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Saga of the Scale: The Story of Himmel the Fish

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Saga of the Scale: The Story of Himmel the Fish

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Saga of the Scale

A little fish with prismatic scales swims in circles looking up into the evernight sky and he sees a purple star shooting across the darkness. He splashes around as he tries to get a better look as the star seems to be drawing near. Just then a plum woman and two others come walking up to the small waterfall and stand above him looking into the water. The plum woman took a banner and placed it firmly in the ground right beside the waterfall and began to read aloud, “Please mind the fish, he just keeps swimming.” The other two take some things out of their pack and toss them into the water. One is toy and the other is some food. The little fish swims around in circles happily and jumping in and out of the water. Then the plum woman scoops up the little fish into a jar and puts him in her pack.

The next thing the little fish knows he is being dropped into a huge body of water with waterfalls all around him a large bridge with water flowing all around it. He swims around a bit trying to find something familiar when the plum woman puts down the banner and the toy and food. The little fish looks up to see the same three dreamers all covered in berry goo. They stand around for a moment before walking across the bridge and towards a large temple in the distance. The little fish swims in circles with nervous anticipation as hissing noises come from the temple portal. Suddenly some scaley hands reach out of the portal and grab the berry goo covered plum woman. Cries could be heard from the other two berry goo covered people and a yellow star shoots overhead in the sky.

The sound of many footsteps come in succession following the emergence of the yellow star. One of the other two is holds up a shiny object which begins to glow and vibrate in the same color as the temple portal. They enter inside and shortly after the plum woman emerges with a blindfold over her eyes. The little fish anxiously flops around in the water by his banner and his toy watching the reunion of the two. Another woman was now there all in gold and she helped to carry the plum woman away. The other one with the shiny object is joined by others and turns to face a menacing reptile woman who begins hissing. All of a sudden clicks can be heard and square plates begin rising and falling in front of the temple. One takes a step away from a raised plate and a boney hand reaches up out of the ground clawing and piercing with sharp pointy claws. The one with the shiny object steps on a raised plate and a second click is heard.

All the arms retract and the path of egress becomes clear once again. The little fish sees a twinkle at the base of one of the waterfalls and jumps out of the water and swims in a little circles trying to get a better look. The one with the shiny object goes over and picked it up and held it up so that the light of the moon glinted off of it with green sparkles. He then turned to look at the sky as a plum star shot across the sky. A moment later a small plum glowing stone plunks into the water next to the little fish. The one with the shiny came over and picked up the glowing plum stone and as he did an arms came out from under the water to grab it. The little fish sensed the arm jumped out of the water and into the arms of the one with the shiny.

The glowing stone flickered once, twice, and then swirled around the stone, up into the air and back down right into the little fish. That’s when all of a sudden hissing noises came from the trinity portals. A tortoise shelled lizard emerged from a pool of water and began to chase the one with the shiny. Just as the tortoise shelled lizard was about to grab the one with the shiny, the little fish shot a stream of water into the lizard’s eyes and he tripped over and fell into one of the sewers. The one with the shiny breathed a sigh of relief and smile warmly at his new companion. The little fish did a jump in the one with the shiny’s arms and wagged his tail happily. Then the one with the shiny dropped the little fish in a large fountain surrounded by a little grass hill and a funny looking tree. Just then the tortoise shelled Lizard poked his head out of the fountain water and began hissing.

The smell of sulfur filled the air and the lizard stuck his forked tongue out sending a wave of lucidity outward and setting off a chain reaction of explosions all over the fountain. The little fish jumped out of the water to avoid the explosion only to be caught mid air in the grasping claws of the slimy lizard thing. The tortoise shelled lizard let out a long hiss and dived under the fountain waters. The one with the shiny quickly ran after the lizard and dived into the fountain only to find a grate at the bottom moved aside and an underwater tunnel going deep into the sewers. The shiny one took a deep breath and dived in swimming as fast as possible without stopping but only for air when the pipes had a pocket when he could pop his head out. When the one with the shiny reached the end of the tunnel he came out of a drain about ten feet off the ground and splashed into a great water collecting cistern.

As the shiny one emerged from the water dripping wet from head to toe he fell to his hands and knees trying to catch his breath. When he looked up he could see a prismatic plum scale laying on the ground and another not to far from it littered along a bending trail going deep into one of the aqueducts. The one with the shiny waded into the waist high waters following the plum scales. When he came to a green glowing portal the plum woman was standing outside. The one with the shiny held out a star in his hand towards the plum woman and she turned and ran into the green portal. The one with the shiny held up the green shiny and the portal began to spin so he stepped through. The plum woman turned to see him follow her in then went through a plum portal. The shiny one walked up to where the plum scale trail ended in a pool of water surrounded by lightning bolts.

He kneeled down and placed his hand into the water. Just then something created a ripple and sent up a few bubbles from under the water. The shiny one pulled his hand out of the water and immediately the little fish busted out of the water and into his arms. After a quick reunion the shiny one looked up to see the woman in all gold. She had a serious face on an was looking at the plum portal she placed a Star of absorbing in front of the door and the lightning bolts jumped to a conductive rod and right into the star. Then the shiny one put the little fish down and patted him on the head and pointing to the plum portal. The little fish began shaking uncontrollably until the plum color went out of him and into the star making it instantly catch on fire.

The shiny one quickly picked up the star and tossed it into the pool of water. The little fish jumped into the pool and under the surface of the water until a few bubbles could be seen floating to the surface. Just then the little fish came up and spit a plum shiny thing out. The shiny one picked it up and walked over to the plum portal and held it out so that the portal began to spin. The little fish then jumped into his arms and the two went through the plum portal together. Inside there were two plum women who were identical and they stood at the center of a device that shot lightning bolts in every direction. The tortoise shelled lizard was there too pulling all kinds of levers and switches behind a control panel.

The little fish jumped up and shot a stream of water at the panel making it short circuit and shoot sparks. The control panel was destroyed but the mechanism was already set in motion. The lightning bolts began spinning around the two plum women faster and faster drawing closer to the center of the room. The shiny one noticed the device drawing energy from two large metallic rods in the back of the room so he set down the Star containing the lightning bolts from the plum portal right next to the tortoise shelled lizard. The metallic rods instantly captured the lightning bolts from the Star sending two large lightning bolts out and right through the lizard sending him fleeing from the room. As the lightning bolts drew closer to the plum women the shiny one asked which one was the real plum woman. Both women answered affirmatively that they were the real plum woman.

The shiny one could see there was not much time so he asked a question only the real plum woman would know. The shiny one looked at the little fish and then back to the plum women and asked, “what color food does the little fish like to eat?”. One plum woman looked at the other and didn’t say a word. The shiny one held up the star of clarity and the other plum woman blurted out, “green”. The shiny one yelled out, “wrong!!”and sent a rally out to the real plum woman before all the lightning bolts converged into the center with a loud clap of thunder. The three finally reunited ran quickly from the room and out into the aqueducts. The golden woman went with the plum woman and the shiny one and the little fish went back together to the shiny mountain. There the shiny one put the little fish in the celebration hall in the pool at the center of the room. The little fish was so happy that a fountain of insight burst from the ceiling and down into the pool like a waterfall. The shiny one looked up to the sky to see a plum star and he smiled brightly.
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