on discords voice chat.

We are planning to reach out to many of our older players from this version as well as people from Lyra days. And hope that you will all join us for a night of fun and celebration.

We are thankful for the players and GMs that still play daily to help keep the dream alive. And hope that we have many more years together.

This year at a glance will be full of story, new content and new implementations.

We look forward to seeing you, Saturday, March 4!
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Re: Underlight’s 25 year Celebration

Post by Koi-Diligent »

It's amazing a game like this that's driven by players is still going 25 years later. That's a testament to the people that play and run the game. There have been a lot of ups and downs, a lot of changes, and lot of tears shed over the game. When I started playing back in 1998 before the days of mplayer I never would have imagined I'd still be playing 25 years later.There have been a lot of popular games that haven't made it this long.

Since I have taken over as lead for the development team I have been working.... diligently, pun intended ,to start bringing new content to everyone. I have a small list of ideas, changes, tweaks to bring to the game that I'm really excited to show you guys. We now have a small team of active developers that have been putting in their time putting in some new things in the game.

My vision for this year for the game on my side is to start getting code written to start pushing patches sometime this year. Learning some things that I can do to help with the game and sharpening my skills to be able to help bring more and great things to everyone. Try to keep the game fresh for everyone but keep that balance of new features but keeping the same feel for the game. So there will probably be a lot of polling after every patch when we start doing them asking about your experience with the patch and making the game what you all want the game to be like. I can't tell you how excited I am for this new year and the new opportunities that we have to keep the game going for you guys. Thanks so much for playing and I can't wait to drop some little tidbits about what we have been working on. I think you'll like it!

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Re: Underlight’s 25 year Celebration

Post by Koi-Serenity »

It’s crazy to think this game has been going for 25 years. It has gone through so many changes from different owners and teams, to ever shifting storylines and various approaches to advancement. The one thing that stays the same, though, is our community and love for Underlight.

As your newest Roleplay Lead, I have been working on a lot of new features and exciting story arcs. Some of these things you already know about, like the Forger's Coterie and the Choose Your Adventure.

A couple other fun things you can look forward to will be a UL version of Boss Battles and Dungeon Raids. The raids will offer challenging fights against Darkmares that will scale in difficulty, puzzles with escape room tactics and rare loot to find.

The Boss Battles are going to be tailored more to the storytellers, rather than the combat inclined. This is your chance to unleash your grandiose emotes to slay the eldritch and fabled creatures.

We will be making use of Random as an in-character form of a dice roll. This will be considered a damage modifier that will allow us to track how weak the NPC Boss is. It will also decide who gets the final blow.

We have exciting things planned for the Celebration and I have more in store, but I won't reveal everything just yet. You'll have to play and find out!

See you there.
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