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Feature questions.

This is a game for roleplayers. We want your ideas how how to build the better game. Post your suggestions here.
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Feature questions.

Post by Koi-Diligent »

Much like Quaron and Max brought up of making the arts list customizable so you can put the arts in the order you want. I'm curious with you guys. Give me some ideas on some feature that you would like to see. We have some in the works but I want to know what you all want. We all know the obvious a personal vault. But what else? Maybe quality of life improvements like Quaron and Max suggested? Tweaks to existing arts? SoT colors as well as our colors? Maybe tweak pmares so they are more playable? Throw them out here everyone let me hear you!!!

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Re: Feature questions.

Post by Tentacle »

The suggestions as referenced:
Hello, Quaron here, so, i would like to suggest to us, dreamers, be able to move our arts on the list like the items, so we could have a more organized list. Like me, i would like to set all my arts based on the ones i use the most, like soulreaper, locate dreamer, sense dreamer, drain essence and go on, instead of being obliged to use an alphabetical system. The actual system isn't a problem, i suggest it based on a "quality of life" thing, some people like things really organized the way they want it to be and giving this possibilty makes everything go smoother. That's my opinion anyway, thanks for giving me your time and attention.

Sincerely, Quaron.
I like the idea of this. Perhaps I can build upon it some. Perhaps a "favorites" category where arts in your favorites appear at the top. - Max
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Re: Feature questions.

Post by Lio »

I would want the nexus back that grows with your sphere...get rid of the chaos well altogether...but that leads to having the extraction art, to do the strength extraction from. For me it would lead to more personal beliefs..in the role plays on how one views the essense shells. As far as the Personal vaults, limit it to say 20 for tasking codi and items for the task only in there...no primes, no strength nodes
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Re: Feature questions.

Post by Max Luminous »


Art sorting as mentioned earlier with a favorites list in addition to rearranging them with perhaps some up/down arrow keys (highlight art then use arrow key to move it up/down accordingly; seperate button to make/remove from favorites)

Similar idea to the art sorting, I believe the part you are in should be at the top as well (i.e. top 3 dreamers on your list are the 3 dreamers you're in party with).

Perhaps updating all these menus (items, arts, and who) to drag and drop (like the inventory list) but also to make dropdown menus to categorize them as you wish (think similarly to setting up favorites folders on your web browser)

Something I'm more passionate about than anything mentioned is making the useless arts useful. There are a ton of ideas and ways to make every one of them useful. I can make an entire seperate post on this and how each art can be improved/modified to be useful.

The PP points menu is a bit rough to navigate when wanting to pull off something in a fray. Multiple ways to improve this menu system.

I'm on the fence regarding PP points being used for plateauing arts. I have heard a bit about token rewards affecting people questing and therefore less folks engaging/rping for these quests, I would say naturally this too would be the case. However, on the contrary, if to earn these PP points one must be engaged in RP that's more than just standing around (showing up) or mundane "Hi, I'm Max", then the game itself does not suffer but instead benefits. There's a bit of a hesitation to perform an RP until you first speak with a teacher to get a quest to be rewarded for doing it. However, a PP based system would allow players to simply roleplay, be rewarded for doing so, and that reward (PP points) to be able to be used to plateau an art as would likely be their original intention. This though would require an entirely seperate conversation on how to institute and regulate these PP points in this manner and perhaps be limited to plateaus up to a certain plat level or to just dreamsoul arts, for example. Much to discuss on this.

there's a bunch of bugs that require to be fixed. Bogroms in one room in umbric not dropping anything, mares getting stuck in terrain and unreachable in some areas, etc.

Some arts are unbalanced and need to be balanced. One way for these arts would be to add breakthrough/erosion mechanics to them. For example, Peace Aura is currently unable to be abjured and has no counter. But I suggest that "taking damage" as in the damage that is mitigated by having Peace Aura on should erode the duration of Peace Aura. Similarly, when an art is reflected by Reflect, the duration of Reflect should be reduced by some amount. And there are more examples of this.

Chat filters...chat filters...CHAT FILTERS! It would be really nice to overhaul the chat system entirely. Much like modern MMOs, it would be nice to filter certain things into their own menu. It's annoying to try to keep up with conversations in a single menu text when arts are being spammed. Also, more options to change color on the different types of text we see to make them stand out more (more filters than we currently have)

Buff and debuff timers. Again, with the clutter of the chat and chaos of a fray of battle, not having mini icons and buff durations in mins/seconds is a huge detriment. This would easily help the game look more modern and remove one very annoying part of our interface.

Cooldowns are not part of Underlight. Why? There are some really powerful arts out there that if spammed or reapplied constantly in a second after it is removed is rough. For example, if Reflect (not to pick on it) were to have a duration of 2 mins and whether it gets removed or not, it's 2 mins until it can be recast, that would be a good thing. Same for Peace Aura and other such arts/effects. Razorwinds shouldn't be able to stack endlessly and instant collapse people, for example, would be a great way to put a cooldown on the effect of a blade not able to be dropped until x amount of time and therefore reducing overall the amount of blades on ground.

More storage! I've heard about people wanting personal vaults. I think it's a great idea. Perhaps make it a place you have to translocate to. Also, standard pack management on just 40 item spaces is rough. We should heavily consider talisman stacking. In many ways, this was done for nightmare essences with Chaos Wells. However, holding onto a number of the same kind of talisman should stack imo. The benefit of this would tie in a bit to my next point on hotkeys for items

Lastly, hotkeys for items. Think of any contemporary MMO or ARPG. There's typically a toolbar of somekind where you can drag skills or items onto and then set hotkeys to those areas. It would be nice to have this as well and therefore can swap between items without needing to have to swap to item menu, use hotkeys or mouse to navigate to an item to use, then back to another, etc. etc. The look and feel of even a small limited toolbar would be great. Pair that with talisman stacking so that you aren't trying to put 10x seperate blood beige elemens on the toolbar and use all your hotkeys on talisman when you still have 30 skills to use, and it becomes a bit much. Diablo 2 had a belt system that allowed you to stack different potions vertically but you still used the same hotkey to consume them in the order. Perhaps something like that if talisman stacking is not liked. but 20 charges of one blood beige elemen and 24 charges of another blood beige elemen could stack to one toolbar hotkey which would show "blood beige x 44 ccs" even if we still want the seperate talisman to be stored seperately in the inventory. It would just consume them in order of where they are in your inventory much like how arts that consume power tokens function now.

Ok, that's enough for now but I may have more later to add. Take care!

Max L
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Re: Feature questions.

Post by Perram Riptide »

Is there a map editor?

I would like changing the names and setting flavor texts (and colors?) to your arts when invoked to be a thing. They would functionally be the same, and hopefully getting teachers to plat them won't be an extra headache
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